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Zune And iPod Side by Side

zune ipod side by side

By David Ponce

Since the whole point of the article I’m linking to at the bottom is to show you pictures, I’m not going to steal the guy’s thunder and copy all his images to put right here on OhGizmo. Instead, if you’re interested in knowing just how the Zune looks when performing unspeakable sexual acts with an 80gig iPod, follow the link love.

Of note is how large the Zune’s screen is, and how, despite being a little longer and a little thicker than it’s Apple counterpart, the Zune is still weighs considerably less than the iPod.

[Zune and iPod Side by Side]

Microsoft’s Zune’s Social Networking Abilities

microsoft zuneBy David Ponce

We recently discovered that a fair amount of you use us as a primary source for gadget news. Who’d-a thunk? So, we’d be really sad if you didn’t end up finding out about Microsoft’s Zune. It’s the company’s attempt at emasculating the pretty boy iPod, and to be quite honest, there’s actually a chance in hell (a little one) that they manage. You can browse around for specs, but the basics are a 30GB drive, QVGA screen, FM tuner and WiFi. Pictures, music (duh) and video. Of course, there’s more, like the Zune marketplace (similar to iTunes music store), but we feel that the player’s real advantage is in Zune-to-Zune sharing.

Just by coming into range of one of your friend’s Zunes, you’ll be able to wirelessly share any song with them. They can listen to the track three times, or keep it for three days, whichever comes first. If they like it, they can flag it for later purchase; kind of like a try-before-you-buy deal. It’s smart business, but there’s more to it than selling songs. Just like that, Microsoft may have created a revolution. Why? The MySpace generation loooves putting themselves out there, and telling the world just what they like. So, it’s not inconceivable for hordes of Zune totin’ emos kids from going around, broadcasting their playlists for all to hear, and turning the device into more than just a music player… something that MS is hoping for.

This could work, after all. Don’t you think?

[Read The Press Release]

The IPS-11G Could Give iPods Karaoke Abilities, Drive You Insane

ips-11gBy David Ponce

We don’t condone praying; it hurts the knees and rarely yields measurable results that can’t otherwise be attributed to luck or misfortune. That said, when we read about the IPS-11G, we started praying, and as of this writing, we still are. We are praying that no one within a 100 mile radius of us gets their hands on it. See, the little device has the ability to turn your everyday iPod into a karaoke machine. Simply load some MCG-MP3 karaoke format files into the player, and connect it to the IPS-11G. It’ll then read the files and display them on your TV, for everyone’s auditory torture enjoyment. Other than this particularly sadistic feature, the device can also be used as a bridge between the player and your entertainment center; the iPod’s menus can be accessed through your TV using a remote control, allowing to enjoy your music and videos (hopefully minus your wail-y voiceover) on large screen and large speakers.

The price for this potentially evil device is $230 and even comes with a microphone.

[The IPS-11G] VIA [Gizmologia]

Egokast Makes A Video Beltbuckle

egokast belt buckle

By David Ponce

It was only a matter of time until the LED belt buckles evolved to become full-fledged video playing belt buckles. And, it looks like Egokast was the first to get there. The company sells a belt buckle that happens to sport a video player with a 320 by 240 3.5 inch LCD screen. The player is detachable and can thus be used as a standalone video and music player, playing AVIs, MPEG4s and MP3s. The data is stored on SD media, with a 512MB card included in the package. Battery life is claimed a 4+ hours at full brightness, which is ample time for you to get the crap kicked out of you at whichever party you choose to show this thing off.

In case you’re a little uninspired as to what video is cool enough to display on your belt, Egokast has thought of you. Along with your purchase comes a DVD full of “fragments” which you’re free to loop on the device; spinning words and swirly psychedelic graphics galore, which are sure to convince partygoers that you are indeed the coolest person there. You’re even given 6 months of free weekly fragment downloads, so your flava doesn’t get stale.

Price? $290, payable through Paypal.

[Egokast] VIA [SciFi Tech]

GP2X Opens Up A World Of Retro Gaming


By David Ponce

The PR folk at GPX2, from Gamepark Holdings, must be doing a fine job, because the interweb is ablaze with news of the gaming console. Which is somewhat strange, given that we’ve known about it for about a year.

Still, for those of you in the dark, the GPX2 is a lovely handheld gaming device that tries to stand out by being as open, and compatible as possible. This means that under the hood, you’ve got a version of the open-source Linux running, and you’re able to watch DivX movies, play music, read eBooks, but most importantly, you’ve got access to the world of Retro Game Emulation.

Yes, that’s right. With this $170 console, you can play hundreds of emulated games, widely available online. The possibilities are really endless, and there’s nothing quite so engaging as a video to convey the device’s potential. So come on in, and check out the open-source goodness.

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iRiver E10 6GB Reviewed. Verdict: MP3 Player For The Couch Potato?

By Ian Chiu

It has become increasingly difficult for MP3 manufacturers to impress reviewers, unless they’re part of Apple’s very loyal fan base. iRiver, however, manages to give us a few more surprises this time.

Meet E10, less than a year old from South Korea. Born of iRiver components, it loves to charm users with its flash interface and soothing music. In its spare time, the E10 enjoys listening to the radio, taking dictations, reading, playing games, watching movies, and changing channels on the TV.

For a full review from Everything USB, follow the link love.

[iRiver E10 6GB review]

The iDea, An All-In-One Docking Station

iDea wireless home dock

By David Ponce

The iDea Wireless Home Dock for the iPod and PSP actually sounds like a product I’d like to own. It allows you to dock, simultaneously, any iPod, and your PSP, and an MP3 player and a Sony Walkman phone. Not only will you be able to charge your devices all at once, but you can also broadcast your multimedia throughout your home easily.

See, along with the dock, you can purchase optional wireless receivers. So, if you wanna watch what’s on the video iPod on the TV, you can. You want to listen to your music on your home stereo? No prob. Bought some UMD and you’d like to see it on a bigger screen? Ditto.

Hell, you get the idea. There’s so many features, I don’t have room to list them all, so make sure to give that site a look.

Problem is, can’t find a way to buy it, let alone how much it is. Anyone?

[Product Page] VIA [Gizmologia]

Two New TuneBuckles

tunebuckleBy David Ponce

Remember the Tunebuckle? It was a beltbuckle made for the iPod nano… Well, now the company’s come out with two new versions. One’s called the Full Moon, and as the name implies, it gives access to the nano’s clickwheel. The other’s called the Full Metal Jacket, and pretty much covers the player altogether.

Fits waist sizes 26 inches to 50 inches and costs either $70 (for the Full Moon) or $80 (for the Full Metal Jacket).

[TuneBuckle] VIA [GadgetBuzz]

Giant Nintendo DS TV Tuner

nintendo ds tv tuner

By David Ponce

If you absolutely, positively must watch TV on your Nintendo DS, then perhaps this mammoth of an accessory might be the thing for you. It’s a TV tuner for not only the DS, but the Gameboy Advance and Advance SP, and it’s coming out in the Land of the Rising Sun on April 29th for an unspecified number of yen.

The included A/V cables also allow you to use these devices to watch DVDs, or even play another console (xbox, PSwhatever, etc.) through the handheld’s screens. Why you wouldn’t just buy a small portable TV however, is beyond me.

No word on price just yet.

[Nintendo DS TV Tuner] VIA [TechEBlog]