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HD Mouse for Video Editors Coming in May


By Shane McGlaun

Whatever you plan to do with your computer, there is usually a peripheral made just for the task. If you want to game there are a myriad of gaming mice on the market and if you just want to do boring old computer work, there are peripherals for that too.

Bella has announced a new wireless mouse called the HD Mouse that is aimed at professional and amateur video editors. The mouse is designed for multimedia users and includes software that allows the user to program mouse movements to act like gesture commands. The mouse has 1600dpi of sensitivity and a wireless range of up to 26 feet.

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Spiderman Webcam for the Comic Book Geek


By Shane McGlaun

There are all sorts of geeks in the world from the computer geek to the plain ol’ geek. Perhaps the worst type of geek, a geek even the computer geek laughs at, are comic book geeks. You know the type, 35 years old and they own every Spiderman toy ever made and are proud of it. I know one dude that qualifies for the comic book geek of legend award, he combs his hair like Wolverine. I won’t name names, you know who you are.

Dream Cheeky has a new product that will let the computer/comic book geek meld their two sources of geekiness — the Spiderman USB Spider Webcam. The webcam looks like the old film camera Peter Parker used to take snaps of Spiderman complete with film containing action shots of the web-slinger in action sticking out the side of the camera.

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Intel Announces New Atom CPUs


By Shane McGlaun

Intel has announced new Atom processors to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the launch of the Atom line. It’s hard to believe with the Atom processor now inside so many netbooks that it has only been a year since the processor launched.

The new processors are aimed at MIDs and include the Z550 and Z515. The Z515 processor runs at 1.2GHz and uses Intel Burst Performance technology for small and sleek MIDs. The Z550 processor runs at 2GHz and features Intel Hyper Threading technology.

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Samsung unveils thin bezel monitors for video walls


By Shane McGlaun

I like using multiple monitors for my computer; they are cool for gaming if you extend the desktop. The big downside to multiple monitor setups is that the bezel around the monitor makes for a gap in the on screen image that can be annoying and get your fragged if you miss something right in front of you.

I have also seen big video walls where the gaps make the video pretty much unviewable. Samsung has announced a new line of large format monitors that are 46-inches in size and have very thin bezels. The monitor bezel is 2.4mm on the right and bottom and 4.3mm on the top and left sides making the space between screens only 7.3mm (we can assume that there has to be some space between each screen, accounting for the extra .5mm of space).

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NVIDIA Announces GTX 275 for Mid-Range Gamers


by Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of PC gaming and if you have ever compared graphics on games available on PC and console systems when the PC is well equipped, it is easy to see the graphics on PC are much better. The rub for many PC gamers is that the hardware costs much more than buying a game console. The video cards alone often cast more than an Xbox and a Wii put together.

NVIDIA has announced a new mid-range video card called the GTX 275 that puts good performance into the hands of gamers looking to spend about $250. Sure, that’s still more than a Wii, but you can do so much more on a computer than you can on the Wii. The GTX 275 slots into the lineup between the GTX 260 and GTX 285 in price and performance.

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Western Digital Goes 2TB with one HDD on My Book Drives


by Shane McGlaun

Anyone who has been around computers long enough will remember when machines had hard drives measured in mere megabytes and sales people said you would never fill that much space up. Slowly we moved into gigabytes and today we are working with terabyte capacity hard drives.

Typically, it takes a pair of hard drives to hit 2TB, but Western Digital has announced new MyBook external storage drives that have 2TB of storage in a single drive device. The 2TB drives are available in the entire My Book line including the Studio Edition, Mac Edition, Home Edition, and Essential Edition.

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Seagate Announces BlackArmor NAS Devices on the Cheap


by Shane McGlaun

Data is the lifeblood of any business and if data is lost it can mean all sorts of bad things for a company from lost money to lawsuits. The best way to prevent data from being lost is to back the data up to an external NAS storage solution designed for businesses. The catch for smaller companies is that NAS solutions tend to be very expensive.

Seagate has announced two new NAS devices in its BlackArmor line that are affordable for small businesses and even home users looking to protect important data. The new products are the BlackArmor NAS 420 and NAS 440. Both the solutions are four bay network attached storage arrays. The NAS 420 ships with two hard drives installed and the NAS 440 ships with four hard drives.

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Hitachi Unveils Power Sipping Enterprise Hard Drive


By Shane McGlaun

I like computers and for me and many other enthusiasts what we really want is a hard drive that has lots of storage space, fast data access times, and quiet operation. I don’t particularly care how much power the drive consumes so long as it meets my other wants.

In the enterprise computing environment, all of those things are important but at the top of the list is low power consumption. Shaving what seems like a tiny amount of power consumption from the massive amount of hard drives inside the typical data center can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in power savings. Hitachi has unveiled a new enterprise 2.5-inch hard drive that is fast and sips power like a social drinker at a frat party.

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2700-Word USB 3.0 FAQ

By Ian Chiu

Make way for USB 3.0. While USB 2.0 (released 7 years ago) has improved performance tenfold, it hasn’t been close to the speed demon many had hoped. Tweaks to chipset and controller helped boost the effective transfer rate closer to 40MB/s… yet this is still a far cry from 3Gb/s eSATA and FireWire 800. So Intel saw the need for an overhaul of the serial bus standard, and has re-written the aging interface specs to match or surpass the aforementioned competitors. In 2008, the chipzilla went where no USB has gone before: commonly known as SuperSpeed USB, the latest USB 3.0 specs offers 4.8Gb/s theoretical maximum bandwidth; full-duplex data interface; 50% more bus power over the same cable; highly efficient power management for idle devices; better bulk transfer performance; and most importantly, backward compatibility with legacy devices.

Clearly, a lot has changed, and this brings confusion and questions. A new USB 3.0 FAQ posted by Everything USB now attempts to address the most common questions about the more significant upgrades in the entire history of the USB connectivity standard. It discusses how USB 3.0 is able to achieve the things that are listed above. The 2700-word FAQ is written mostly in plain English so you won’t be bombarded by jargon and acronyms.

[ FAQ @ Everything USB ]