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Here’s A Video Explaining Why Phone Call Hold Music Sounds So Awful

Ever wondered why music that’s playing while your phone call’s on hold sounds awful? The worst is when you’re on an important call, like being called for a job interview or calling a sex hotline. You can’t hang up or even put the phone down because you don’t know when the other person will pick up. “C’mon Candy, I can’t listen to that tin-can version of Don’t Stop Believin’”.

Turns out there’s a history of companies cutting corners in order to make connecting calls cheaper, and Youtuber Tom Scott breaks down the reason why that hold music sounds worse than Jaden Smith’s new rap album.

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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Finally Drops

The trailer for the most anticipated Marvel movie of all time is finally here! After years of waiting, fans of the ultimate comic book franchise can finally sink their teeth into the first look at the highly anticipated movie.

The film revolves around fan-favorite villain Thanos who seeks to complete the Infinity Gauntlet and take over the galaxy. It looks to star just about every superhero Marvel has been introducing these last few years, including a surprising bunch at the end of the trailer.

Avengers: Infinity War releases in theaters on May 4, 2018.

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Watch Adorable Daisy Ridley Give An Interview While Building A Lego Millennium Falcon  

While we wait for The Last Jedi to drop, Disney seems to be doing a whole lot of promotion for the film. In this interview by Elle Magazine, Daisy Ridley, who obviously plays Rey in the new trilogy, answers questions about herself and her co-stars all while building a Lego version of the  Millennium Falcon.

Now to be fair, it’s not like she’s building the 7,500 piece Millennium Falcon. That would probably make this interview longer than watching all three trilogies, aka, the Trilogies Trilogy.

Hit the jump for the short interview.

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Woman Buys iPhone 6 For $100, Gets A Box Of Potatoes Instead

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s the lesson one Milwaukee woman learned the hard way as she bought an iPhone 6 off some guy who was driving around offering ‘Black Friday’ deals for the low low price of $100. Now, how could you resist that price?

She describes that he gave her the iPhone to inspect and make sure it was in good condition, but after she accepted he turned around to put the iPhone in its box ‘pulling the ol’ bait and switch’, and when she got home she opened the box to find out it was just an iPhone box stuffed with cut-up potatoes.

What’s worse, that they weren’t even fresh potatoes, so it’s not like she could’ve used them for a meal later on.

There’s even a video of her describing what happened with a great reveal. Censored naughty language ahead!Continue Reading

OK Go Latest Video With Printers Is Just As Trippy and Catchy As The Rest

OK Go is known for their massive and intricate displays in their music videos, whether it’s performing on treadmills or performing in a zero-g plane experience. This time they’re back with a music video for their newest single “Obsession”.

The video features the four band members performing a choreographed routine in front of 567 printers that are constantly feeding interesting images into the background. It’s all done it one take, and of course it’s hypnotizing like the rest of their videos.

It’s a catchy song, but I give the band props for making the most dangerous video to date. You don’t think it was dangerous? They had thousands of sheets of paper dropping around them. Have you ever potentially had thousands of paper-cuts?

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C’mon Now: Video Of A Slingshot That Launches Swords

This is a short video of slingshot maker Jorge Sprave doing what he does best, making slingshots that should probably be illegal. In this episode, he goes any makes a slingshot that can fire swords, yes swords.

In the video, he wants to see if his abomination invention is able to pierce through chainmail. I wont even spoil it, but what do you think is going to happen? The sword’s just going to bounce off?

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Stranger Things Cast Answers Google Autofill Questions About The Show

Here’s a neat video of Stranger Things cast members Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery answering questions that appear in Google’s Search Results.

The questions all relate to the topic of the show and range from “Is Stanger Things like the Goonies?” to “Does Stranger Things Get better?”. Oh, and apparently a lot of people think Stanger Things is written by Stephen King.

It’s a short video, but it should help to hold you over until Stranger Things Season 3 releases and answers some of the burning question we have. And hey, if you watch the video 64,388 times in a row, you’ll make it Season 3! (I did the math)

Hit the jump for the video.

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Giant Sharks Attack Film Crew’s Submarine During Creepy Deepwater Encounter

A film crew working on Blue Planet II caught an amazing sight when they came across several Sixgill Sharks going to town over a whale carcass, and got one crazy scare when the sharks turned their sight to the submarine filming and started attacking the vessel.

It’s an incredible short video, that’ll have you glad that Sharks aren’t land based animals. Could you imagine going toe-to-toe with a Great White Shark that wandered into your backyard? Sure, you can run into the house, but he’d just hang out on the porch waiting for you to come out, doing that intimidating neck-slice move until he gets a blood-sacrifice. Sorry Sparky, it’s you or us.

Wow, I went off topic there. I really shouldn’t be writing these things so late. Anyway, hit the jump to see the incredible footage that’ll leave you out of the ocean for a while. I know it’s November, but you know what I mean.Continue Reading

Remember The Old Arcade Game Rampage? Well It’s Now A Feature Film and Here’s The Trailer

Remember Rampage from the 90’s? The one where you go around and cause as much chaos and destruction as possible? Well, it’s now being turned into a major blockbuster staring The Rock, and Warner Bros. just released the first trailer.

As you can see from the trailer, there are indeed large monsters causing chaos and destruction to the city (it follows the game so closely!).

The Rock plays a primatologist who befriends a gorilla named George, one day George becomes curious and investigates a meteor landing and after being sprayed in the face with some Hollywood magic, starts growing massive and becomes Curious George a rampaging monster.

The film looks like a lot of fun, and I can say that because they showed the entire movie in the trailer. Like, from the first act to the climax, they showed the entire thing. They showed so much, that I wouldn’t be surprised if the next trailer showed 35 minutes from the sequel.Continue Reading