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OCZ Slate SSD Reviewed. Verdict: ExpressCard & USB 2.0 Make Quite a Team

By Ian Chiu

We laptop owners can easily run out of storage space since most 2.5″ drives are still relatively small in capacity. Other than paying notebook vendors for over-priced hard drives to keep our warranty and then spending a beautiful weekend afternoon on drive cloning, there is a simpler and time-saving way to expand storage without breaking the bank. This is where OCZ Slate SSD comes in. The USB-based Slate is basically like any other flash drives except it is housed in an ExpressCard. The design allows the storage card to fit snugly inside the ExpressCard slot without the risk of it breaking off. On the opposite side of the ExpressCard connector is a mini USB 2.0 port which can be used for hooking up with desktop PCs or older laptops.

The Slate performance is decent with read speed topping at 30MB/s and write speed hovering between 15 and 17MB/s. The card doesn’t have a native PCI Express interface so USB 2.0 will always remain the bandwidth bottleneck for this product. Everything USB discovered the Slate to be particularly useful for storing music, video & photos as you can easily relocate them to the card and Slate’s speeds can easily handle even multiple 1080p HD playback. Overall, if you’ve an unused ExpressCard slot on your notebook, and don’t plan on getting a 3G wireless modem card, the Slate is something you should check out as an effortless storage option.

[OCZ Slate SSD ExpressCard Review @ Everything USB]

Kingston Offers SSD Upgrade Kit for DIY PC Owners


By Shane McGlaun

I have yet to jump on the SSD bandwagon and most consumers are probably the same way. I have tested netbooks with SSDs inside and while the performance gains installing applications and booting the systems are noticeable, they aren’t enough to justify the extra cost in my book.

The price of SSDs is coming down, albeit slowly. Kingston has a new SSD upgrade kit that is now available called the SSDNow M Series that comes with all the gear you need to install an SSD inside your desktop computer or notebook.

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Samsung PC LCDs Get Touch of Color


By Shane McGlaun

Ever wonder why computer monitors are typically black, silver, or beige? No? Well I have wondered why most computer gear is the same color before, I guess no one likes to rock the boat or maybe those colors are cheaper to produce. I’d like to have a nice Ferrari red LCD, but alas I have a silver and black Dell.

Samsung has announced new LCDs for computer users that feature the firm’s Touch of Color design. The monitors have a clear acrylic neck to make them seem to be floating says Samsung. The three models include the P2070, P2370, and P2370HD.

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Elgato EyeTV Hybrid 2009 USB TV Reviewed. Verdict: Sound Investment for Mac Owners

By Ian Chiu

Elgato – a long time Apple peripheral maker – has been making FireWire and USB TV tuners since 2002. Its EyeTV Hybrid USB TV has now received a third update, bringing Clear QAM, reportedly improved HD reception and better EPG to Mac couch potatoes. Despite being called a hybrid, the EyeTV is not a “dual” tuner, meaning you cannot watch analog and digital channel at the same time. Its software fortunately supports a second tuner if you get a EyeTV-compatible model.

Everything USB in its recent review has tried to watch two live 1080i HD streams on a 2Ghz Core Duo MacBook just fine, but ironically, switching both tuners to analog resulted in lack of USB 2.0 bandwidth error due to the uncompressed video format used by EyeTV Hybrid. The USB gadget site also praised the hardware quality; improved TV recording software; and Wi-Fi streaming capability to iPod touch & iPhone. Though, be prepared to come up with 7.5GB of HDD space for every hour of 720p HD program.

[Elgato EyeTV Hybrid 2009 Mac TV Review @ Everything USB]

Imation Ships SSDs and Upgrade Kits


By Shane McGlaun

SSDs have been around for a while now and for enterprise use, they make a lot of sense. The savings from the lower power consumption alone is often enough to justify the upgrade for large data centers. Consumers still don’t have a compelling reason to upgrade to SSDs, other than the simple desire to use the new technology and gain small improvements in performance.

For consumers looking to upgrade their notebook or desktop computer to a SSD Imation has announced that it is now shipping both its M and S-class SSDs along with upgrade kit bundles. The price for the SSDs themselves starts at $189.99 for the M-class with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities available. The S-class starts at $659.99 with 64GB or 128GB versions available.

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Samsung Launches New Rugged Notebook Hard Drive


By Shane McGlaun

I once managed to fling my notebook computer across the room where it landed flat on its back with a thud. I just knew when I opened it up the LCD would be shattered and it would never work again. The only thing broken was the hard drive and after replacing it I was back surfing the net again.

Samsung has a new hard drive that is ruggedized to prevent just the sort of damage my notebook received. The hard drive is called the Spinpoint M7 and can withstand shock up to 400G/2ms while operating. The 2.5-inch drive is available in 250, 320, 400, and 500GB capacities.

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MSI Throws Overclockers a Bone with N260GTX Lightning


By Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of PC gaming and I really like computer hardware as well. I am not really that into overclocking though, I prefer to get my video cards overclocked from the factory so I don’t worry about frying what I just spent big money on.

If you are into overclocking things like your video cards, MSI has the perfect new product for you called the N260GTX Lightning and Lightning Black Edition. Both of the cards feature solid caps for durability and a world’s first 10 phase PWM.

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Acer Unveils Massive Multimedia Notebook


By Shane McGlaun

I can understand why some users would be interested in multimedia notebooks. The machines tend to be feature packed, have good graphics, and be able to play movies while you are on the go. The downside to the class of machines is that they are usually expensive and can be very large.

Acer has announced a new multimedia computer called the Acer Aspire 8935G. Some specifications of the machine are not announced at this time. What we do know is that the machine will use Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs, run Windows Vista Home Premium, and sports a massive 18.4-inch LCD.

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HD Mouse for Video Editors Coming in May


By Shane McGlaun

Whatever you plan to do with your computer, there is usually a peripheral made just for the task. If you want to game there are a myriad of gaming mice on the market and if you just want to do boring old computer work, there are peripherals for that too.

Bella has announced a new wireless mouse called the HD Mouse that is aimed at professional and amateur video editors. The mouse is designed for multimedia users and includes software that allows the user to program mouse movements to act like gesture commands. The mouse has 1600dpi of sensitivity and a wireless range of up to 26 feet.

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