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Why Invest in Land When You Can Have Your Own UFO Crash Site Soil?


Well, of course it’s a little bit ‘out there’, but anyone who is a fan of anything and everything extraterrestrial must own something ‘out of this world’, right? So here’s a chance to buy a genuine, honest-to-God piece of the sky. This season, Amazon is going where no man has gone before, and providing buyers with the opportunity to own their own UFO crash site soil! The 1947 report of a UFO crashing in Corona, New Mexico, is apparently not entirely unsubstantiated. The Roswell Army Air Field press release at the time clearly stated that they believed they had found the “remains of a crashed flying disk.” No wonder the reddish soil comes with a certificate of authenticity from the seller, Image SI Inc. And at $12.95 a bag, the price isn’t that astronomical either. Get it on Amazon!


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Glow In the Dark Toilet Paper Can Save You From Inconvenience During Outages

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

A trip to the rest room during a power outage or a late-night venture is one of the most irritating things considering the fact that you’re half asleep, and turning on the light may be one of the most difficult thing to do. Under such circumstances, this toilet paper roll will illuminate itself, providing users with light in the middle of darkness, and assists you in finding the toilet without turning on the light as well as one of the most important things in the toilet — the Toilet Paper. It’s not just a life saver in a situation like this, it can come to your rescue on many occasions, such as, a camping trip in the middle of the jungle where you can’t find a restroom or when you’re surrounded by total darkness. The product costs $10, and may not be the most affordable product for many of us.

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World’s Most Awesome Trash Can Catches Your Crap No Matter Where You Throw It

It’s annoying how some people don’t really both to pick up after themselves. It’s even more annoying if you actually happen to live with them. But something that could making your current living arrangements a bit more bearable is this robotic trash can hacked together by some fine Japanese folks. It might look pretty ordinary, but hook it up and you’ll soon figure out why this is the perfect trash can for lazy slobs (and for people with bad aim.)

The trash can is actually equipped with wheels that are controlled wirelessly through a Kinect-based program, which detects the path of thrown objects to direct the trash can to the object’s projected landing spot.

Check out the video below to see how it was put together. But if you’re just eager to see how it works, then skip on over to 2:24.

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Augmented Reality Cosmetic Mirror

digital-cosmetic-mirror By Gaurav Kheterpal

The Beauty and Cosmetics Industry is going through a serious transformation and Shiseido is amongst the leading companies driving this change to make you look better. Shiseido has just launched a Digital Cosmetic Mirror which allows you to test your make-up without even having to pick up a Mascara brush. The in-built camera in Digital Cosmetic Mirror scans your face and gives you tailored recommendations. Choose your make-up options from the list of recommendations and see the results they’ll have on the screen.

Virtual Make up is easy and more importantly, it’s quick!

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Armatix Gun: Watch That Trigger


By Gaurav Kheterpal

When you have a gun in your hand, people often advice you – ‘Watch that Trigger’. Armatix decided to take that advice literally and came up with a watch that controls your gun. Wearing a stylish wrist watch is trendy (except this watch is fugly) and owning a gun has its own aura – so if the two can be combined, it offers you the best of both worlds.

The gun won’t work and a red LED will light up if the watch isn’t in close proximity of the gun. The way this unusual combination works is through the watch sending a wireless arming signal to the gun. If the gun picks up the signal, it gets armed and a green LED lights up. Priced at nearly 7,000 Euros, this is quite an expensive affair.

I’m wondering what happens if your watch battery dies out and you need the gun?

Armatix ] VIA [ Wired ]

D&D Gets Nerdy(er)

By John Beck

I usually consider myself to be a bit of a tech head, but now and again something comes along which makes me realise how low I really rate on the universal scale of geekery.

The latest blow to my sense of nerdy self worth is SurfaceScapes, a project dreamt up by students at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Centre, which aims to create a proof-of-concept for playing tabletop role-playing games on Microsoft’s Surface Table.

Basically, this provides players with a digital environment, which they can interact with using real objects (such as painstakingly detailed miniatures), and also provides automated calculations and visual and audio feedback for actions performed by characters in the game. If that takes your fancy, then watch the video and allow the nasal voiceover to explain things far better than I ever could.

So far, only Dungeons and Dragons is up and running on the prototype system, but fortunately for those whose proverbial boat is not floated by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson’s magnum opus, the team say it could be expanded to other games in the future.

[ SurfaceScapes ]

Hotelicopter is Perfect for Joining the Less than a Mile High Club


by Shane McGlaun

I have stayed in my share of storage hotels over the years. There was one we stayed in during a family vacation when I was young that had more roaches than a Grateful Dead concert. I have also stayed in my share of swanky places that cost more than I care to think about. We have seen our share of long haul airliners outfitted with beds and other features for those long flights from the US to Europe.

A new aircraft called the Hotelicopter has been announced that will offer 18 passengers a travel experience similar to a cruise liner in the air. The Hotelicopter is a massive Mil V-12 prototype helicopter that was built in 1968 in Russia. The aircraft has been updated and augmented with an additional floor and enhancements for efficiency.

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Forget Air Guitar, Play Air Piano

By Jonathan Kimak

Omer Yosha has created a pretty cool instrument. The Air Piano is an electronic piano of sorts that lets you play notes without touching any keys. It uses infrared technology to detect movement and plays a music note based on where the movement came from. If you leave your hand hovering over a spot the Air Piano will sustain the note. It also appears that you can change octaves by raising or lowering your hand over one of the sensors. It seems that infrared technology has come a long way from the days of the Sega Activator (#5).

Each sensor has a set of MIDI commands that create the music. So when this comes out (it’s still in the prototype phase) you might be able to customize each sensor for different notes and sounds.

The video (after the jump) shows the Air Piano in action. Of course to play a 3-note chord you will have to grow another arm or have a good friend that likes to get close. What I’d like to see is some group (I’m thinking Blue Man Group) with at least 3 of these doing a collaborative effort to create full songs with a wave of their hands.

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Better Than A Heated Swimming Pool In Your Backyard

By Jonathan Kimak

You may be tired of waiting in extremely long lines for rides like Disney’s new Toy Story Mania. The long waits are especially annoying when the ride itself lasts only a minute. Well, if you have some spare time and a shed full of scrap metal you can do what John Ivers did and build a fully functioning roller coaster in your backyard.

The ride is called Blue Flash and has 180 feet of track and a 360 degree loop. The ride is longer than the wait and you can pretty much go again and again until one of your relatives jumps on it while you are re-experiencing your lunch and hurling it into the trash bin.

VIA [ Offbeat earth ]

Video of the awesome ride after the jump.

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