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RingStash Lets You Keep Your Proposal A Secret Until The Time Is Right


Imagine a scenario where you’re going to propose to your longtime girlfriend, ok? You have it planned just right, and you know the exact moment you’re going to pop the question. And then she asks you “Is that a ring box in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Surprise: ruined. Ring boxes are traditionally rather big and bulky, at least for today’s skinnier jean standards. RingStash is a new kind of box that’s only 0.5″ thick, yet presents the ring in as elegant a manner as fits such a special occasion. When closed, the ring lays flat inside, but when opened, a mechanism rotates it 90 degrees to display it in a spectacular fashion. It’s stealthy enough to carry around in a pocket, and won’t have your girlfriend asking you questions about unusual bulges in your pants. It’s a newer way to carry out an old tradition, and… we would be recommending it if it weren’t for the asking price: $99! At that price, we suggest to just wear a blazer and hide the $10 box in the inside pocket instead.


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Coffee Gadgets That Can Supercharge Your Mornings

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


Since Keurig coffee machines entered the market, we’ve been slowly changing the way we think about coffee.  Once, it was a giant can of coffee grounds in the corner of the kitchen and a rather slow-working coffee pot to go with it.  If you wanted something good, you had to visit the coffee shop.  Now, you can do it all at home, customizing your morning brew.  But, faveable challenges you to take your coffee to the next level.  They’ve found the coffee gadgets that will make you flip a few times.  (And not from the caffeine, though we know that never hurts).  You’ve got to see these gadgets to believe them.  And then, you’ll want them badly – trust us. Featured image above is of the Capresso frothPRO  – an automatic milk frother for your cappuccinos and cafe lattes.

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Wrike Extension Turns Your Chrome Browser Into a To-do List


This article is brought to you by Wrike. -Ed.

If you’ve ever surfed a website and thought to yourself, “That’d be a cool feature to have on my blog,” or even, “This article should be required reading for my team,” and then wished there was an easier way to add it to your list of team to-dos — sit up and take note. Wrike has a set of project management tools that include a Google Chrome extension to connect your free or paid Wrike account to your browser. It gives you the ability to easily turn any webpage into a to-do; you can even quickly take a screenshot of the webpage and automatically attach it to the task for reference. When turning browser pages into tasks, the URL of the site is added to the task comments for your convenience. You can fill in any details about the to-do item (e.g. “Hey all, please take a look at this page for an example of a great website design.”) and add assignees, due dates, and select the folder in which to store the task. Suddenly, project management is as easy as clicking a browser extension.

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Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On Ultra-Handy 10-Ft Micro USB Cable, 2 Pack


Admit it: you’ve sat on the floor, next to your charging phone, on more occasions than a self-respecting adult ever should. That 3ft. cord is just not long enough to do anything other than placing your device down and carrying on with your life while it charges. With the Ultra-Handy 10-Ft Micro USB Cable however, you could go about some of your business in the dignified manner that a grown ass person should. It’s the Micro-USB type, so iDevices are out of luck. But there are millions of other phone, tablets and phablets who charge with this connector. We think that $14.99 for two of these is a ridiculously low price, so don’t wait and get yours now.


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Steel Star Trek Coasters Boldly Go Where No…


You know… we’re groaning at the thought of having to write yet another pun-filled headline that’s a Star Trek or Star Wars reference. So you get the idea. Here are some coasters with the Star Fleet insignia stamped on them. They come in a set of 5, are 4″ on each side, and are made from 3/16” thick, Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel with a felt backing, so they’ll feel heavy and premium. There are many other ways of keeping your drinks from ruining your tabletop, but very few that proclaim quite as loudly just which brand of nerd you are (and by the way, we mean “nerd” in the best possible way here). The Star Trek Coasters are made by Easy seller ApocalypseFab, and cost $44 for the set.

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What’s The Easiest Way To Shave Your Head?


With this cool HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor, of course. At least, we imagine that if you’re going to go for the completely bald look, you could do much worse than by using the above product. It’s a blade mounted on an ergonomic handle, which also features wheels. It looks like a mini ATV, and you’re meant to roll it around your noggin for a little bit, until you’ve no hairs left. The handle is rubberized, for comfort and convenience, and while it isn’t the first such product on the market, we haven’t seen one with wheels before. We imagine this contributes to a no-nick, no-cut shave. It’s $15 and comes with one blade.


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Beer Tea Bags Enhance Cheap Brew Flavour


Sometimes being on a budget means you gotta get the cheap beer, instead of the premium beer. If your palate is refined enough to tell the difference, know that there may soon be a product on the market whose goal it is to enhance fully brewed beer. Hop Theory: Beer Enhancing Sachets are little tea bags that contain a mixture of hops, fruit peels, and natural flavors that, when steeped into a recently poured pint of beer, improve on its flavour enough to make you forget you only bought it because you might not be able to make rent this month. Or, maybe you like to customize your beer and the idea of steeping little packets of flavour is appealing to you. Either way, the first mix is called Relativity, and contains “cascade hops, orange peel, coriander seeds, and natural flavors.” Each bag is made from a soilon woven mesh filter that is derived from corn starch and is 100% biodegradable. One bag will infuse up to 4 beers, and at $25 for 24 packets, it’s a fairly inexpensive way to liven up your malted beverages.

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Tactical Credit Card AX Fits An Axe In Your Wallet


If you’re McGuyver, surviving involves finding a pack of gum, a paperclip and a match head. Most other people, however, would requires some semblance of tools, and the Tactical Credit Card AX is as cool as they come. It’s a flat piece of metal that can fit in a wallet, and yet can be attached to a piece of wood and turned into a makeshift axe. Stamped from 304, 12 gauge stainless steel, the item also features up to 21 separate functions, which makes it into a multi-tool as well. It may not be able to cut down a large tree, but it’ll make the task of collecting twigs for an impromptu fire a little easier. It’s $30.

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Deal Of The Day: 27% Off On Sky Runner 6-Axis Gyro Drone


This is a slightly new take on drones. The Sky Runner 6-Axis Gyro Drone is surrounded by a plastic roll cage which not only protects it in case you bump into stuff, but also allows you to do some cool sounds with it, like roll up a wall or on the ceiling. You should watch the video below to get an idea of what this means.

There’s a new drone in town, and it goes by the name Sky Runner. It climbs walls like Spiderman, and is almost indestructible like the Hulk. Like stunts? This drone can run, soar, and climb on both land and air—it’s the perfect indoor and outdoor drone for the lazy summer days ahead.

– Beginner-friendly flight technology
– 2.4Ghz remote-control for extended flight range (up to 100 ft)
– Simultaneous multi-drone flight ready (blocks collisions)
– Crash-resistant rolling cage
– 6-axis digital gyro technology for stability
– Crash-protective cover
– Outdoor & indoor flight

Drones don’t have to be expensive, and this one isn’t. Normally costing $90, you can have it for $64.99 today.

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