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World’s First Bacon-Powered Diesel Motorcycle Preparing For Cross Country Trip

Hormel Black Label Bacon Motorcycle

Bacon Week 2014 – International Bacon Film Festival 2014 is just a couple of weeks away and everyone will be looking forward to the “Driven by Bacon” documentary. This documentary is about a diesel motorcycle that runs on bacon grease fuel. Austin-based Hormel came up with the idea of powering a motorcycle dubbed Hormel Black Label Bacon Motorcycle that runs on B-100 bio-diesel which is converted from bacon waste into bio-diesel by bio-Blend Fuels in Winsconsin. The bike fuel costs just $3.50 a gallon and makes the motorcycle run 75-100 miles per gallon. Now, that is quite impressive since the demand for bio-fuel is paramount.
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Bric+ Case for iPhone 5 / 5S Aims to Provide Users with 2.5X Extended Battery Time

bric+ case

Those of you who’re not happy with the battery time of your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S should give Bric+ Case a look, which is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The case is manufactured by Sudong Cho and Bricwave and aims to provide an extended battery life, almost 2.5 times more than the original battery, thanks to the Li-ion built into the protective case. According to the company, the case can provide up to 25 hours of talk time compared to 10 hours on the original iPhone 5. Additionally, the case also comes with a Lens at the back, giving users 3.5 times optical zoom to help you improve your photography capabilities. The project is currently on Kickstarter with a $65000 funding goal, before they can start production of the case. If you think this is a good idea, head over to Kickstarter and make the pledge.

[Kickstarter] via [Geeky Gadgets]

Asus U3S6 USB 3.0 / SATA 6 Hybrid Card. Verdict: A Killer Upgrade

By Ian Chiu

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a brand new motherboard with integrated USB 3.0 ports; yet, many want to take advantage of the theoretical tenfold increase in speed the new copper interface has to offer.  For this burgeoning market many manufacturers have started to offer small add-on cards which can upgrade an existing rig to USB 3.0.

Sadly, not all of these add-on cards are created equal as there seems to be two separate and distinct types: PCI Express x1 and PCI Express x4. The latter seem to be the better choice if the ASUS U3S6 is any indication.  This particular board packs in not only two USB 3.0 ports, but also a pair of SATA 6GB/s ports.  It’s a killer combination with one caveat – the U3S6 isn’t an optimal solution unless your existing motherboard is on the extremely short ASUS approved motherboard list. If you disable the SATA 6, the USB 3.0 ports will most definitely work, and you can expect speed up to 245MB/s with a USB 3.0 SSD. For under $30, it’s a price that is hard to beat.

[Full Review @ Everything USB]

Smart Meters Coming Sooner Than You Might Expect


By Gilberto J Perera

This guest post was written by Gilberto who is the main article contributor for, where you can find the latest laptop reviews.

How would you like to set your thermostat at home while you’re at the office? Wouldn’t it be nice if you forgot to turn off your water heater for a two week vacation and you were able to log on to an online portal and turn it off? How about using an energy management system for your home that charges when electricity is the cheapest and avoids the peaks where electric costs are higher? These are all scenarios that will be possible in the next 5-10 years as utilities move towards Smart Grids. The days of a mechanical meter and a visit from a meter reader are slowly approaching to an end.

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Wallet Flash Drive Makes Keeping Storage on You Easy


By Shane McGlaun

I used to try to carry a flash drive with me when I had a real job and actually left the house on occasion. More often than not, I left it at home because I forgot to pick it up and put it in my pocket. I tried a small flash drive that could fit in my wallet once, but it was too thick and made sitting uncomfortable.

A company called TopTech Products has announced a new flash drive that is shaped like a credit card and appears thin enough to not be a pain in the rear when sitting. The drive measures 3.4-inches x 2.1-inches x 0.11-inches.

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Shuttle Drops X50 All-in-one Barebone PC


By Shane McGlaun

I like all-in-one computers, the compact designs that put everything inside the LCD of the PC make for less clutter on your desk. The only downside to an all-in-one is that they typically offer less power than a traditional desktop PC. Shuttle has an all-in-one PC called the X50 that it debuted a while back.

Shuttle has now debuted the X50 barebones PC that the buyer adds their own storage, RAM, and OS to. The machine comes with an Intel Atom 330 dual-core CPU tucked inside the 15.6-inch touchscreen chassis. Other features include a 1.3-megapixel webcam, memory card reader, gigabit LAN, stereo speakers, and a mic.

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Samsung Announces an Expensive Video Conferencing LCD


By Shane McGlaun

Before the global economy went into the crapper, many businesses held quarterly or more frequent meetings to talk strategy and other items. Many firms flew employees in from all around the country to attend these meetings. With the poor economy today, flying people in has become too expensive and many businesses are going to hd video conferencing instead.

Samsung has announced a new video conferencing LCD called the VC240 that integrates all of the components needed for HD desktop video conferencing into a 24-inch LCD that works as a computer monitor as well.

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Meade ETX-LS automated Telescope Ships


By Shane McGlaun

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid right until the point where I found out that you really needed to be in the military for a shot. The thought of getting ordered around was more than my 8-year-old brain could take so I settled for a telescope.

My old telescope was just about impossible to use. Meade has a new scope that will turn anyone into an astronomy buff called the ETX-LS. The telescope is fully automated and will set itself using GPS and other technologies and take users on a tour of the night sky.

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Loop Pointer Now Available


By Shane McGlaun

I used to have a HTPC system in my entertainment center, but it kept overheating thanks to low airflow inside the cabinet. The big issues with a HTPC are getting a keyboard and a mouse that work easily with the system. The keyboard isn’t that hard, but finding a mouse that can work while you sit on the couch can be a pain.

If you have a PC in your living room Hillcrest Labs has announced that its Loop pointer is now available on and directly from its website. The pointer looks like a bracelet from the 80’s but it is a full mouse that works in the air and needs no surface.

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