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Fisher Price’s MP3 Player For Infants

fisher price mp3 player

By David Ponce

Hook’em young, and hook’em good! Stick them kids on an MP3 player at three, and they’ll be yours for life. That’s Fisher Price’s plan at least, if you ask me. See, they’re coming out with the a digital music player aimed at, you guessed it, practically prelingual infants. The name iTod’s being tossed around, but that might be a little risky, legally. A brand extension in the Kidtronics line seems more sensible.

In any case, the set comes with volume controlled headphones and parents (or really smart infants) can download songs from an iTunes-like subscription service (see where this is going?). Since the child is not expected to be able to read, the screen will also display icons alongside the song name, like a star for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Fisher Price is not the first company to release an MP3 player for young kids. That distinction goes to the Bratz dolls, who released one aimed at six year-olds. But with a growing ?343 million children’s electronics market (in the UK alone) at stake, six year-olds are just… too old.

Expect this on shelves this summer, at least in the UK, where it will sell for ?45. Can’t see why it wouldn’t make its way over the pond quick enough, though.

[The iTod] VIA [TechEBlog]

The LYRA X3000

lyra x3000
By Tanya Palta

We somehow missed this at CES, but it’s never too late, so check out the LYRA X3000. This Personal Multimedia Recorder not only acts like a handheld TV, but also packs some PVR features, storing up to 40 feature length movies, on a 20GB hard drive.

It stores your shows in MPEG4 format, and sports a 3.6-inch TFT ultra-bright color LCD screen with 320 x 240 resolution. Now you can be couch potatoes… on the go!

The LYRA X3000 by RCA became available in January with a suggested retail price of $399. Bunch more specs after the jump.

[Thomson] VIA [GizmoNews]

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TakaraTomy Multimedia Player

Takara TOMY Nano Channel (Image courtesy Digital World Tokyo)By Andrew Liszewski

To me the name TOMY (at least as we know it in North America) is forever connected to children’s toys. After a recent merger they’re now known as TakaraTomy and they’ve just announced a new Personal Media Player that seems to be carrying on the tradition of products designed for children, at least in terms of size.

The TDG-101, also apparently known as the Nano Channel is a diminutive Media Player that still packs an impressive list of features. Weighing in at 28g, the player is only 8mm thick and includes a 1.2 inch TFT display. It can handle MPEG 1 & 2, Quicktime, ASF, WMV and on the audio side, MP3 and WMA. Unfortunately though the battery life for audio playback is only about 6 hours, which doesn’t bode well for video playback times.

The Nano Channel should be available in the summer in various storage sizes up to 1gb for roughly $150. (After conversion.)

VIA [TechEBlog]

The MobiBLU DAH-1900 player- Offers 150 Hrs Of Playback

By Tanya Palta

Don?t you hate it when your mp3 player shows an empty charge right when you?re in the mood to groove? The MobiBLU DAH-1900 promises to release one from the shackles of empty batteries and constant charging as it sports a whopping 150 hour battery life. The DAH-1900 is not too bad on the eyes either and has a cool black finish with a yellow and blue OLED display. However, not everything is hunky dory and it only goes up to 2GB.

Other features include FM radio, FM recorder, Direct Decoding and Voice Recording and supports formats like WMA files with DRM (which means you can use it with all those square music subscription services). So, if you dig the retro look and feel constant charging is pass?, the DAH-1900 may just be perfect for you. It is now shipping and sports a price tag of 150 ?

[MobiBLU DAH-1900] VIA [The Gadget Blog]


By Bruce Eaton

One Robert Balmer has created the Wikipedia for iPod that makes the hugely popular information site mobile. No longer will you be stumped when you hear about say, about the Biafra Wars or when some uses the term chthonic.

Downloadable in a 800MB block, this software at the moment works with 3rd and 4th generations, the iPod Photo and the iPod Mini. Currently all 5G iPods work about as well as the Shuffle. The best part is this software is gratis. So smart it up and stay edumacated.

[Wiki for iPod] VIA [BoingBoing]

The uLink iPond Nano Adapter/Downgrader

ulink for ipod nanoBy David Ponce

If you never warmed up to the idea of having to repurchase a whole slew of iPod accessories now that they’ve been rendered useless on the nano, perhaps there’s some hope. The uLink iPod nano adapter is a “downgrader” of sorts. I call it a that simply because it gives older generation accessorial compatibilities to the nano by plugging in to the dock connector and making it look like the top of the older iPods.

At ?10, it’s not a whole bunch of dough to spend to be able to keep and use all those accessories you already bought.

[uLink iPod nano Adapter] VIA [TechDigest]

MAX Media Player for Nintendo DS

MAX Media PlayerBy Jennifer Chappell

As if the Nintendo DS wasn’t cool enough as a gaming system, now Datel’s MAX Media Player can turn the DS into a snazzy, powerful home entertainment device, with movie playback, music on the move and a convenient picture viewer!

The Max Media Player comes with a 4GB hard drive unit that you plug into your DS?s GBA cartridge slot, cartridge for your DS?s game slot, USB cable, and the Media Manager PC application. After you insert the cartridge into your DS?s game slot and boot up the fully featured browser, you’re ready to play your MP3 audio tracks, watch videos and view your JPEGs on your DS?s screen. You’ll even be able to use the browser to activate executable programs.

The MAX Media Player for DS will be out in late March for $225.

via Code Junkies

Watch Those Crashes Up Close


by Jake Finkelstein

Now that I’ve been living in the south for the last few years (recovering Yankee) I?ve discovered two things that you should never openly question: college basketball and NASCAR. And since I can never seem to quite grasp the fascination of watching cars drive around quickly in circles… much less in person? I find this Kangaroo device to be equally bizarre. But if NASCAR is your thing, this handheld device should warm your grease monkey heart.

The ?NASCAR Nextel Fan View? is a handheld device that operates on the 2.5Ghz frequency to give you an up close and personal view of all of the action. Offering up to seven in-car camera channels, race radio broadcasts, audio from the pit and driver, live scoring and replays, the device makes it easy to track your favorite cars and see that crash like you were in the car.

NASCAR/Nextel is offering this up for $50 per day or $70 for the weekend ? so definitely not for the light of heart (or wallet).

[Kangaroo] VIA [GadgetReview] and [MobileMag]

Will the Real iPod Video Please Stand Up?

i wish i was the video ipod
By Jake Finkelstein

File this under “PSP/UMD killer.” is reporting that Apple has plans to release a true video iPod featuring a 3.5 inch diagonal display as early as April. Getting rid of the now classic click wheel for a touch screen with a disappearing/reappearing “digital” wheel, sources indicate that the 6G iPod will not feature wireless connectivity nor make your credit card debt any less severe.

Read all about it here.
Photo care of Peter Van Dijck