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Razer Mamba 4G Gaming Mouse Reviewed. Verdict: A Very Worthy Successor

By Paul McCollum

While the sun may have set on the WoW culture of non-stop, never leave the house obsessed gamers, the love of PC gaming still lives on. Fans of faster games are as competitive as ever and always looking for every edge to get them one more capture or one more kill. Razer thrives of the frenzy of hardcore gamers and produces some of the finest gaming accessories available. Recently they updated their wildly popular Mamba mouse with dual sensors: laser and optical. Again the Mamba mouse has a split personality, it can operate in both wired and wireless modes.

Razer has also included highly customizable software for programming its 7 buttons and even the LED backlight color of the scroll wheel. Adaptive sensitivity and variable acceleration as well as other values can be saved into multiple profiles to accommodate different needs for games or work. Razer threw in more than a few updates to this now classic palm-fitting mouse and retained almost all of the attributes that made it great. To see more details on the upgrades and performance, check out the full review at Everything USB.

[ Full Review @ Everything USB ]

Review – Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard

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Razer is well-known in the world of PC gaming, mostly for their keyboard and mouse offerings. You can’t hardly have a conversation about such peripherals without the company’s name being brought up. Well today we’re going to take a look at their latest keyboard offering, the Anansi. This particular keyboard is aimed specifically at the MMO player.


At first glance, you’re going to see two of the features that set the Anansi apart from most other keyboards. These would be the five function keys on the left-hand side of the keyboard, and seven more just below the spacebar. You’ll also see the backlit keys, which by default, cycle through the color spectrum. What really makes this device stand out is that you’re not limited to customizing the 12 extra function keys. Rather, every single key is mappable. Also, it has a “gaming mode” which disables the Windows key. A handy feature for anyone that’s had the misfortune of hitting that button by accident during a raid.
Strangely enough, there were no audio jacks or USB ports on this keyboard. I don’t often use them myself, but if you have a short headset, it’s much easier to just jack into the keyboard instead of finding an extension cable.

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Razer DeathAdder Mouse Strikes A Blow For Lefties


By Evan Ackerman

It’s about bloody time somebody recognized the hundreds, nay, thousands of years of suffering that my people (that would be, left-handed people) have dealt with. Finally, Razer has designed a mouse specifically for us. This lefty version of their DeathAdder gaming mouse has the same slick and subtle curves that the right-handed version does, just reflected over to the sinister side. And that’s sinister as in left, not sinister as in ‘sinister.’ Honestly, there’s no need to be afraid of left-handed people… Here are some left-handed facts to get you better acquainted with us:

-Somewhere between 8% and 15% of people are left-handed, and only half as many women are left-handed as men.

-The Incas thought that left-handed people had special spiritual powers. Pretty much everyone else thought that left-handed people were either just unfortunate, or pure evil.

-Left-handed people tend to be smarter than average. They also tend to be dumber than average. In other words, lefties are more likely to be at one end of the spectrum than in the middle.

-On average, left-handed men who graduate college are 26% richer than right-handed men who do. Nobody knows why, and this doesn’t apply to women.

-50% of left-handed people use a mouse right-handed (and I’m one of them).

You want to know why 50% of left-handed people use a mouse right-handed? It’s the man, man. The establishment. The right-handed industrial complex. So thank you, Razer, for helping us break free of the oppression and tyranny of the right-handed world… Who cares if nobody buys your mouse because we’re all used to right-handed ones? You’ve struck a mighty blow this day, a mighty blow for the forces of all that is just and good and right in this world!

Er, wait. Left, I meant left.

As far as specs go, the DeathAdder is more mouse than you’ll ever need (3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor, five independently programmable “Hyperesponse” buttons, and it’s wired as all serious gaming mice are), and it’s yours for $60.

[ Razer ] VIA [ HotHardware ]

Razer Naga Features A Dozen Extra Keys


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve been a PC gamer for a long time, and while I find that having a few extra buttons on my mouse can be very helpful, more is not always better. After using a wide variety of gaming mice, I’ve discovered that 3-4 extra buttons is about perfect. Any more and it seems like you have to put extra effort into not accidentally hitting them, which makes it less comfortable to use. So needless to say, I’m not exactly getting excited about Razer’s latest mouse, dubbed the Naga.

The Razer Naga features a whopping 12-key grid on the side where your thumb should rest. This means that your thumb will almost always be pressing against these. I’m going to guess that they take a good little bit of pressure to register, but I’m still not comfortable resting my fingers on that many buttons. I also wonder how easy it will be to hit each of them as quickly as you need to. I suppose it’s one of those things that will just have to be tried out to really understand. If you need a dozen extra keys on your mouse, then the Naga will set you back about $80.

[ Razer ] VIA [ Gearlog ]

Razer Announces Megalodon Gaming Headphones

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I am an avid PC gamer and when I play, I always use headphones. I use headphones because they don’t disturb the people in my home and it helps block out the noise in the environment that disturbs my play. Typically, when I play I use a set of Razer Barracuda headphones that provide very good surround sound audio quality.

Razer has introduced what may be my next set of headphones called the Megalodon 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. The headset uses Razer’s new Maelstrom Audio Engine to process positional audio cues 800% faster than comparable virtual surround sound systems according to Razer.

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HeadBlade Sport Razer Looks Wind Tunnel Tested

HeadBlade Sport (Image courtesy HeadBlade)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate shaving. But I guess I can at least be thankful I don’t have to deal with the top of my head in addition to my face. But if I did, you better believe I’d use something like this HeadBlade Sport razer. While it looks more like a concept snowmobile than a razer, the wheels and contoured handle are actually designed to make shaving your own head a bit easier.

In addition to the wheels, the HeadBlade also uses ‘triple blade technology’ which I assume works just like you see in other razer commercials. You know, one blade lifts, one blade cuts, one blade is there for moral support etc. The company also sells a classic version of the HeadBlade but it doesn’t have any wheels and as a result looks nowhere near as cool as the Sport version.

You can get the HeadBlade Sport directly from the HeadBlade online store for just $15, while replacement blades are $8.97.

[ HeadBlade Sport ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]

Razer Mako 2.1 Speakers Use Your Desk As An ‘Aural Mirror’

Razer Mako 2.1 Speakers (Image courtesy Razer)
By Andrew Liszewski

While most game consoles can take advantage of an already existing home theater setup, the same can’t be said for gaming PCs. So Razer has created a set of PC-specific speakers that not only rival the sound of the ones in your living room, but can easily fit on almost any computer desk.

The Mako 2.1 desktop speakers consist of 2-100W satellites and a 200W woofer (with a built in amp) and were actually developed in collaboration with THX. The problem with most desktop speakers is that they blast the sound straight ahead, which means you have to find the sweet spot and stay in it to avoid unbalanced sound. The Mako’s satellite speakers however blast the sound downward and use the desk’s hard surface as an ‘aural mirror.’ The result is a small set of speakers that produce a spacious, omni directional and distortion free sound for anyone within about 200 sq. ft.

But at $399 I think I’m happy with my headphones.

[ Razer Mako 2.1 Speakers ] VIA [ Popular Mechanics ]

WiebeTech Drive eRazer

WiebeTech Drive eRazer (Image courtesy WiebeTech)
By Andrew Liszewski

From my own experience, the best way to ensure no one can recover files from an old hard drive is to simply dismantle it. Once all the screws get lost there’s no easy to way to reassemble it, and on top of that you get a set of wicked powerful magnets to play with.

But if the drive is still in working order and is large enough to be useful in another system, you might want to consider the Drive eRazer alternative. You simply connect the device to your old hard drive and it will erase all the files by writing a data pattern over the entire disk. If you’re extra paranoid there is also a ‘Pro Version’ that will perform multiple passes while writing random characters. A 250GB drive can be wiped in just under 2 hours and because the eRazer is a standalone device, it doesn’t require an actual computer during the process.

The Standard version of the Drive eRazer designed for 3.5 inch drives is $99.95, while the Pro version is $149.95. The Notebook Pro version is also $149.95 and there’s a Pro version ‘Versatile’ bundle that works on both drive sizes (using adapters) for $199.95.

[ Drive eRazer ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Belkin Announces n52te SpeedPad Powered by Razer

Belkin n52te SpeedPad (Image via Belkin)
By Shane McGlaun

You can tell the holiday shopping season is coming with the so many gaming peripherals launching this month and next. So far Razer has announced the Lachesis gaming mouse, the Lycosa gaming keyboard, and the Piranha headphones. Belkin is getting in on the action, with a bit of help form Razer, with an update to their popular n52 Nostromo SpeedPad.

After releasing no new products for the gaming market for four years, Belkin is announcing the n52te SpeedPad. The n52te is described as a hybrid keyboard and gamepad that is aimed at FPS, RTS and MMORPG gamers. The device has 15 fully programmable keys and a programmable 8-way thumb pad that features a removable joystick.

The n52te uses Razer Synapse software to program the keys and onboard memory allows play on systems without needing software once programmed. The bottom of the device has non-slip rubber feet and gamers have the ability to toggle between three key map states for more programming options. The Belkin n52te SpeedPad will be available in November for $69.99.

VIA [ Belkin ]