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Category Archives: Online Services Brings New Shine To Connection Speed Tests

By David Ponce

There are a lot of websites out there dedicated to measuring just how fast your Internet tubes can pump data. We recently came about, which we feel does a very nice job of it. While you should really just try it to understand, here’s a little description if you’re not so inclined.

The service seems to use Flash, and upon visiting the site, your location appears on a world map, along with the location of several test centers. Simply click on any of them, and the test begins. You’ll get both download and upload speeds, along with mean ping time to the test center. While not exactly revolutionary, the way the data is presented is appealing. And there’s a lot to be said for a well executed GUI.

Check it out.

[] VIA [FayerWayer]

Frucall Gives You Mobile Frugality

frucallBy David Ponce

They say a penny saved is a penny earned. And certainly startup Frucall would like for you to remember as much, seeing as they allow you “to be frugal just by making a call”. When wandering the aisles of whatever store you’re in, simply dial their number, 1-888-DO-FRUCALL (1-888-363-7822), and enter the barcode number of the item you’re considering buying. They’ll do a search on the fly for you, and list you the lowest price they find, letting you know if you might not just be better off ordering the item online instead.

While that seems like a little too much effort to save $0.20 on a bag of pasta, perhaps not such a bad idea when impulse shopping a 60 inch plasma.

[Frucall Website] VIA [TRFJ]

ASCII-O-Matic Will ASCII-fy Anything For You

ohgizmo ascii

By David Ponce

If you’re above 15 years of age, you probably remember ASCII art. I, for one, was convinced that there were people with tremendous amounts of free time on their hands, who spent countless hours pecking away at their keyboards to create these so-called masterpieces. With age came wisdom, and I’m now convinced they must have had the help of some software of other.

Well, there’s a website out there who’s taken this software, and packaged it into a nice interface for you to explore. It’s called Typorganism, and they have various projects, one of which is the ASCII-O-Matic. You can even upload your own picture, though it has to be 50px by 60px, which sort of sucks. But still, loads of fun to have.

The website itself is rather fascinating. Give it a look, it’ll be worth your while.

[ASCII-O-Matic] VIA []

Also, [Typorganism Site]

The Tourist Remover

tourist remover

By David Ponce

Tourists can be a pesky bunch. They’re always milling about, pointing at things, looking somewhat lost, and most importantly, getting in the way of you taking a nice clean tourist-free shot of that special landmark. Well, a new service called Tourist Remover can take care of them for you.

No, unfortunately, they won’t physically “remove” them; they’ll simply erase their digital trace from your pictures. All you have to do is take a bunch of pictures of your landmark from the same spot, send them the pics, and they’ll perform the Photoshop magic for you. Best of all, the service is free.

[Tourist Remover] VIA [The Raw Feed]

ShopWiki To Pay For Video Reviews

shopwiki logoBy David Ponce

We figure that many of you faithful readers have some gadgets lying around, and are also willing to barter your souls for money… to buy some more gadgets, natch. Well, my friends, save your souls for a better deal (say, a date?) and put your video editing skills to good use.

Company ShopWiki will be spending $25,000 to purchase video reviews. That’s right, they’ll pay $50 to the 500 first approved video reviews of just about any product available through their site. So, here’s the deal:

1) Make a list of all your gadgets
2) Go to ShopWiki and make sure that product is available through them, and doesn’t already have a video review.
3) Get your camera out and start reviewing.

They pay through Paypal, and seem to have enlisted an army of moderators, as videos get approved or declined within a day, with payment to follow the day afterward. And yes, there’s a few guidelines to follow, though they’re pretty open about the format. The guidelines are there to help you get your video approved.

Follow the link love at the bottom for all the details.

[ShopWiki Video Review Purchase]

[Update: These guys are the real deal. On a whim, I sent them my N70 review at 11pm on Thursday. By 9am on Friday, they’d reviewed the video and sent me payment through Paypal! Act fast before the 500 reviews are bought. -Ed.]