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Top 6 Qualities To Look For In A New TV

Selecting a brand new TV to purchase is no easy task. Not only are there are many different models available on the market for you to consider, the TV is often the focal point of a living or family room and therefore needs to meet the expectations that you set for it.

However, knowing how to buy a TV often comes down to knowing which specific features and qualities you need to look for. We’ll go over six of those qualities here:

1. The Screen Size

Probably the one factor you’re thinking about the most with a TV is the screen size. After all, this is the first thing anyone notices when they first see a TV in a room. While the size of TV you want is completely up to you, if it’s going to be in the living or family room, a size of at least fifty five inches will be preferable.

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Teodoor Smart Lock

Lock and unlock your door with Teodoor Smart Lock. Install Teodoor on the inside of your door, download the app and take full control of your lock. Teodoor is designed to complement and complete your main entrance. Working with your existing lock mechanism, Teodoor connects it to the app on your smart device for total control.

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Deal Of the Day: 97% Off On Bizplan Premium, Lifetime Subscription

We often show you guys deals on learning to code, or on teaching you some form of marketable skill. But what about marketing those skills once you’ve learned them? The Bizplan Premium: Lifetime Subscription will help you make some professional, eye-catching business plans that can help your million-dollar idea get the funding it needs to get started.

Need a little help getting your great business idea off the ground? Look no further than Bizplan. This step-by-step business builder breaks down major projects into bite sized pieces so you can accomplish more in less time. Plan your pitch, set goals, and track your progress, all in one central, easy to use interface. Stop spinning your gears on white lined paper and let Bizplan set you on the right path.

“Bizplan is modern business planning software for startups that makes it easy to create, collaborate on, and share your business plan with investors and potential customers,” Killer Startups

– Use drag & drop templates to formulate the most important aspects of a business plan from market problem identification to traction
– Incorporate visuals into your plan w/ ease
– Complete a plan in any order you want w/ self-paced progress tracking
– Set your financial goals & analyze all the important data in a single dashboard
– Perform team salary forecasts, revenue projections, & access easy to use financial templates
– Import financial data from the tools you already use, like Xero & QuickBooks
– Share your plan online w/ a single click to collaborate w/ investors & stakeholders
– Get the whole team involved w/ threaded comments in every section across the entire plan
– Present your final plan in a polished, professional manner that will attract investors
– Join the world’s largest business funding network on earth, Fundable, for additional fees
– Use Bizplan’s fundraising experts any time you need a little help

A lifetime subscription to a service like this would normally set you back $2,940, but with today’s deal you have to pay only $69.

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Straight Outta 5th Element

This is the future guys! Volkswagen Group put out this rendered concept of its 30th-century-like, human-less car named Sedric. I guess the 30th century is closer than we thought.

The autonomous car will drive itself to its destination with just a touch of a button. Volkswagen exposed the real version of the concept at the Auto Shanghai 2017 expo. The cockpit was completely removed for more passenger space and complete driver-less experience.

Pretty freaking cool, right?

For more information on prices and availability… just kidding it’s not for sale just yet. We’ll have to wait a bit more to enjoy this awesomness.

[Volkswagen] via  [Engadget]


Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

Turn your living room into the ultimate party space with the Sobro Cooler Coffee Table. This modern furniture is complete with a refrigerator drawer to store and chill your beverages. From water to beer, your drinks will always be ready for game time. In addition, the Sobro Coffee Table has LED lighting on the underside to totally set the mood. Using Bluetooth, this incredible table also connects directly to your TV.

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Top Mistakes Business Owners Make Regarding the Company Website

Having a website is of the highest importance in this day and age for companies of all sizes. Whether you are an eager startup company manager or the owner of a highly successful enterprise, you must recognize the importance of the online medium in today’s business strategies. Through the online medium, companies are able to pull in potential customers in a rhythm previously unseen. The internet is also looked upon as an endless supply of consumers. Companies that tap into this source will have access to audiences of all ages and pertaining to any desired demographic.

That being said, many companies are contemplating the idea of creating a website, or are in the process of developing one already. Those that have finally understood that you can’t hope to efficiently exploit today’s market without a website might be facing other problems however. If your website isn’t delivering on its promises and you aren’t able to see the benefits of the investment, you might be doing something wrong. Therefore, the remainder of this article will focus on the top mistakes companies make about their websites.

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Aero Foldable Smart E-Bike

Upgrade your commute with the Aero Foldable Smart E-Bike. This powerful bike gives you a top speed of 22mph as well as an impressive range of 45 miles. With these metrics, you can zip through the traffic and shorten your commute. In addition, the Aero E-Bike stores as easily as it rides. The entire bike folds down in a matter of seconds for effortless storage. There’s even a handle built into the handlebars so you can move it with ease.

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Deal Of The Day: 77% Off On 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack

Look, Lightning Cables are like brake pads, they’re designed to wear out and fail eventually. Or at least, it seems that way. That’s why we like us a good deal on some lightning cables and today you’re looking at the 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack deal.

You can never have enough Lightning cables to keep all of your Apple devices charged, and with these 10-ft, MFi-certified monster cables, you’ll have more flexibility than ever. Keep a cable at your office, in your bag, by your bed, or anywhere you might need to grab a quick charge. When it says MFi-certified, you know these cables are guaranteed to work perfectly with your Apple devices.

– Gain a ton of flexibility w/ 10-ft Lightning cables
– Sync & charge your devices without jumping out of bed or your office chair
– Ensure your connected devices stay safe thanks to MFi-certification
– Enjoy optimal convenience with the unique reversible design

So that’s three 10-feet cables for $20. Three cables for less than the MSRP of one of Apple’s originals.

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Exercise Fabulously

There’s a new jump rope that will make you look fabulous while you exercise.

This LED embedded smart jump rope will make it fun to… well… jump. Because this LED jump rope is so pretty and shiny and it’s smart, it will also increase your productivity by recording the progress of your jumping number, time you’ve jumped and calorie loss. It’ll also display these metrics in front of you as you use it, through a “persistance of vision” effect. You can also set up your future jumping goals with your smartphone.

The LED embedded smart jump rope is around $89.99 to $258 based on the size you order from, meaning that for once short people have an advantage.

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