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Sled Legs: This Is The Future of Sledding

Nothing is better than sliding down a fresh sheet of snow on a sled, actually I can think of plenty of things that are better, but sledding is fun too. Well imagine combing all the fun of sledding with doing a guitar power slide straight out of a Twisted Sister music video.

That’s what you get with Sled Legs. These guys attach to your legs and provide a smooth surface to glide easily down snowy slopes. No more running with a sled, only to misjudge the landing and go face first into a snow bank, then all the kids call you names like “Snow-Face Jones” or “Fred-Can’t-Sled”. Good thing those bullies were super uncreative.

It’s available in two sizes. One for kids between 4-5’ and one for adults over 5’. Both versions will run you $45 on their website.

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100 People Try Doing Their Best Chewbacca Impression

Ever tried doing a Chewbacca impression? Of course you have, you’re doing one right now. Whether you sound like a dying cat or a guy who forgot his jacket standing at a freezing bus stop, you definitely don’t sound like a Wookie. But don’t worry because you’re not alone.

YouTube channel Cut did a video where 100 people try to give their best Chewbacca impression. Most are pretty terrible, a couple are actually pretty good, and one thought they wanted a ‘Tupac’ impression. Hey, I got those two confused for years as well, that’s why I have a Tupac action figure next to my Han Solo.

Hit the jump for the reality that a lot of people have forgotten what Chewbacca sounds like.


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Ultra-Thin Silicone iPhone X Case

Take your iPhone X protection one step further with this Ultra-Thin Silicone iPhone X Case. This case has a beautiful design that looks eye-pleasing and highly graceful at the same time. In addition, the silicone design is flexible which covers your iPhone X with maximum accuracy. The soft touch makes the case worth a buy.

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Get Up to 47% Discount on iFetch Ball Launcher for Dogs, Philips Norelco Shaver, and Fitbit Alta

Here’s a Christmas present your dog will love: the iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher. Your hyperactive dog will not get tired of chasing all those flying balls. You can adjust the launch distance to 10, 20 or 30 feet, depending on how you want to tire your dog. Kidding. Before the day ends, it’s up for grabs for only $86.


For the bearded guy in your life, here’s the Philips Norelco Multigroom Beard, Stubble, and Body Trimmer. The gents will truly love the dual-sided design which can do both the trimming and the shaving. The pivoting shave head also minimizes cuts. Get it for $40 (instead of $75) only for today.

Fitbit trackers are on sale today, giving you up to $50 discount. One of the popular discounted trackers is this Fitbit Alta. It’s a chic and slim tracker that’ll look good on your casual looks. It also has swappable bands so you can make a statement, while taking care of your health. It’s only a $100 today.

One Bird Brought $223,000 In Value To A Single Town

A black-backed oriole (Image: Susan Schmoyer)

Bird watchers are a serious bunch. They will sometimes travel hundreds of miles and keep informed though bird watching communities on the latest finds.

Well, on January 31st this year, someone spotted a rare oriole in their backyard. Later it was identified as a Black-Backed Oriole, which was so rare, that it was only the second time the Mexican bird had been identified in the United States. Because of this, more than 1,800 bird watchers visited the Pennsylvanian home to get a glimpse of the rare bird until in left on April 10. The American Birding Association even encouraged people to go see the bird and put out guidelines on how to do so respectfully.

Because of the huge boom in tourism caused by the bird, researchers estimated that the economic value to the town was around $223,000. Of course, this is caused by tourists who stop in and grab food, gas or other amenities, sometimes even staying over night in the town.

It’s just an estimate based on the number of visitors and surveys given to those who came to see the bird, but it’s interesting how one bird can cause such a economic boom.

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Star Wars Baby Mobile Gets Them Hooked On The Sci-Fi Young

I’ve always said, get those kids hooked on Star Wars early. That way you can grow your own person to talk about the movies with. The only problem is you had to wait until they were old enough to comprehend sights and sounds to start showing them the movies. Well, now you can get in their little heads before they’re even potty trained with a Star Wars Crib Mobile.

Each mobile comes with 5 Hallmark® plush characters and a Death Star up top. The company will even let you pick which characters you’d like from a list of pretty much every Star Wars character, excluding the prequels. So you can pick whether to teach your kids about the campy lighthearted original movies, or the new movies including the super dark someone-is-definitely-going-to-die Last Jedi.

It even includes a music box with 10 Star Wars lullabies and let’s you add your own custom music.

Available from MakerLab3D for $25 on Etsy

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Atari Made A Speaker Hat And Is Now Selling It


Yep, the company best know for its home video game consoles from the 70’s and 80’s is now selling a hat that can play your music via Bluetooth. I’m not sure why they’ve done this, but it’s too late to turn back now.

The hat is equipped with two speakers which will feature “high-fidelity” playback. The hats also include a “ Multiplayer-Mode which will lets multiple speaker hat owners play back audio across all the hat at the same time, someday. Apparently they’re still working out the kinks on that one.

It’s available in flavors of a retro and modern snapback style, which look pretty sharp at least. There’s even a Blade Runner 2049 limited edition version.

I have to say, for $100 (on sale from $130) it’s not the worst thing you could buy. Just don’t go blasting your music like a guy with a boombox from the 80’s.

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Hit the jump for shots of the Retro and Blade Runner versions.

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Sick Of Gingerbread Houses? Make Some Chocolate Dinosaurs Instead

Forget about that boring old gingerbread house, what is gingerbread anyway? I’ll tell you, it’s an abomination of a food which it’s only decent purpose is to serve as construction material. Forget about it all together, and this year make things a bit more Jurassic.

This is the Chocolate Construction Mold: T-Rex version. Just by melting some chocolate and cooling it in the mold, you can piece together your own prehistoric predator to museum-like replication. Imagine the look on everyone’s face as you roll up to Uncle Jack’s house for Christmas and show up with a Tyrannosaurus made out of chocolate indiscriminately eating gingerbread people.

There’s not much more that I can say expect it’s really cool, and why didn’t anyone buy me a chocolate t-rex chocolate mold as a kid? My life could’ve been so different, but I was stuck with gingerbread (boo).

Available on Amazon for $20. Order soon or your chances of getting one before Christmas will go extinct (I’m sorry).

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Someone Made An Awesome Lego Mechanical Keyboard

Whether you’re a fan of Lego, mechanical keyboards or just cool things, someone made a pretty slick looking mechanical keyboard with Lego pieces.

In his video, Youtuber JK Brickworks shows off how he made his keyboard, which is taken from a Cooler Master Quickfire. Basically, he took the circuit board off and stuck it in his own Lego base. He even had 3D Lego keycaps made so that he could stick just about any 2×2 piece on top and use it as the keycap.

The final product is great homage to Lego, though it looks like a total pain to type on. Especially since some of us still stare at our keyboards when we type. What, it’s not like I’m a writer or anything.

More info can be found on his site, JK Brickworks, and there’s a video after the jump of him showing off the keyboard.

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