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EatMeCrunchy Bowl Keeps Your Cereal Crunchy, Has Stupid Name

By Ryan Nill

I have a dilemma; I love mini-wheats. But only for, like, the first 3 minutes. You see, after about 3 minutes, the delicious sugar coating melts away, and it leaves me with this disgusting hay based byproduct. The worst part is that I can’t eat a bowl of cereal within this slight time window. If you have a dilemma similar to mine, or if you hate leaving your bowl and returning to a porridge-like mash material, the EatMeCrunchy cereal bowl has solved your problems. The bowl consists of a unique interior shelf that holds your cereal above the milk until you transfer it to the mixing chamber before devouring it. And it’s only 8 dollars.

[ EatMeCrunchy ] VIA [ Popgadget ]

Revolver Hairdryer

By Ryan Nill

This Hairdryer is shaped like a revolver, and is creatively titled the “Western Hairdryer”. Place the barrel to your head, pull the trigger and you’ll be one more step closer to perfect locks. I envision something a bit more ironic; a suicide consisting of someone blow-drying his or her hair with this in a bath of champagne and Xanax.

Sadly, it is only available in Japan and it costs about 40$, which is way too much for a hairdryer without a finger diffuser.

[ Nodaya ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

RFID Wine Rack Knows More Than You Do About Your Wine

RFID Wine Rack

By Evan Ackerman

I live and work in Napa Valley during wine season, but I’m the first to admit that I haven’t a clue about wine. That is, I’m the first to admit it privately (like now). In public, I’ll examine it, swirl it, sniff it, sip it, and pretend to have a clue about what it is and where it comes from while I try and sneak looks at the label. Technology has come to my rescue with the RFID Wine Rack. Not only is it filled with hundreds of color shifting LEDs, but the entire rack has built in RFID readers to keep track of your wine. Using your computer, you can add information to the database, or even run custom queries:

“A handheld browser commands the rack to display multiple types of information and project the results with RGB LEDs directly onto the individual bottles, which are identified by the rack via custom walnut veneer radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on each bottle. For example, a collector planning a dinner party could specify they want to see all of their 2003 Napa Chardonnays whose current market value exceeds $50. WineM will identify and light up just the bottles that match those criteria.”

A chardonnay? From Napa? HA! If you’re going to drink a Northern California wine, go for a big chewy red, even I know that much. But that’s all I know, seriously. A video of the wine rack in action, after the jump.Continue Reading

Bastard Combination of Toaster and Teapot Reveals Death Urge

teatoaster.jpg By Ryan Nill

Combining two vaguely related breakfast items, toast and tea, the Toaster Teapot is a potentially dangerous combination. Dangerously British, that is. One part toaster, one part teapot, it is truly the ultimate unholy union between kitchen appliances. The Toaster Teapot features a distinct retro styling, which may tickle the fancy of some, but the water and electric circuitry cohabiting in close proximity could however prove to make some a little nervous. Available in extremely limited quantities from Teapottery, for about 40$US. Get one before the class action suit begins!

[ Teapottery – Home of the Eccentric Teapot! ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Cooltone Fridge Does It All, Unnecessarily

Cooltone Fridge

By Evan Ackerman

Do you ever feel as though your refrigerator is lacking something, but you just can’t put your finger on it? Never worry about it ever again by setting yourself up with the Cooltone mini fridge, which has the following built in: a digital top loading CD player, integrated speakers with audio out and headphone jacks, an auxiliary in jack to connect your iPod, a digital AM/FM radio with a LCD display and integrated alarm clock with snooze button, and even a freakin’ remote control. That’s not even the end of it: it has “cool ambient blue lights” all over the place and some sort of Quick Cool feature that “gets the Cooltone cooling within seconds.” It has a capacity of 22 liters, which equals about 20 cans of beer (or six wine bottles if you’re a classy sort). All yours for only $260.

[ Cooltone Mini Fridge ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]

Ice Tray Freezes Tiny Fish Skeletons

By Ryan Nill

Something Fishy is a silicon ice cube tray that freezes little fish skeletons. Both adorable and vaguely creepy!

Available now for about 10$ US, the broken English merely a bonus.

[ I’vegot2haveone ] VIA [ Popgadget ]

Toaster Concept Of The Month: Toaster Note Pad

Toast Messenger
By Evan Ackerman

We’ve run across (non-conceptual) toast printers before, but nothing with the utility (or the resolution) of this concept. Designed by Sasha Tseng, the toaster incorporates a stylus and notepad on the top, and whatever you write on the surface gets burned (through some undisclosed process) into the top of the toast. This way, you can pass along relevant information like “I finished up all the butter, sucks for you,” but it might not be so good at letting people know things like “we’re out of bread.” A few more pics after the jump.Continue Reading

Airwash Cleans Clothes With Nothing But Air


By Evan Ackerman

Last month we showed you the Haier WasH2O, a washing machine which eschews detergent for regular water. Airwash does one better by skipping the water altogether, using ionized compressed air to clean clothing. Not only does it save water (obviously), but you don’t have to dry your clothes since they don’t get wet in the first place, saving energy as well. I guess that would make it… Drycleaning? Anyway, it’s won a bunch of conceptual awards, and they’ve just come out with a working prototype. No word on how clean it manages to get things (and I question its ability to remove stains), but as long as I can get one of these installed in the floor of my room, I’ll be happy.

[ Electrolux Design Lab Award ] VIA [ TreeHugger ]

Nogstalia Now: Lego Shaped Ice Cube Tray

By Ryan Nill

For the coolest drinks in town, think Lego! This fascinating ice cube tray freezes fully functional Lego bricks! Make ten bricks with every dishwasher-safe silicone tray, which is just enough to make a little Batmobile sculpture, if memory serves. Available now from the Lego store for the $7.99. Perfect for a gift or just to show off you complete and utter nerdery.

[ Lego Store ] VIA [ Popgadget ]