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BabySound Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

BabySound Fetal Heart Rate Monitor (Image courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even if you don’t have kids, we all know that a baby can be expensive. And finding a way to save money and make every dollar count is an important part of raising a family. So instead of going to an expensive obstetrician for regular checkups during your pregnancy, you can now monitor your baby at home and save! Chinavasion’s selling this BabySound fetal heart rate monitor for ~$23 that lets you keep tabs on your unborn infant’s heartbeat. Whether it be for peace of mind, for listening for worrisome anomalies, or just plain curiosity. It’s apparently completely safe to use, and is sensitive enough to pick up a heart beat from as early as 10-12 weeks in to your pregnancy.

And from what I can tell, it’s probably still useful after your child is born too. When placed against a bedroom door it could be used to monitor private conversations or phone calls. Perfect for the concerned parent who develops into a nosy one.

[ BabySound Fetal Heart Rate Monitor ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Can We Interest You In A $60,000+ Bed?

HiCan Bed (Images courtesy HiCan)
By Andrew Liszewski

The components that make this ‘luxurious’ HiCan bed so unique can easily be assembled for far less than its $60,000+ (EUR 42,000) price tag. But why go to all that trouble when you can just order one for the price of a moderately equipped luxury sedan? After all, you’ll be spending far more of your life in this bed than any car. So it’s easily justifiable.

Besides the normal luxuries you’d find on a bed like a mattress and pillows, the HiCan includes retractable privacy blinds, a hi-def video projector that works with a retractable screen at the the foot of the bed, a “state-of-the-art” sound system, a built-in multimedia PC and gaming console and most importantly, a pair of reading lights! (Now I understand why it costs so much.) For the truly lazy and/or bed-ridden the HiCan is also equipped with a home automation system for managing all of its built-in components, including an adjustable bed as well as other appliances or devices in your bedroom. You even get your choice of one of eight different colors when you place an order. The only thing you won’t get is the bed itself, as according to their website they’ve started an “exclusive reservation list.” Which basically means it’s not actually available yet.

[ HiCan Bed ] VIA [ Fancy ]

Karton Eco-Friendly Cardboard Furniture

Karton Eco-Friendly Cardboard Furniture (Images courtesy Karton)
By Andrew Liszewski

Having trouble deciding on what kind of furniture to get for your new home or office? It’s certainly a decision not to be taken lightly, but while you’re deciding it doesn’t mean you have to work or eat on the floor. Karton, an Australia-based company, has an entire line of furniture made entirely from cardboard that will probably pack flatter than even IKEA’s most ingenious design. Everything from dining room tables to bedroom sets to even filing boxes complete with their own shelving are available. And if you don’t like their drab brown finish, you’re just a pack of crayons away from having something that matches the room’s existing color palette.

Some level of origami skills are probably required to assemble the furniture, though even the most elaborate pieces look easy enough for a 10-year-old to handle. I just wish they were a little cheaper. For $188, which is what they want for their ‘Paperpedic Bed’, I could probably buy enough raw materials and tools to build a wooden bed myself. And at $148 for their ‘Chairman’s Table’ I’d happily work on a piece of plywood spanning a couple of sawhorses, which would be far cheaper. So I guess there must be some level of ‘art’ involved here to warrant their expensive price tags. Just remember that if you spill a glass of water on one of those tables, they’ll be as useless as the paper towels you use to clean up the mess.

[ Karton Furniture ]

4-bit Chronograph Watch Keeps Your Geekiness On The ‘DL’

4-Bit Chronograph Watch (Image courtesy the Cadence Watch Company)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a geek and aren’t afraid of the world knowing it, then companies like Tokyo Flash have an endless variety of watches allowing you to express your nerdy tendencies. But if you’re not ready for your co-workers to discover your bedroom covered wall-to-wall in Battlestar Galactica, then the Cadence Watch Company’s new 4-bit Chronograph watch provides a subtle way to be geeky without advertising it.

The watch is actually an update to the company’s 4-bit Binary Watch that adds chronograph functionality and a UTC time display. But like the original, the numbers around the watch face have been replaced with 4-bit binary graphics, giving it just a touch of geek. The watch also has a genuine leather wristband, luminescent hands that stand out against its black face, scratch resistant sapphire coated quartz glass and is water resistant to 5 ATM. And it will be available sometime in July for $195.

[ Cadence Watch Company 4-bit Chronograph Watch ]

LEGO Duplo Plate Covered Walls Is Pure Genius!

LEGO Duplo Plate Covered Walls (Image courtesy HGTV)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t have any of the back story on how the stud plates have actually been attached to the walls, but I think this idea for a LEGO Duplo themed kids’ room is pure genius. And it goes without saying that limiting such an idea to just kids is a big oversight. Covering the walls of an office or work area with regular LEGO brick plates allows you to constantly redecorate with new patterns or color schemes every day. You can even recreate famous works of art out of just LEGO bricks. In fact I hope someone from LEGO is reading this and drops a note in the suggestion box for custom colored brick plates too, because it would make decorating a room with them a whole lot easier.

Update: Thanks to Charlie Sorrel from Wired’s Gadget Lab for discovering the wall is actually from a restaurant in Brooklyn called Café Boo Bah.

[ HGTV – 10 Themed Bedrooms for Kids ] VIA [ ohdeedoh ]

Clip-On Nightlight With Moon And Star Shaped Filament Bulb

Veilleuse d`Orient (Images courtesy Wannekes)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s technically considered to be a clip-on lamp, I don’t think the Veilleuse d`Orient from Tsé & Tsé Associées is going to throw enough light to be useful for anything other than chasing the boogeyman away. And the whimsical moon and star-shaped filament removes any doubt this is destined to be used as a versatile night light in children’s bedrooms around the world. ~$75 (€54.50) from Wannekes, including a spare bulb.

[ Veilleuse d`Orient Lamp ]

Sapapa’s Tornado Bed’s Got Speakers In The Headboard For Lazy Home Theater Enthusiasts

Sapapa Tornado Music Headboard (Image courtesy Sapapa)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back and watching a good movie, but that’s not entirely true. Why expend all that energy to remain in an upright sitting position when Sapapa’s Tornado bed lets you lay back while still enjoying a surround sound experience? Thanks to a headboard embedded with an amp, a couple of speakers and a subwoofer, the Tornado can provide a pseudo home theater experience using a PhaseCue System which manipulates the audio signals to create a kind of surround sound effect. It’s no where near as convincing as a true 5.1 setup, but I doubt too many people need one of those in their bedroom.

The Tornado bed gets even better though. Using a hydraulic mechanism it can automatically adjust itself to four different positions so you don’t even have to sit up by yourself to better see the TV. Seriously, all it needs is some automated system for dealing with bed sores, maybe a feeding/water tube, and I don’t see any reason to ever get out of bed again. $3,600 to $3,800 depending on what size you want.

[ Sapapa Tornado Music Headboard ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

Multi Lines Extension Cords Put The Extra Outlets Along The Cable

Multi Lines Extension Cords (Images courtesy Connect Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s another one of those really simple ideas that vastly improves an existing product. These Multi Lines cables not only serve as extension cords bridging the gap between electrical appliances and just out of reach wall outlets, but as powerbars as well. But instead of having all of the outlets bunched up in a brick on one end, the additional sockets are distributed along the length of the cable. Now obviously it’s not the ideal solution if you needed to power a cabinet full of home theater gear, but if you could use a few extra outlets distributed around the bedroom, it sure beats having to tear apart the drywall. $16 to $22 ranging from 6.5ft to 16.4ft, available from Connect Design.

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AutoFrost Cake Decorator – Today’s Engineering Students Definitely Have Their Priorities Straight

AutoFrost Cake Decorator (Image courtesy Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering)
By Andrew Liszewski

The world already has enough electric cars at this point, so I’m happy to see a group of engineering students from the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering tackling another important issue- cake decorating. Their AutoFrost machine, created for their Principles of Engineering class, is a 3-axis cake decorator designed to replicate a design created in a custom graphical UI onto a cake using an Arduino-controlled frosting plunger. A second Arduino unit controls the bed the cake sits on, moving it along its X and Y axis, allowing the custom designs to be drawn out.

I doubt the students have any intentions of taking the AutoFrost any farther, but if one of them manages to improve the machine so it does all the baking and prep work as well, they’re guaranteed at least one sale here. Actually make that two, I could always use a second in the bedroom.

[ AutoFrost ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]