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Lego Releases Han Solo In Carbonite Minifig

By Chris Scott Barr

Harrison Ford has done many things in his life, but he will still likely be most remembered for his role as Han Solo in the Star Wars movies. Indiana Jones would be a close second. Both roles have landed him Lego minifigs with his likeness, which is quite a feat. In fact, the company has just announced a new one, which is quite possibly the coolest yet. That’s right, Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

You’d think that by my mid-20’s I’d not get that excited about a tiny plastic toy. But seriously, it’s Han Solo in carbonite, how can one not get excited? It comes in the Slave I kit, which you can buy for $80. Or if you’re too good to buy the whole kit, you can buy the minifig by itself for $25. I think we all know what the better choice is.

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Han Solo Frozen In Cabonite Blanket

By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to decorative Star Wars wall pieces, I think that having a Han Solo frozen in carbonite would be the pretty much the coolest thing money can buy. Unfortunately it would take a lot of money to buy a proper replica, money most of us don’t have. Thankfully we can make do with simpler things, such as this blanket from LucasFilm.

The Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Woven Throw is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. It’s a 52×68-inch soft cotton blend blanket depicting Han Solo as he hung on the wall in Jabba’s Palace. Yes, it’s a little short to be an exact replica, but it’s still perfect for hanging on your wall. (Because we know that’s exactly what you want to do with it.) $60 will get you one of these when they are released sometime this August.

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Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Desk

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Desk (Image courtesy Tom Spina Designs)
By Andrew Liszewski

Say what you will about George Lucas and his merchandising empire, but I have to give them credit for realizing how important their fans are and not always having a knee-jerk lawsuit reaction to every single Star Wars homage. Like this custom ‘Han Solo frozen in carbonite’ desk created by Tom Spina Designs. While there’s not a terrible amount of information on their site about it, I’m pretty sure it’s not an officially licensed Star Wars product since it was actually created as a custom one-off design for one of their clients.

Oh and FYI, while it’s a nice design and all, I’m not a fan of glass top desks because there’s always the chance of this happening.

[ Tom Spina Designs – Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Desk ] VIA [ Make ]

R2D2 Ice Bucket With Han Solo In Carbonite Ice Cube Mold

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray with R2-D2 Ice Bucket (Image courtesy The Green Head)
By Andrew Liszewski

Of all the Star Wars characters I think R2D2 gets the least respect, at least in terms of product tie-ins. But I guess it’s mostly because he’s shaped like a garbage can on wheels, and once you remove all of the electronics inside he can be re-purposed for a wide array of demeaning tasks. This time R2D2 will be the hit of your backyard barbecue while he serves as an ice bucket keeping your refreshments cold. As an added bonus he appears to come with a really cool ‘Han Solo frozen in carbonite’ ice cube mold that can be used to make miniature facsimiles of Harrison Ford in hibernation. They’re probably not going to fool Jabba The Hutt or anyone else Han Solo owes money to, but they’ll definitely make you the king of the Star Wars geeks for at least a night.

At one point the R2D2 ice bucket and Han Solo mold were available for pre-order from for about $33, but the item has since been removed. So if anyone knows where to find one, please post a link in the comments.

[ The Green Head – Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray with R2-D2 Ice Bucket ]

Welcoming The New Vape from Arizer Tech: The Solo II

The following article is sponsored. – Ed.

Arizer launched its original Solo in May 2011 which has managed to not only stay but do well in the market for all these years and it is only in 2017 that the company has decided to launch a new and upgraded version of the Solo, the Solo II. This proves the efficiency and merit of the original product which is justified by the fact that it took 3 long years to plan and design the device. Hence, one can imagine the expectation that people would have from the newest addition to the line with which the Solo platform is up for a complete upgrade.

From what it seems from the look of it, you may be thinking that the newer version from the Canadian manufacturer, Arizer, has not much to offer which would seem to be an update to the features of the original Solo. But this is exactly where you are wrong as apart from deriving its design and look from the original Solo, the new Solo 2 has sent everything integral to the device starting from its UI to battery to overall experience up for a major makeover and a complete upgrade. Wait till you hear it all.

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X9 Follow Electric Caddy Replaces Real Person, Frees Your Hands And Shoulders


Golfing alone can be fun and relaxing, but there’s always that heavy bag of clubs to carry around with you from hole to hole. And while caddies are great, maybe you want to remain truly solo. That’s where the X9 Follow comes in. It’s a portable electric device that carries your bag for you, and follows you around wherever you go. You just take it out from your car trunk, connect the battery, pair the remote, attach your bag and go. As long as you have the remote on your body, it’ll follow you around a few paces behind. When you reach your hole, place the remote on the X9 and it’ll stay put. It’s able to go uphill and downhill with no problem, and will even let you remote control it manually.

The X9 is not a new product; robotic caddies have been around for some time. But there are a host of new features that make this one stand out from its predecessors. But as you can imagine, this sort of convenience comes at a price: $3,250! Well… golfing is a rich person’s sport, so we’re not altogether surprised.

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His and Hers: Star Wars Han and Leia Hand Towels

Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels


There’s nothing like love that transcends borders. Kind of like the one Princess Leia and Han Solo share. Back in 2005, Lucas confirmed that Leia and Han did, indeed, live happily ever after. That’s something everyone already assumed, but still, it was nice to get confirmation. Now you can be reminded of that fact every day with these Han and Leia Hand Towels that’ll add a little extra something in your bathroom.

These soft towels have silhouettes of Leia and Han on one side and the Rebel Alliance insignia on the other side. It isn’t complete without the Star Wars logo, so you’ll find that in the corner. You’ve always said it with roses; why not declare your love with towels this year?

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The Soloshot Keeps You In The Frame, No Matter Where You Are


Some of you may harbor the desire to create videos of yourselves in the process of committing shenanigans of various sorts, and this always implies a certain amount of logistics. For one, whether these are acts of skillful sporting display, or simply running around while flailing your arms, you’ll usually need a second person to pan the camera to keep you in the shot. The Soloshot removes the need for that friend. It’s a robotic camera base on which you can mount any recording device with a tripod mount, and which then follows your movements thanks to a wireless transmitter armband. “It can rotate at speeds of up to 40º per second all the way around, and can track subjects up to 2000 feet away moving at speeds up to 140 mph.”

Replacing your friends with a robotic device doesn’t come cheap. The Soloshot is $480, but has the extra advantage of not judging you every single time you fail that jump.

Keep reading for a video of it in action, as well as links.

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Salomon’s Running Gloves Make The Act Of Holding Water In Your Hands Obsolete

We’re not runners here at OhGizmo HQ, so we can’t begin relate to the things that are a big deal to those who are. We suppose that holding a water bottle in your hands for a few hours, or having it on a belt of some kind, bumping against you, can get pretty annoying. So Salomon has gone ahead and created the Sense Hydro S-Lab Set, which is a special wrist strap designed to hold a 250ml soft-sided folding bottle without requiring you to actually close your fingers around it. Yeah, maybe that could give you an edge, what do we know? The folding design of the bottle means no sloshing of liquid as you deplete it, and the $40 Solomon is asking for will get you two of these, so you can have one on each hand.

They should be available in the next few months.

[ Manufacturer Website ] VIA [ Gizmag ]