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Toaster Concept Of The Month: Toaster Note Pad

Toast Messenger
By Evan Ackerman

We’ve run across (non-conceptual) toast printers before, but nothing with the utility (or the resolution) of this concept. Designed by Sasha Tseng, the toaster incorporates a stylus and notepad on the top, and whatever you write on the surface gets burned (through some undisclosed process) into the top of the toast. This way, you can pass along relevant information like “I finished up all the butter, sucks for you,” but it might not be so good at letting people know things like “we’re out of bread.” A few more pics after the jump.Continue Reading

Airwash Cleans Clothes With Nothing But Air


By Evan Ackerman

Last month we showed you the Haier WasH2O, a washing machine which eschews detergent for regular water. Airwash does one better by skipping the water altogether, using ionized compressed air to clean clothing. Not only does it save water (obviously), but you don’t have to dry your clothes since they don’t get wet in the first place, saving energy as well. I guess that would make it… Drycleaning? Anyway, it’s won a bunch of conceptual awards, and they’ve just come out with a working prototype. No word on how clean it manages to get things (and I question its ability to remove stains), but as long as I can get one of these installed in the floor of my room, I’ll be happy.

[ Electrolux Design Lab Award ] VIA [ TreeHugger ]

Nogstalia Now: Lego Shaped Ice Cube Tray

By Ryan Nill

For the coolest drinks in town, think Lego! This fascinating ice cube tray freezes fully functional Lego bricks! Make ten bricks with every dishwasher-safe silicone tray, which is just enough to make a little Batmobile sculpture, if memory serves. Available now from the Lego store for the $7.99. Perfect for a gift or just to show off you complete and utter nerdery.

[ Lego Store ] VIA [ Popgadget ]

CullinaryPrep Removes Impurities, Also Marinades Wonderfully


By Ryan Nill

The CullinaryPrep is “proven” (they neglect to say how…) to remove 95% of food borne bacteria and germs. That includes E. coli, listeria, salmonella and several other dangerous impurities. It works by adding an “all-natural” neutralizer along with vacuum marinading (a chef secret) and tumbling your meat with various spices and marinades. It promises to clean up your food and improve both taste and texture.

Now for the bad part. Said meat cleaner costs $400. Is that a price you are willing to pay for clean meat? I’ll stick to Salmonella poisoning, thank you very much.

[ CullinaryPrep ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Designer Air Filter is Designer

minusa2_bg3.jpg By Ryan Nill

Is your air not clean enough? Does your current air filter not match your sterile, iPod-like house interior? Nothing better to treat your nascent obsessive-compulsive behavior than the RabbitAir MinusA2 Air Purifier. MinusA2 is a designer HEPA quality air purifier. And.. also a mood light. And its “designer“. [Your editor would like to know which designer, exactly… -Ed.] It comes with a 6 stage HEPA filter, eliminating airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time. It also comes with a changeable stage four filter, allowing you to switch between several filters to achieve maximum in cleanliness.

It costs about $799, which, believe it or not, is only slightly pricier than most HEPA filters. Also, there’s a sale going on until the 26th, so you might be able to pick it up for a reduced cost.

[ RabbitAir ] VIA [ Red Ferret ]

ActiFry Fries With A Tablespoon Of Oil

tefal actifry By Ryan Nill

The Tefal ActiFry is the latest in not-so-deep frying technologies. By using fans and motion, it coats about 4 potatoes worth of fries in about a tablespoon of oil, which it then re-circulates throughout the fry cooker using a motor and heat. When all is done, the fry cooker has created a number of reduced fat, home style, french fries, at about 3% of the fat of regular fries. Delicious, yes?

Sadly, all this reduced fat comes at an increased price. The ActiFry comes at an exorbitant suggested $302, available somewhere in Europe now. We’ve included a promotional video after the jump.

Continue Reading

Automated Bartender Makes Drinks, Doesn’t Steal Tips


By Ryan Nill

Digital Beverages MyFountain is an automated bartender. Which means that it’s really a glorified touchscreen with spigots that serves drinks with a minimal amount of human contact. It sits upon its pedestal-refrigerator, which conveniently holds 12 types of booze, a waterline and a carbon-dioxide cartridge (and the possibility to include name brand soda, in the future) and serves your vice-sauce up at the push of a button. As it mocks us lowly people. But at least it won’t steal my tips, right?

It also is linked up to a computer, so you can create personalized drinks and drink lists. It’s the future of drinking and sinning. But the future doesn’t come cheap, you know. The future starts from $2,575 and is available online, though it will be also be in certain stores in spring 2008.

[ Digital Beverages ] VIA [ Popsci ]

Victorinox Unveils Absurdly Expensive Knife, We Suggest Second Mortgage

by Ryan Nill

Victorinox has unveiled its new Victoria series; 240 pimped out pocket knives, available only while supplies last. Half are covered in yellow gold 750, the other 120 have been smothered in pure platinum 950, with 430 flawless diamonds on every knife. Both are 74mm Executive-type Victorinox army knives and come with 2 blades, a nail file and cleaner, scissors, orange peeler, screwdriver, ring and pair of tweezers. Everything except the tweezers has been engraved and given another coating of bling. Also comes with matching precious metal chain, so that you can show off your lack of class.

Now the important part: cost. The gold knife will set you back $50,000 while the platinum one comes for an absurd $70,000. So if you have to chose between a new car and one of these knives, we here at OhGizmo! sincerely hope you’ll make the right choice.

[Go for the bling. Who the hell needs a house anyway? -Ed.]

[ Victorinox ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Meat Smeller Smells Meat (For Freshness!)

sensor_fresh.jpg By Ryan Nill

Startlingly similar to something that you you would see on an infomercial in the middle of the night, the SensorFreshQ meat smeller will smell your meat for you. It can tell you whether or not meat is safe to eat by analyzing the gaseous compounds that bacteria produce. The results are color-coded, following the same rules as your average traffic light. Green means good to go, yellow portrays doubt, and red means “McThrowitAway.”

The SensorFreshQ runs on two AA batteries, and detects the freshness of meat and poultry (does it work on fish?) in about a minute. It’s $90.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Popgadget ]