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Underdog PSP Killer Spreads Universal Love to File Formats

The GPX2 looks well sexy in black

By Mac Harris

Korean upstart Gamepark Holdings may actually have a shot at the big boys (Sony & Nintendo) [Forgive him in his foolishness, for he is young -Ed.] with its new GPX2 “Personal Entertainment Player” portable everything console.

While there aren’t legions of game companies dumping millions into developing titles for the console, the GPX2’s expansive feature set and its inner desire to get along with as many file formats as possible make it quite attractive in contrast to the walled-off DRM fortresses that Nintendo and Sony have built. It runs Linux, has a dual core processor, runs for 8 hours (video playback) on a two AA batteries, and supports this orgy of audio/video formats:
MPEG, MPEG4, Dvix 3.11,4x,5x, XVID, WMV, MP3,OGG,WMA, JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF.

Oh yeah, it can also run emulators to play the 19 billion or so games made for MAME, SNES, Genesis, and PC Engine.

Official Gamepark GPX2 Product Page

The Slide Scroller

nullI try not to dwell for too long on items that aren’t in production yet. Readers enjoy buying things they like, see… But sometimes, great design goes unproduced, stashed away in the minds of frustrated designers. I don’t know if this guy is frustrated or not, but Daniel Fallman has made a nifty little contraption that could show some promise.

It’s a pointing device for your iPaq, integrated into the said iPad. Though presumably, this could be made for any PDA. What it does it convert the underside of the PDA into an optical mouse. So, uh, you attach the thing to the back of the PDA, and you can then use the PDA/attachment as a mouse… for the PDA.

I hope it makes sense.

I can definately see major manufacturers including this as standard functionality in future PDA’s, and not giving Daniel a penny for his efforts.

Isn’t life grand?

His website is here. Story VIA Pasta and Vinegar.

The PDA Panache Pro Stylus Upgrade for your Nintendo DS™

It stands to reason that with so many people owning PDAs, there’d be a market centered around stylii, otherwise erroneously known as styluses. And now, company PDA Panache (!!) is selling an “upscale” stylus for your Nintendo DS.

What makes it so special? Well, let see. It is wrought from a solid billet of brass for maximum mass and stiffness, fits your Nintendo’s built-in stylus slot, has advanced screen-safe EasyView™ stylus tip to protect your screen and says “Oh Baby!” when you hold it. Apart from this last feature being, uh, made up, all this is very nice stuff indeed for what is basically a little stick.

And one that will set you back a mere 14.95$

Visit the website.

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 reviewed

sl-c3000The saddest thing about being a gadget writer is the lust you feel everyday, without the chance of fulfillment. It’s a lust that’s compounded by the fact that even if I had the money to buy any of these products, most of the time I wouldn’t even be able to. Why? Because we’re technologically retarded in America is why.

Take the SL-C3000. It has everything you’d want in a PDA, and then some. Check this out: 4 GB Hitachi internal HDD, 3.7″ VGA swivel-screen, Intel Xscale PXA270 (416 mHz), 64 MB RAM, 16 MB flash ROM, 1 CF slot, 1 SD, IR port, Integrated speaker and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

It’s Linuxed. It’s gorgeous. But. It’s 819$. Through an importer. And why? Because we pretty much kicked Sharp’s PDA business out of here, along with Sony’s and Toshiba’s.

Lovely stuff people. Just lovely.

Read the review.

iMate and Skype

iMate with SkypeWe’re in the middle of a Wi-Fi Everywhere revolution. There’s a whole industry dedicated to selling you wifi detecting keychain gadgets and such. Yet when you think about it, that’s one segment of the market that’s bound to disappear as wifi becomes more and more ubiquitous. I mean, who really needs something to detect wifi, when it’s everywhere?

Which brings me (slowly) to my point. If there’s wifi everywhere, there’s internet everywhere. With the internet, you can do some truly wondrous things, like use Skype and make phone calls. For free. And now, with iMate announcing they’ll be bundling Skype software on their next offering, a whole new era of free wireless communication could be just around the bend.

The article is in french. So, just so you know, it says that iMate’s next PDA will come with GMS/GPRS and wifi and Skype. It’ll be powered by a 400Mhz Intel Xscale PXA263 and 128 SDRAM. It’s expected to go at around 850$ and it comes out in March.

I say, wait for the prices to drop a little, and go for it.

Check it out.