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Charmmy Kitty Digital Music Player

charmmy kitty player

By David Ponce

If you’re not a total Hello Kitty freak, two things will happen to you. First, you’ll rot in Hell. Then, you’re likely not to know that Hello Kitty… has a pet cat named Charmmy. Yeah, it’s kind of creepy. But that’s not the point. What’s important here is that KFE Japan just announced the F1500, a Charmmy themed digital audio player. The features suck, with 6 hours battery life and only 512MB of storage, but again, that’s not the point.

This is Hello Kitty’s pet cat music player. How cool is that?

[KFE Japan] VIA [Engadget]

The iGroove Panties Confuse Us


By David Ponce

We’re not too certain about the practical use of the iGroove panty for the iPod nano. I mean, what’s supposed to happen here? Ladies, would you buy this for yourselves? I mean, would you actually wear your nano tucked into your G-String? Or, as the website suggests “Perfect for those of us who love to lounge around in sexy undies all day AND have our music!”


Or, if the guy buys this as a present for his lady, fully expecting to see her wearing it before performing their marital constitutional… then, what? The girl is going to, um, listen to some tunes while she gets undressed and in the mood? What’s the deal here?

To be honest, we posted about this only because we dig the picture. And, it’s $13, the item’s out of stock, and they expect the backorder to be filled by September.

[The iGroove Panty NSFW] VIA [Gizmologia]

Mini iPod Shuffle Clone

SunConnection SC-MP001W (Images courtesy MobileWhack)By Andrew Liszewski

It’s been at least a couple of years since the iPod Shuffle was released to the masses and it makes sense that by this time even the technology in Apple’s tiniest MP3 player can be reduced to an even smaller form factor.

But while Apple seems to have given up further development on the Shuffle it seems that there are plenty of other companies willing to make clones that have improved on their design. The SC-MP001W MP3 player from SunConnection of Japan uses SD or MMC memory cards for storage making it infinitely upgradeable and also has a built-in USB 2.0 connection so you don’t need a seperate card reader to transfer music. Its rechargeable battery is supposed to last up to 8 hours which is really not that long but given the size of the player the battery itself can’t be that large to begin with.

The SC-MP001W will be only available in white when it hits Japanese stores and will cost about $26.

[SunConnection SC-MP001W] VIA [MobileWhack]

Sega’s Mu-Bot, An MP3 Accessory That Just Looks Cute


By David Ponce

What Sega’s Mu-Bot lacks in actual usefulness, it makes up in cuteness. Developed in conjunction with Avex Entertainment, the Mu-Bot is a simple iPod (or any other music player, though the white is a clear sign of the intended market) accessory whose arms are the earphones. When not in use, they can be reeled inside the body.

Presumably, the Mu-Bot-to-iPod connection comes out this little fella’s bum, so um, I ain’t getting one. Nor are you, unless you live in Japan, have $21 (after conversion) to spare and are into “kawaii“. They come out in December in various colors.

[Press Release (in PDF)] VIA [Xataka]

The I-Deck, A Conceptual Touchscreen Music Player

ideck touchscreen music player

By David Ponce

We like a nice conceptual project just as much as the next guy, all the more so when it’s in the retro-futuristic arena, though we wish we knew a little more of just what is going on here. This particular device is the brainchild of Englishman Michael Kennedy, and is named (sadly), the I-Deck, apparently yet another twist on the iPod dock business. The idea here is that, with the rise in popularity of digital music, album art is being neglected.

So, the I-Deck would display this art on its touchscreen LCD, which would also serve as the interface, allowing you to control your player. This interaction is also a little more, well, interactive, in the sense that if you want to skip a track, you just flick the screen. If you want to fast-forward, simply spin it. And to play, just turn it.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have by way of details.

[The I-Deck] VIA [Ubergizmo

Wear iPod, Attract Lightning

ipod lightning injury picture

By David Ponce

What I’d like to know is just what this fella was thinking by mowing the lawn while thunder clouds hovered above? Perhaps he wanted to get the grass cut in time before the downpour. Whatever the case, this is him after he got struck by lightning while wearing his iPod. As you can see, current traveled along the wires, burning the side of his face and ear, and causing some permanent hearing loss.

The lesson? Well, there’s no lesson really. Just don’t wear any kind of metal anything on your person when a storm nears.

[Denverpost Article] VIA [The Raw Feed]

OhGizmo Review: Gelaskins (Updated)

By Bruce Eaton

When it comes to my babies (a 4gig black iPod Nano, and my wife?s 30gig black iPod Video) protection is needed. Well, help came not from a new company, but one with a new design: Gelaskins. Combining 3M adhesive and vinyl technology with what has to be the coolest designs around, Gelaskins offers up a big spoonful of style and for not a lot of the green stuff.

But with a cheap price tag of $15 per skin come a few shortcomings, such as lack of full coverage; I was left a little wanting. More after the jump and lots of pretty photos, and by pretty I mean obviously taken on my own.

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Freestyle Fusion Amp, A Waterproof MP3 Player

Freestyleaudio Fusion Amp - Waterproof Mp3 Player

By David Ponce

When it comes to waterproof MP3 players, far as I know, there aren’t a ton of options. Last one I saw was the SwiMP3, which relied on bone conduction to transmit music to your ears while underwater. Unfortunately, it made you look like you had a big boxy tumor coming out the back of your head.

Well, here’s another one that’s only slightly less of an eyesore. The Freestyle Fusion Amp goes on an armband, and can be submersed up to 10ft. Comes in puny 256MB and 512MB versions, and will set you back either $160 or $200, respectively.

[FreeStlye Fusion Amp] VIA [Travelismo]

MP3 SharePlayers Make File Sharing A Breeze

flashpoint sharedrive mp3

By David Ponce

To be honest, that picture looks conspicuously computer generated, so we’re not sure if the FlashPoint SharePlayer, from XMultiple, actually exists in a form that isn’t vapor at this point. That said, we see no reason why it shouldn’t as the company that makes it has already put to market a previous version, the ShareDrives: a flash drive with USB SOTG (Sharing fOn-The-Go), which allows for easy drive to drive file transfer, without the need for a computer. Just plug one drive to the other, and transfer away.

Well, the SharePlayers are just an updated version of that, with MP3 playback abilities, as well as an FM tuner, FM recording, a microphone, and e-books capabilities. They come in sizes of 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB, with prices ranging from $90 to $245. Of course, the ability to instantly share tunes with your pals might not sit so well with DRM junkies, so your ability to playback legally downloaded music may be limited.

For a bunch more features, come inside.

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