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How to Beat the Flu Season with Technology

Using Technology to Beat Flu Season? It's Downright Possible These Days

I’ve nursed a cough for nearly a month when the year has started. I had worst days, but coughing and sneezing are affecting my productivity. It’s also kind of embarrassing when you can’t stop coughing when you’re in public.

So, for you guys to dodge the flu, you can get help from technology. We use technology mostly for entertainment and work. We better use it for our health watch too. Here are ways on how to do that.

Do preventive precautions

As they old healthy saying goes, “Prevention is always better than cure.” For us to avoid flu and stay healthy, we should always be hydrated, get the right amount of sleep and if needed, check on our vital signs. There are gadgets that can help track these like Thermos smart water bottles, Sense sleep monitor, and Withings blood pressure monitor.

Alleviate body pains

Sometimes, body pains come with the flu. Or sometimes, people tend to overlook the chronic pain that they’re feeling because it’s always there and they’ve learned to deal with it. The Quell Pain Relief is a wearable that serves as a revolutionary solution for this. Quell comes with a companion app that lets users set the pressure so pain on certain parts of your body can be minimized.

Monitor body temperature closely

If flu has finally kicked in, what you can do aside from going to the doctor and take the recommended medications, is to monitor your temperature closely. If you have smart thermometers from Kinsa or Withings, you can track your temperature simpler and keep graphs of your readings so you will know if you are getting better or not.

That’s how technology can help us live better. Keeping these smart health products in your home lets you kick flu and sickness in the butt. If you want to take a closer look at these products, you can read our guide on beating the flu season with smart gadgets.

Would You Like To Own These Weird, But Smart Gadgets?

Weird Smart Gadgets

If you’re a tech geek, you must have had your favorite new gadgets from CES 2017. I also have mine and those weird, but really cool gadgets always get stuck in my head.

We are not new to these types of innovation. In fact, we’re used to it and even excited about this type because they’re unique, funny, and practical, in some cases. Here’s a roundup of my favorite types.

For the kitchen

We’ll start with everyone’s favorite part of the house, the kitchen. You can find a lot of gadgets that will help you cook, keep your food fresh, and your kitchen clean. Did you know that there’s a robot that can cook up to 2,000 dishes? There’s even an advanced wine storage which keeps your wine fresh for 30 days (no need to cork, uncork).

For hobbyists

Whether you love golf or b-ball or fishing, most likely, there’s a wearable or gadget for that. If you like fishing, there’s this little ball that you can throw into the water and you can use the app to view a 3D real-time image of what’s under your boat. It’s pretty nifty, but wouldn’t it be creepy if you see a moving creature that you don’t recognize? Also, there’s Vinci, the headphones with AI that can record your jam if you’re into singing. Yes, she’s smart like Alexa.

For healthcare

The tech healthcare industry is rising and along with it comes wearables which can zap you out of your bad habit. It has something to do with your brain making you more aware that you’re doing it. And then there’s this wearable which tracks your menstrual flow. No, you don’t have to put a wire or an electronic down there. You just have to use special tampons which you need to connect to a wearable.

Mind blown? If you want to know more about these gadgets, you can check them out below.

[Learn more about these weird gadgets]

GlucoPhone: What Can’t Cell Phones Do?


By Evan Ackerman

Maybe your cell phone plays music. Maybe it plays videos. Maybe it lets you surf the web. And maybe it even lets you make the occasional phone call. But can it check your blood sugar? That’s right, the hot new cellphone feature is now a built-in glucose meter. GlucoPhone is a module that attaches to some Verizon Cell Phones that uses small blood samples and test strips to check your blood sugar levels.


You can also download software into your phone that tracks and records your glucose levels, and then sends them to your doctor (or anyone else who might be concerned about those extra donuts). Currently it’s only compatible with the Verizon LG5200 phone, but more models should be forthcoming.

[ HealthPia ] VIA [ Medgadget ]

The Nosefrida Booger-Tube Sucks Mucus, With Your Help

nosefrida booger tube

By David Ponce

Oh, the humanity… We never thought we’d see the day where we post about a booger tube, but there you have it. Nosefrida happens to be a “doctor recommended” nasal aspirator that pretty much vacuums the snot from your child’s nose. The kicker? Vacuum power is provided by the lucky parent who inserts one end of the device in his own mouth, and, well, sucks. There’s a dandy filter to prevent the goo from reaching as far as the mouth, a filter which is also allegedly effective at blocking germs and preventing the spread of whatever infection the kid has.

Of course, we’re wondering why it is that a kid can’t wipe his own damn nose; $15 seems a little hard to justify against a $.15 Kleenex and a spanking (we’re not condoning spanking your kids, guys, so don’t go bitching in the comments).

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Random Good Stuff ]

Adjustable Breast Implants To Cure Buyer’s Remorse

adjustable breast implants

By David Ponce

It’s one thing to get buyer’s remorse on a pair of shoes, but dude, if your girlfriend is regretting the C cups she got implanted, and wishes they had been double-Ds, then you’re in trouble. Well, make that you were in trouble, as it seems it’s possible to get adjustable implants now. That’s right. Not satisfied with the size, just pump them up. Of course, it’s a little more intricate than that.

They’re called Spectrum® Postoperatively Adjustable Breast Implants. Once the implants are, um, installed, the surgeon leaves an open port that can later be used for inflation; the port is of course subcutaneous, so it cannot be seen. Should the patient decide that the implants are not big enough, she can return to the surgeon, who will proceed to inflate them over a period of weeks to avoid severe stretch marks and obtain a more desirable shape.

We don’t know how much these are, but we do know they are available on saline implants only.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

RelaxOne Human-Eating Relaxation Chair Looks Stupid, Doesn’t Do Much


By David Ponce

The RelaxOne from company Relaxman is a relaxation chair. Simple as that. You sit in it, looking like an imbecile, and surround yourself with soothing sounds. There’s an entire sound system in there that bounces sound waves around in a special way so that the music waves themselves give you a sort of massage. Yeah, sounds kind of trippy, so maybe the company’s description sounds better:

The active relaxation is essentially provoked by listening to the especially composed music, through the acoustic system of the chair. The music is not only perceived by the ears, but also throughout the whole body. The low frequencies put the muscles in resonance to provoke a spontaneous relaxation. Conditions of listening are exceptional and will delight audiophiles.

Maybe not.

We’re not sure how much it is, nor whether it’s even available for purchase, but there you have it: an acoustical sensory immersion dome that looks like a giant human-swallowing egg.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ SciFi Tech ]

Blood Pressure Monitor Chides You If You’re Doing It Wrong

blood pressure meter

By David Ponce

You may think that flexing your biceps while your pressure is being taken (just to impress the nurse) is a good idea, but aside from making her think you’re a total douche, it can also alter your readings. You’ll not only end up with a few eyerolls, it might get you medication you don’t need. The same applies if you’re taking your own pressure at home: you have to do it a certain way. The affectionately named EW3039P bloodpressure meter, from Matsushita (Panasonic) in Japan, has sensors that detect improper placement, or unnecessary movement. It’ll then beep to correct you.

This could be useful for the elderly, or anyone with an obsessive (or medical) need to track their blood pressure. At roughly $100, it’s not overly expensive.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]

The Pronto Condom Revolutionizes Prophylactics

pronto condom By David Ponce

Genius! Pure, unadulterated, raw genius! That’s what this company has made: packaged genius. The Pronto condom is the last condom you’ll ever need, my man, believe me. It’s called Pronto for a simple reason: you can put it on in two seconds flat. Even less if you’re in a hurry. Gone are the days of killing the mood in the name of protection. Gone are the clumsy drunken fumbles with a slippery packaging and the awkward nervous glances when you drop the damn thing on the bed, in the dark. The packaging for the Pronto is designed in such a way that two quick snaps split it down the middle and then serve as handles to unroll. And before you know it, the thing is on, and so is your game.

Words can’t possibly describe this well enough. So, we’re including two videos after the jump for your viewing enjoyment. It’s fairly safe for work, unless your boss is easily offended and passed out during sex ed.

The only problem with these is that they seem to be available in South Africa only, at least for now.

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The LouseBuster Blows Lice Out Of Your Head

lousebuster By David Ponce

There’s nothing more fun than a roomful of kids with heads covered in heaps of delicious lice. Yeah, and now there’s an even more entertaining way to rid them kids of the parasites: airblow the crap out of them. That’s right: a device called the “LouseBuster”, invented by one Dale Clayton, blows warm air over the kids heads for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, essentially drying out the bugs and their eggs. The volume of air displaced by the device is twice that of a regular hair dryer, though the air temperature is lower. A study conducted by the University of Utah determined that in 169 children in the Salt Lake area, the LouseBuster killed 80 percent of hatched lice and 98 percent of eggs.

Enough bugs were killed to prevent remaining lice from breeding so “virtually all subjects were cured of head lice when examined one week following treatment with the LouseBuster,” the scientists wrote.

Clayton hopes that once it hits production, the device might sell for under $2,000, perhaps even under $1,000. Larada Sciences, which is going to bring the device to market expects it to be ready within two years.

[CNN Article] VIA [SNP]