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3 Smart Light Bulbs That Are As Awesome As (But Cheaper Than) the Philips Hue

Smart LED Bulbs

When it comes to color-changing bulbs, the Philips Hue bulbs stand out. There’s no denying in that, but they can be awfully expensive. Also, you need the Hue bridge to control them as part of your smart home automation. If you’re not willing to spend a lot, but still wanted reliable and automation-ready light bulbs, here are some Philips Hue alternatives for you.

For seamless integration into your existing smart home

GE Link Wireless A19 Smart Connected LED Light Bulb

GE Link LED Bulb


The one which doesn’t need a hub
LIFX Color 1000 A19 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

LIFX Multicolor and dimmable bulbs


Lights which also play music
Pulse Dimmable LED Light
SengledPulse Dimmable LED Light with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Hope this has shed some light on what smart bulbs you would shop for next!

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Our Top 3 Best Blenders

Blendtec 725

It’s easy to assume that all blenders are pretty much the same thing – you stick stuff in, you turn them on, you hold them for dear life until they’re finished. However, from the motor power to the blade assembly, there’s a surprising amount of different between blender models. Do you want a powerful blender for green smoothies? Then you need to know what you are getting – and why some features are better than others.

To help out, we’ve collected some candidates for the best blender for green smoothies and other challenging recipes. Take a look at what makes these models special and why we chose them!Continue Reading

UNICEF’s Landmine Awareness Campaign Would Certainly Get My Attention

UNICEF Landmine Awareness Campaign (Images courtesy Ads of the World)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s impossible to really grasp the fear that people living in war-torn areas have to deal with, particularly when it comes to those parts of the world that are left littered with land mines when a war is over. But UNICEF’s landmine sticker campaign certainly drives home the point of how easy it is to miss them. Distributed in front of UNICEF information booths, the adhesive side of the stickers are printed with a design that matches the surface on which they’re placed, so that people step on them without realizing they’re there. And when they go to remove the sticker from their shoe, they discover the image of a landmine on the other side reminding them that in many parts of the world there’s the genuine risk of stepping on something that’s far less innocuous than a sticker.

[ Ads of the World – Unicef: Landmine stickers ] VIA [ I New Idea ]

Smart Meters Coming Sooner Than You Might Expect


By Gilberto J Perera

This guest post was written by Gilberto who is the main article contributor for, where you can find the latest laptop reviews.

How would you like to set your thermostat at home while you’re at the office? Wouldn’t it be nice if you forgot to turn off your water heater for a two week vacation and you were able to log on to an online portal and turn it off? How about using an energy management system for your home that charges when electricity is the cheapest and avoids the peaks where electric costs are higher? These are all scenarios that will be possible in the next 5-10 years as utilities move towards Smart Grids. The days of a mechanical meter and a visit from a meter reader are slowly approaching to an end.

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Kodak Announces S730 Digital Frame


By Shane McGlaun

I like digital photo frames and each time someone comes to my house that doesn’t own a digital frame, they leave wanting one. With digital frames, I can display images of the kids and other events without having to print off gobs of pictures and find a place to put the pictures on my wall.

Kodak has announced a new digital photo frame called the Easyshare S730, but has left out some important details about the device. The import bits missing are exactly how large the screen of the frame is and what the frame looks like. Pricing for the frame will be $139 and it will ship in September.

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Popcorn C-200 Settop Box Announced


By Shane McGlaun

It seems like every other device that comes out today is designed to allow streaming of media from the Internet to your TV. The feature is being included in many Blu-ray players, new HDTVs, and some game consoles can stream content as well.

Syabas has announced a new settop box called the Popcorn C-200 that is set to launch in July for $299. The device is capable of streaming 30 different video formats from the Internet to your TV including MPEG 1, 2, 4, AVI, H.264, Xvid, MKV, Windows Media, and more.

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Walmart Offers Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Electronics Hounds


By Shane McGlaun

The other day my son learned a valuable life lesson, one of those lessons that every guy learns at one point in life — girls get nicer bathrooms. One day he will learn another valuable life lesson — dads have to act like they love what you give them for Father’s Day even if it sucks.

This year don’t give dad something that sucks, Walmart has a few specials for dad’s day that any dad would be glad to get. If dad doesn’t have a Blu-ray player he would love to get the Magnavox NB500MGX Blu-ray player Walmart is offering for only $128 and you can pick up some Blu-ray movies two for $20. Even if you aren’t a dad that is a cheap price on a Blu-ray player, even if it will lack some of the newer Blu-ray features that require Internet connectivity.

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Digital Transition Happens Tomorrow


By Shane McGlaun

The digital transition finally happens tomorrow. I am looking forward to it because that will mean that those analog airwaves will be available for the wireless companies to start building out that nationwide broadband plan they talked about. I would love to get off my crappy DSL provider and onto a faster network.

The transition was originally supposed to happen back in February but 5.8 million homes weren’t ready for the transition leading President Obama and the government to postpone the transition until tomorrow. Despite the delay, there are still a huge number of homes in America unprepared for the transition.

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Harman Kardon Enters Blu-ray Market


By Shane McGlaun

There are gobs of Blu-ray players on the market today. I still think one of the better players is the PS3. I like that it has all the features you want from a Blu-ray player, can be updated with new features and plays great video games all for less than many other high-end Blu-ray players.

If you don’t want a PS3 there are certainly enough options available in the Blu-ray market and now there is one more brand to consider. Harman Kardon has announced its first Blu-ray player called the BDP1. You may recognize the Harman Kardon brand from the line of speakers the company has sold for years.

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