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HypoSurface: It’s Hyponotic


By Evan Ackerman

Walls. They’re so boring. And they’re everywhere. HypoSurface smashes through the, uh, fourth wall with a shape changing, interactive surface. Using interlocking flexible panels activated by compressed air from behind the wall, HypoSurface can create three dimensional waves, patterns, images, and even words by moving the flexible panels in sync. Software allows the wall to react to sound or movement, and… Well, just watch the video:

You can lease one of these; it comes with everything you need to get it up and running (including a technician). They don’t say how much it costs, but it would probably cheaper to just stare at a normal wall while you’re really, really drunk [Yes… drunk… -Ed.] (and listening to Pink Floyd).

[ HypoSurface ] VIA [ Designverb ]

Paper Engine Runs On Heat (Or Cold)

228stm_ani.gif By Ryan Nill

Astromedia, a German-based company that specializes in papercut crafts and toys, has created a papercut engine that runs on the heat from a cup of coffee. Or from the chill of packed ice; the Stirling engine isn’t picky.

It’s pretty cool, and works by having heated air push a piston back and forth, creating a wonderful little whirling engine. The Stirling engine is made from than punched cardboard and various other parts. It doesn’t actually run anything, per se (just sort of turns), but it’s a fun toy for children of any age.

It can run for hours (one person even managed over 12 hours!) and is available online for €21.90 (about 29$ US). No word about shipping or anything, but one must take into account that they are in Germany. Perhaps someone could homebrew one…?

[ Astromedia ] VIA [ Boingboing ]

Victorinox Unveils Absurdly Expensive Knife, We Suggest Second Mortgage

by Ryan Nill

Victorinox has unveiled its new Victoria series; 240 pimped out pocket knives, available only while supplies last. Half are covered in yellow gold 750, the other 120 have been smothered in pure platinum 950, with 430 flawless diamonds on every knife. Both are 74mm Executive-type Victorinox army knives and come with 2 blades, a nail file and cleaner, scissors, orange peeler, screwdriver, ring and pair of tweezers. Everything except the tweezers has been engraved and given another coating of bling. Also comes with matching precious metal chain, so that you can show off your lack of class.

Now the important part: cost. The gold knife will set you back $50,000 while the platinum one comes for an absurd $70,000. So if you have to chose between a new car and one of these knives, we here at OhGizmo! sincerely hope you’ll make the right choice.

[Go for the bling. Who the hell needs a house anyway? -Ed.]

[ Victorinox ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

USB-Powered Mr.Tengu Will Judge You Based On Musical Tastes

snipshot_e4iubuek5rt.jpg By Ryan Nill

Solid Alliance, a Japanese company, has unleashed their newest brainchild; the Tengu. Named after mythical bird-men who are easily angered and steal away small children, the USB powered Tengu does absolutely nothing. Yes, nothing. Well, nothing useful at least.

Once plugged into your computer, the Tengu displays an LED face that changes expressions by reacting to sound. Play some jazz, an the face looks at you quizzically, Rock music gets you angry faces, and classical makes it scold you about how you could do so much better than her and should have majored in something besides art.

No, not really! The Solid Alliance Tengu will be available in Japan at the end of August for 4480¥, or about 38$ US.

[ Product Page (Translated from Japanese) ] VIA [ newlaunches ]

Make Your Head Look Like Pac-Man

snipshot_e4wqkkjpcw5.jpg By Ryan Nill

[Not sure what’s with the team’s obsession with Pac-Man lately. But heck, why not. -Ed.]

Plush-tastic PAC-MAN hat looks awesome and does very little else. It really just makes your head look like PAC-MAN. That’s it.

And I, for the first time in my life, am rendered speechless.

Available for 29.99$, imported from Japan and it says “NOT available to ship to addresses in Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”

Why on earth…?

[ clubNAMCO ] VIA [Boingboing ]

Japan Makes Poop-Shaped Mini Flashlights, Westerners Still Scratching Heads

poop-shaped flashlightBy David Ponce

What you’re looking at is apparently a poop-shaped mini flashlight for carrying around with your keys, or cellphones or gadgets in general. Why on Earth would you want to carry around a poop-shaped mini flashlight? It’s a Japan thing, it seems, and we’ll leave it up to the ever fascinating Lisa Katayama (from TokyoMango) to enlighten us in her own words:

It’s a Japanese thing, we love poop jokes.

We love poop so much that we even have names for the different kinds. For example, this one is called a makiguso, which literally means “crap roll.” (Same “maki” that is in sushi rolls, like tekkamaki and futomaki.) It alludes to the spiraling shape that the poop makes as it clumps on top of itself.

Well isn’t that just peachy?


A company called Epoch makes them, and they’re selling them through vending machines in Japan. Yeah, that means you can’t get them this side of the pond.

We’re not particularly sad.

VIA [ TokyoMango ]

WillItBlend’s Latest: The iPhone

By David Ponce

We think that no video in recent memory has evoked simultaneous feelings of utter glee and excruciating pain as the one embedded above. BlendTec has become famous in the last few months for its brilliant marketing campaign named Will It Blend. In it, the company has fun blending everyday objects, from marbles, to brooms, to hockey pucks… and now, they’ve done the unthinkable and blended an iPhone.

Yeah, it blends. And damn if seeing that black cloud of freshly misted electronics spewing from the blender at the end of the video isn’t one of the most techno-eerie moments in marketing history. It’s also interesting to see how long the device keeps on playing before it gets shattered to dust.

Satisfying, to say the least.

VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Make Your Alcoholic Friends Feel Inadequate With The One Gallon Flask

orvis huge flask

By David Ponce

You’re the kind of guy that always has to stick it to someone; your neighbor gets a pool, you get three with two jacuzzis each. Never mind not needing that. Your best friend gets a BBQ, you go out and get this. You’re just that sort of competitive fellow.

So, it stands to reason that when one of your drinking buddies decides to get a liquor flask for some undercover boozin’, you’d want to one-up the fella. The Orvis Stainless Steel Huge Flask seems appropriate enough for this sort of situation. It’s made from stainless steel and holds up to one gallon of your beverage of choice. Sure, it kind of defeats the purpose of flasks in the first place, but you stand above such rational arguments: this mother is honkin’ big, and that’s all you care about.

Sticking it to your drinking buddy in this fashion will set you back $200.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

Warping Wallpaper For Those Trippy Nights

warped wallpaper from surrealien

By David Ponce

The wallpaper you see in the above picture is not an artist’s rendition of a hallucinogenic experience; it’s actual wallpaper from a German company called Surrealien. You send them a detailed technical plan of your room, including doorframes, hangings and outlets, and the company then sends you back specially designed wallpaper. The patterns wrap around objects in the room, giving your crib a unique look.

Wallpapering is placarding – why not react? Paper is sloppily slapped onto walls, disregarding the surface. Windows, doors and switches rip holes into patterns, disturbing their continuity. Our product dissolves limits between architecture, wallpaper and hangings, with the wallpaper functioning as sensitive gobetween. So it’s time to: warp your room!

Browsing the site reveals nothing of cost: it all depends on how complex you want it, and how much wall you got.

A bunch more pictures after the jump.

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