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The Entire Solar System Fits In This Tiny Jar

Granted, the scale is 1:5billion, but you get the idea. It’s a wonderful little product from Etsy shop LittlePlanetFactory whose owner, George, is a little overwhelmed at the moment since his gig went viral and now everyone wants a solar system in a jar. We can understand why. Just look at those cute planets. You’re not supposed to actually do anything with them, other than admire them and get some respect and perspective about our place in the universe. Given that the asking price is $37, we think it’s not only priced just right, but would be a shame not to get for anyone even slightly scientifically inclined. Or anyone with any respect for anything besides beer and wings.

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How To Make A Flashlight – Step by Step Guidelines

Almost every day our friend at best tactical reviews compile various products (Survival tools, Health & Beauty, Kitchen, Home Improvement, knives, flashlight, etc.) review which are high quality and people love to buy regularly.

If you like hiking, hunting or even camping, then you truly understand the importance of having a flashlight handy. A flashlight is a very essential equipment that can save you from stumbling or going the wrong way at night or when you are searching for something under your bed. There are various kinds, sizes, and models of flashlights on the market today. Some are durably made while others are just basic. Also, there are those that are very costly and come with advanced features. No matter the case, a flashlight’s sole purpose will remain to provide light. If you don’t want to break the bank to acquire this lighting device, then you can decide to make one by yourself. But, no offense, you have to buy any ready-mate powerful tactical flashlight to observer their functionality. Then, it will be easy for you to develop one!

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This Couple Gets Paid Crazy Money To Post On Instagram

  • Ate pizza in Rome
  • Shopped in Marrakesh
  • Hiked in the mountains of Spain
  • Swam in Santorini
  • Drank tea in Morocco

Not the typical points you’re likely to see on a résumé, but instead, this is job experience that many of today’s young Instagram celebrities are able to boast about. Travel photos are arguably the most common status updates you’ll find on social media (food is perhaps a close second), and it doesn’t come much bigger than holiday pics on Instagram. 26-year-old Jack Morris and 23-year-old Lauren Bullen are genuinely massive stars on the photo sharing app, with close to three million followers between them and a job which involves traveling around the world’s most beautiful locations. And believe us, it’s not just frequent flyer miles that they are raking in.

“The most I’ve personally got for one post is $9,000,” says Jack in an interview with Cosmopolitan. “I did a job for a phone company where I flew out for three days; there were two days filming and then I had to do five photos on Instagram, and that was $35,000.”

After building up their travel photo accounts over many years respectively, the couple is now able to charge tourist boards and major brands thousands of dollars for essentially a nice picture and a hashtag. Amazingly, the couple has even been told that their rates are incredibly low compared to others. “Exact figures are hard to say because every job is different, but we won’t do a post for less than $3,000 USD,” adds Jack.

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Future Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing might be going through tough times, but it still is, and always will be, a vital part of the economy. It has a strong influence on other sectors and growth will create expansion and jobs in many industries.

Given that it forms such a critical foundation for the economy, what can business leaders do to ensure stability and growth in their manufacturing endeavors? Future trends in the manufacturing industry all depend on innovation in processes, skills and technology.

Ongoing Innovation
As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, innovation is going to be one of the key factors in driving growth in manufacturing. The landscape is changing dramatically, and it is necessary to create new opportunities and make the sector stand on its own in global markets.

Companies must be nimble and quick to adapt to an ever-changing market. Innovation often centers around increasing critical speed-to-market times. Driving innovation will boost the manufacturing industry while having a positive ripple effect on various other areas of the economy.

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How to Recover or Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password without Reinstallation

Realizing you’ve lost the administrator password to your Windows 7 setup can be a very unpleasant surprise. It means you have lost access to all your data and applications on your computer. Luckily, there are still a few methods to recover or reset lost Windows 7 administrator password without system reinstallation and data loss.

Method 1: Using Password Reset Disk

Windows comes with a built-in feature that allows you to create a password reset disk from Control Panel. If you’ve created one previously, you can take it to reset Windows 7 password when you forgot it:

1. Insert the password reset disk into your Windows 7 computer.
2. When you get to the login screen, just hit Enter and you’ll get a logon failure message “The user name or password is incorrect“.

3. Click OK and you’ll back at the login screen, but this time you can see a link “Reset password” under the password filed. You have to click that link.

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The Cuddle Mattress Is For Cuddles

Look, that picture is pretty self-explanatory. The Cuddle Mattress is made specifically to make it easier for new couples to cuddle with greater ease. It’s also made for older couples to be reminded of how they once used to cuddle all the time and now things suck and maybe we should get a divorce. The top and bottom part of the memory foam mattress feature deep grooves into which you can insert your shoulders, arms, and even tuck your toes. This leads to a straighter spine, less numbness in your arm, more cuddling time and overall more happiness. Or something. Which you’ll need to help you stop crying after you spend an outrageous $1,599 for the memory foam version of the mattress.

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How to Choose the Best VPN for Popcorn Time?

Watching and streaming movies on Popcorn Time has become not only a great opportunity but a real challenge. As most of the content on Popcorn time is available for free, copyright owners can also access that site demanding you to stop using a platform or even suing you.

Several cases of disclosures have already occurred. That is why any Popcorn Time user has done everything to make her Internet connection at maximum private and secure. From the list of available solutions, virtual private networks seem most reliable and easy to implement. If you still don’t use them while watching your favorite movies on Popcorn Time, we can help you choose the right one.

3 criteria VPN for Popcorn Time should satisfy:
If you want not to become disclosed by the copyright owner, you should pay attention to the quality of your virtual private network provider, which should satisfy the following conditions:

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Nearbuds Magnetic AirPods Clips

Save your Apple wireless AirPods with Nearbuds for AirPods. Designed specifically for the all-new Apple wireless AirPods, this device uses powerful neodymium magnets to keep them close. The Nearbuds system features one clip for each AirPod as well as an adjustable safety strap. Simply snap them into place and your AirPods will always be nearby. Nearbuds for AirPods work with any magnetic-friendly surface.

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Surprising Reasons Why You Need A Smart Luggage

Why You Need Smart Luggage

You’d probably think that you don’t need a smart luggage in your life, but if you’re air traveling for even at least once or twice a year, you’d wish you should have bought one earlier.

See, smart luggage isn’t just for the tech-savvy traveler. They were made to solve actual travel problems, especially for people with travel anxieties. Here’s a rundown of the practical uses of a smart luggage.

Solid security

Smart luggage are loyal to their owners. Some suitcases like the Planet Traveler Tech Case sports biometric locks that can only be opened with your fingerprint. They’re also traceable, equipped with GPS trackers so you can check the location of your luggage via your smartphone.

Extra charging juice

If you’re traveling for long hours, chances are, your electronics devices will be drained. Smart luggage packs you an extra charge so you can conveniently recharge your gadgets anytime, anywhere. Aside from the external USB port that you can easily access on the go, the Bluesmart Luggage have dedicated compartments for your laptops and tablets.

Smart mobility

You’d be surprised how some of the smart luggages can follow you around so you don’t even have to pull them around. The Travelmate Robot case is equipped with sensors so it can follow you around and avoid obstacles along the way.

This is handy, especially if you travel with kids and need to work with all the hands that you have.

These are just the top perks of having a smart luggage. Currently, there are lots of smart luggage with their own unique features that might help you overcome your own travel problem.