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Star Wars ‘Star Destroyer’ Ring is Probably Not For The Financially Responsible

How much do you love Star Wars, a lot? Enough to buy a $450 ring designed to look like a Star Destroyer? Because that’s what is offering to the biggest and least fiscally responsible Star Wars fans.

I have to say, the ring actually looks really great, and it’s available in combos of Sterling Silver/Cubic Zirconia all the way up to 14k White Gold/Diamonds.

You’d have to be a serious fan to want to spend this much on a piece of Star Wars jewelry though. Like, ‘I know all the words to the original trilogy’ serious. Or, ‘I only watch the movies on original VHS, because it doesn’t have any special effects added’ serious. Or even, ‘I’ve sent death threats to George Lucas over his handling of Jar-Jar Binks, and last year I was convicted of felony harassment, but had my sentence lessened because I cried like hell and told the judge I was super sorry’, serious.

Cool ring though.

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Spotify Will Soon Start Selling Makeup

It seems like Spotify is trying to make a little extra dough on the side, as they’re expanding their platform to offer a makeup selection that will be offered on artist Maggie Lindemann’s Spotify page.

Now, Spotify has been allowing artists to connect with their service called Merchbar in order to sell things like posters and band tees, but this is the first time Spotify has allowed an artist to expand beyond that.

What’s next? Is Lady Gaga going to start selling cuts of beef from her dresses, or maybe Taylor Swift is going to sell the posters of Kanye that she been using as dart boards? These are slippery slopes, my friends.

The collection will be available from November 17th, and prices will range from ~$21 for lipsticks to ~$125 for full face palettes.

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Of Course That’s A Thing: The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed

If you’ve ever wanted to smell the Devil’s Herb, but were afraid it would ruin your life, now you can buy a scratch and sniff book devoted to the scent of Mary Jane herself without worrying about going to jail forever. Of course, I’m sure that none of our readers have ever seen a Marijuana up close, but let me tell you it’s dangerous stuff.

The book itself contains 20 different scratch and sniff pads and details the history of Marijuana. Other than just being a book that smells like your uncle’s place, it also goes in-depth into the science of getting the munchies and why Marijuana seems to make music more enjoyable. It even describes different strains of the Chronic.

The book can be pre-ordered now for $18 and will release on 11/18. And just in time for the holiday’s, so it’d make a great gift for that cousin that always carries around that Visine, or your friend that always needs five bucks for Taco Bell.

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That’s No Moon: Disney’s Attempt To Hide The Millennium Falcon Fails


If you were driving down the M3 outside of London, you may have seen an array of shipping containers. Now, to most people that’s where the story would end as it’d be nearly impossible to get a look inside the array from the ground, but some geniuses decided to use Google Maps and discovered a poor attempt at trying to hide a Millennium Falcon.

It was first spotted in June, and while parts of Star Wars: The Last Jedi were filmed in London, there’s no clear reason why Disney was trying to hide the spaceship. Nonetheless, they completely failed. I mean how hard is it to get a tarp, or two?

The Last Jedi releases on December 15th, but you probably already knew that.

Mashable ]

Man Proposes to Girlfriend Using 25 iPhone Xs

You know what they say, the fastest way to a girl’s heart is through 25 iPhone Xs. At least that’s what Chen Ming must’ve heard as the video game developer based in China used 25 of Apple’s latest iPhone to propose to his girlfriend by arranging them into the shape of a heart.

To help with the proposal, Ming had several of his girlfriend’s friends bring her down unknowingly to the spot where he arranged the phones into a heart surrounded by rose petals, before getting down on one knee and popping the question, which she said yes.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cute story and all, but personally I think he’s crazy for wasting so much money for an outlandish display of love… I mean, clearly he should’ve used no more than 20 iPhone Xs.

UberGizmo ]

Hidden Valley Releasing A 5-Liter Keg of Their Ranch



Just in time for the holidays, you can get your hands on this 5-liter (that’s 1.3 gallons for real people) keg of Hidden Valley ranch. Yes, it is real, and yes it is a crime against God awesome.

Now, you might be thinking that if Hidden Valley was to make an abomination like a 5-liter keg of ranch dressing, they should’ve done so in early summer. You know, try and get in on that BBQ action. But I say there’s no better time to take out the ranch keg then when the oven dings and grandma’s sugar cookies are done. Pass the cookies and milk my way!

Now I know what you’re thinking and don’t worry, the Hidden Valley 5-liter mini keg is stackable and has a special coating to sure your ranch doesn’t taste like a metal keg.

It’s available now for $50. I know what I want for Christmas!

Hidden Valley ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

Learn To Duel Like A Jedi At This Lightsaber Academy

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to fight with a lightsaber you can now take a class that’ll teach you to fight like a real Jedi…if you’re in Singapore.

Each 60 minute class promises to show you the basics to becoming an apprentice Jedi. Now, 60 minutes may seem like a short amount amount of time to learn lightsaber techniques, but just look at Luke, he had almost no training but he saved the day, didn’t he? And Rey has literally no training at all. Basically I’m saying you could become a better Jedi than Rey by flying to Singapore and signing up for a single 60-minute session.

At the end of the class, you get to fight an opponent one-on-one and the winner gets to take the loser’s hand. Oh, and the lightsabers make awesome whooshing noises and light-up, so cool.

Each class costs $25. I suppose it’s more of a fun thing to do with a couple of friends if you’re in the area, but I’m pretty sure I can’t refund a plane ticket to Singapore, so I’ll see you losers when I’m a Jedi Master.

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This Ferris Wheel/Tube Ride Has To Be The Most Amazing Thing I’ve Seen All Week

This is the Slidewheel. Developed by a German company, it’s a strange theme park ride that has riders on a 4-person tube going through a long bending tube that rotates like a Ferris wheel. The way it works is that it rotates its maze-like structure to let gravity propel tube riders forward.

It can accommodate 720 riders in an hour, and reaches a top speed of 25 mph. Though the riders are constantly ‘stuck’ momentarily, as they wait for ride to rotate enough for them to proceed. But let’s be honest this looks like the coolest thing ever invented and will be worth the 7-hour wait in line.

It’s still undergoing tests in Europe, which might result in some delays as every inspector who sees the structure mutters ‘What the f–k’ under their breath before fainting.

Hit the jump for an animated x-ray video of the ride to see how it actually works.

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This Hunger Games Theme Park in Dubai Doesn’t Really Get The Irony

The Hall of Heroes (Not Pictured: All the dead kids who were forced to fight each other)

The Motiongate Dubai theme park, has recently debuted their newest addition, a Hunger Games themed section. The section features a “Capitol Bullet Train” rollercoaster, the Hall of Heroes, and the Panem Aerial Tour multimedia experience.

I think they don’t quite understand the irony in having Hunger Games themed attractions, as the franchise revolves around a dystopian future where only rich residents enjoy a high standard of living and nearly everyone else suffers from poverty and starvation. There’s also that little detail where they make kids fight to the death annually for their amusement.

Honestly, if they’re going all in with Hunger Games attractions, they could do a little better. How about park staff dressed like Panem Officers who confiscate the food you just bought, flash mobs that every hour, pretend to riot to protest the wealthy. Of course, the main attraction would be the Hunger Games Experience where kids between the ages of 12 to 17 fight in mock version of the actual games. The losers are kicked out of the park, no refunds, while the winners get a $5 gift card.

MotionGateDubai ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]