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People Power

By Jonathan Kimak

So you want a portable charger for your phone or mp3 player but the solar powered iPod is years away from reality. Instead you could try the Dance Charge.

A company called GotWind worked with music company Orange to create the Dance Charge. Weighing 180 grams the charger wraps around your arm and uses the kinetic energy from your body’s movement to power the battery. You can then plug in your phone or other electronic device to the charger to power it up.

The Dance Charger isn’t available for sale yet, but a prototype is being used at the Glastonbury Festival and will hopefully survive the mosh pit.

When it does come out and you use this and can only charge your phone up to 1 bar of power after a day’s worth of movement, it’s probably a sign that you need to get out of the office more often.

VIA [ Crave.Cnet ]

SlimBlade Presentation Mouse Is Convergence At Its Finest

SlimBlade Mouse

By Luke Anderson

All too often we see companies trying to blend a multitude of functions into one gadget. The end result is generally something rather hideous that can’t do anything very well. So naturally it’s rather refreshing when I come across a device that combines several things into one. This SlimBlade Mouse from Kensington is a perfect example.

Many people give Powerpoint presentations from their laptop, so it’s only natural to have a mouse that also serves as your presentation remote and laser pointer. It’s even smart enough to power off whenever your laptop goes to sleep. How cool is that? You’ll have to pony up a little extra for this notebook mouse, however the $79 price tag is well worth it.

[ Kensington ] VIA [ EverythingUSB ]