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Top 19 Tips To Get The Most From Your Nokia N91

By David Ponce

A few weeks ago, I posted my review for the Nokia N91, a music playing smartphone with a 4GB hard drive. I had concluded that as a music player, the N91 worked great, but as a smartphone, it fell a few steps short of perfection due to a few software issues. It was still fundamentally a good phone, but a little rough around the edges: with 4GBs to handle, some of the applications and features that worked flawlessly on models with smaller memory were choking a little on all those bytes.

Well, some time has passed, and things are looking a lot better. For one, there’s been a firmware upgrade (which I’ve installed) and I’m happy to report that things are running much more smoothly… though not completely flawlessly. I’d have to upgrade my smartphone rating to 8.5/10, up from a 7. And, there’s been lots of discussion here and there about ways of making the most out of the device. So, after the jump, I present to you a rather exhaustive list of tips that should allow you to squeeze all the juice out of the N91. If you’ve dropped the cash on this phone, it might be worth it to take a look or two.

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OhGizmo Review – Vaja Nokia E61 Leather Case

Vaja Nokia E61 Leather Case (Image courtesy Vaja)By Andrew Liszewski

Having an unhealthy addiction to gadgets and gizmos requires you to try and stay on the bleeding edge of technology as much as possible. One of the areas I follow with particular interest is mobile phones but unfortunately living in North America means that getting my hands on truly cutting-edge handsets requires me to import them.

Fortunately that part of the equation is easy these days with plenty of online retailers selling unlocked phones from overseas. No, the hard part to owning a phone that technically doesn’t exist under any carrier on your continent is the lack of accessories for it. I’ve been enjoying my latest phone, the Nokia E61 for a few months now (you can see my first look at the phone here) and during that time I’ve pretty much had to live without a proper case. Sure the iPaq sleeve I’ve been using works well enough but I prefer to have something designed for this specific phone.

Well one of the first cases made available for the E61 and definitely one of the nicest is from Vaja. If you’ve been living your life under a technology-free rock and only started reading tech blogs today then you’ll be unaware that Vaja has been making high-quality, hand-made leather cases for phones, MP3 players, PDAs and even laptops for as long as I can remember.

Now for those who don’t feel like a lot of reading Vaja has managed to create a case that thoroughly protects the E61 but at the same time adds hardly any weight or bulk to it. The high-quality leather and precision stitching used by Vaja results in a case that looks extremely professional and gives the impression it’s not about to fall apart with daily use. Of course some might feel the $60 price tag is a bit much for a case but with Vaja you really get what you pay for.

For an in-depth look at the Vaja E61 case (Note: Requires more reading) please check out my full review with additional pics after the jump…

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OhGizmo Review: The Nokia N91

nokia n91

By David Ponce

Back when the Nokia N91 was first announced, there weren’t too many musicphones with an integrated 4GB hard drive around. At the time, it promised to do right everything that Motorola’s ROKR had done wrong, and some serious amounts of drool dripped from mouths everywhere. No crappy 100 song limit, hell: the N91 promised you the ability to store up to 3,000! To make things even sweeter, it would come with Bluetooth, a 2MP camera and best of all, WiFi.

And even though the long wait between announcement and rollout certainly has dampened some of the excitement, Nokia has managed to execute on all its promises. As a musicphone, the performance is stellar. It’s clear that the N91 was designed as a music device first, and as a smartphone second. Unfortunately, that’s precisely where its relatively few weaknesses lie.

For a full review, come right in. Please bear with my pictures: I’m a horrible photographer, armed with a horrible camera. I’ve included some of mine, along with some professional ones. You’ll know which ones are which.

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OhGizmo Review – Tom Bihn Imago Yin

Tom Bihn Imago Yin (Image courtesy Tom Bihn)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve been using the same messenger bag for about three years now mostly because I’ve found nothing better to replace it and because the bag itself was a bit of an investment. A few weeks ago when Tom Bihn sent me their Empire Builder laptop bag to review they also sent along one of their newest bags for me to look at called the Imago.

The quickest review I can give of the Imago is that it has slowly and steadily begun to replace my old messenger bag for day to day use. The Imago’s biggest advantage (which also happens to be its biggest drawback) is that the bag is extremely light and convenient to carry. However this lightweight design is a result of the bag lacking any kind of padding or reinforcement so any electronics you pack inside would probably benefit from the extra protection of their own cases. But that being said I still highly recommend the Imago. It’s a great little shoulder bag with a clean, trendy design and a large collection of pockets placed exactly where you need them to be.

Read my full review with more pics after the jump?

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Franklin Wireless USB EVDO Card

franklin wireless usb evdo card

By David Ponce

The guys at MobilityToday got their hands on a Franklin Wireless USB EVDO modem. This is good for all the folks who go about bitching about their laptop’s, or UMPC’s lack of a PCMCIA drive. Simply connect this fugly card to your portable PC of choice (or, well, even a desktop I imagine) via USB, and using Sprint’s Power Vision Network, you’ll be surfing the web in no time.

The reviewers note that the card is able to get very good speeds: up to 525kpbs downstream on a given file. Visit the site for a bunch more pictures.

[MobilityToday Review] and [Franklin Wireless Press Release]

OhGizmo Review – WaterField Designs SleeveCase

WaterField Designs SleeveCase (Image courtesy Waterfield Designs)By Andrew Liszewski

A few years ago I was in the market for a new messenger bag and I knew I wanted something that would last me for a while. Since I also knew I wouldn’t find what I was looking for around where I live I started an epic online hunt to see what was available and what would suit my needs.

I ended up stumbling across the WaterField Designs website after reading a couple of reviews and like a lot of people the first thing that caught my eye about their bags was the use of an actual aluminum aircraft seat buckle to hold the front flap closed. I thought it was a really unique design element so I bought one of their bags and have been using it almost daily for a few years now.

Well WaterField Designs is also known for their great laptop bags (and a wide assortment of other cases and bags for your electronic gear) and today I’ll be reviewing their laptop SleeveCase.

The quick review is that the SleeveCase is a lightweight, streamlined solution for carrying your laptop that will keep it more than well-protected from loads of abuse. It’s available in a large variety of sizes which ensures a safe, snug fit for your laptop without adding a lot of extra weight and bulk to the whole thing. The SleeveCase is also quite versatile and can be used as a standalone laptop bag, in conjunction with one of the larger WaterField bags, or with any other bag of your choosing. If you want more than ample protection for your hardware while avoiding something that’s large and cumbersome then I highly recommend taking a look at the SleeveCase.

Read my full review with additional pics after the jump…

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OhGizmo Review: Tom Bihn Empire Builder With Brain Cell & Soft Cell

Tom Bihn Empire Builder (Image courtesy Tom Bihn)By Andrew Liszewski

My affinitiy towards computers, gadgets, gizmos and generally anything else electronic is well-known and as a result I am regularly asked by friends for my opinion on a specific product or brand that I would recommend. When it comes to giving advice on laptop bags and cases the Tom Bihn website is always one of the first places I send people.

For a few years I survived solely with the use of a laptop at home so I can understand the importance of wanting to protect the device that for some people stores their entire life and for others can be an integral source of their income. (Bloggers etc.)

In this review I’ll be taking a look at Tom Bihn’s Empire Builder coupled with a Brain Cell & Soft Cell. For those seeking a Reader’s Digest-esque condensed version of my review the Empire Builder is probably one of the best, if not the best solution for those seeking a more professional looking means to haul around their laptop and assorted gear. While courier bags have become increasingly popular they’re not always suitable for all work environments and more often than not do not protect a laptop as well as some people would like. Tom Bihn’s Empire Builder is an extremely well constructed bag and it’s obvious the company put a lot of thought into its design. When coupled with one of the company’s Brain Cells or Soft Cells I simply do not know of a better way to safely transport a laptop short of renting a tank or other heavily armored vehicle.

Read my full review with more pics after the jump…

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OhGizmo Review: Wicked Lasers’ Spyder Series

wicked laser spyder review picture

By David Ponce

[Let me start by letting you know that Wicked Lasers is a sponsor of this site. I have gone out of my way, however, to be impartial in this review, and have included a video for your enjoyment/amusement/ridiculing-of-the-author.]

Let me be quite clear: the Spyder is about as scary, as potentially dangerous, as insane a laser as your money will probably ever be able to purchase you. You’ll never be able to get as many stares, finger points, old-lady yelps and crying children as you will when you wield it and it will be hard resisting the temptation of getting yourself in heaps of trouble by pointing it in all the wrong places.

The company claims it is shock proof, water proof up to 5 meters, with a 100% continuous duty cycle and a 90 mile range. They claim that “The Spyder Series? are the most powerful green lasers in the known universe”, and after playing with this beast for a few weeks, I have few doubts about the truth of that statement.

Come inside for all the details.

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OhGizmo Review: Gelaskins (Updated)

By Bruce Eaton

When it comes to my babies (a 4gig black iPod Nano, and my wife?s 30gig black iPod Video) protection is needed. Well, help came not from a new company, but one with a new design: Gelaskins. Combining 3M adhesive and vinyl technology with what has to be the coolest designs around, Gelaskins offers up a big spoonful of style and for not a lot of the green stuff.

But with a cheap price tag of $15 per skin come a few shortcomings, such as lack of full coverage; I was left a little wanting. More after the jump and lots of pretty photos, and by pretty I mean obviously taken on my own.

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