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This Super Mario Star Christmas Tree Topper Will Go Great With All Your Nintendo Themed Presents

This really is Nintendo’s year. They released their newest console, along The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey to critical acclaim. Nintendo hasn’t had such a great year in a long time.

Well, chances are good that if you’re a reader of this site, than you’re probably getting or giving a gift of Nintendo this year. And what better way to celebrate the holiday than with a Mario Star Christmas tree topper.

The star is made from ABS plastic and measures in at about 5 inches tall, it’s also thin enough that any light should be able to shine through it and give it that glowing look.

It’s available for $50.

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Android Oreo Addresses Cheeseburger Emoji Situation

A few weeks ago, we wrote a story about Google dropping everything to address the issue with their cheeseburger emoji. If you need a re-fresher, they had the cheese under the patty. Well they promised to fix the issue and they followed through.

In Android 8.1 “Oreo”, they updated the emoji to reflect how actual human beings eat food, and the cheese is properly on top of the bun. Finally, I can go to bed again without having to cry myself to sleep over the whole situation.

But wait there’s more, Google also fixed another emoji that previously flew under my radar. The beer glass emojis now show full glasses of the frothy goodness.

I still expect a full investigation into the emoji situation, and how someone could’ve designed such a cheeseburger. But for now, I think the forgiving process can begin.

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Vintage Star Wars Displays Include On Screen Props and Sections Of Original 35mm Film

Just in case you needed more Star Wars stuff in your house, than boy do I something cool to show you. These are Vintage Star Wars Displays and they’re the ultimate memorabilia kit for the ultimate fan.

Each set is enclosed within a glass display and features really cool things from the original trilogy, such as small pieces from on screen props, 35mm film from the original theatrical era, original 1977 Kenner action figure, original Topps trading cards and more. Each set is also themed, so there are Luke Skywalker sets, Princess Leia sets; even sets from particular scenes like the Cantina Scene and the early scene with R2 and C3PO on Tatooine.

The displays all look really well designed and would look great in any Star Wars nerd’s fan’s collection. Though, each set will set you back around $600-800, which was practically the budget of the first movie.

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Hit the jump for more shots of the various sets.

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SodaStream’s New Mix Turns Water Into Wine

10Ah the SodaStream, I remember getting one for Christmas a few years back. It really is awful, isn’t it? It’s just one of those kitchen gadgets that no one really needs and gets tossed in the back pantry for years. I mean, soda isn’t particularly expensive in the first place, so what’s the benefit to making your own?

Anyway, the company is making a little splash once again as they’re introducing their latest concentrated mix, one that gives you a strong 10 percent alcohol by volume Champagne. Wow, that sounds just awful. It’s like a punchline to a joke that someone took seriously. “Hey, what’s worse than carbonating your own soda? Carbonating your own Champagne!”

I am in an extra insulting mood today aren’t I? I mean, I guess if you like the SodaStream than maybe adding a little Champagne isn’t that bad, it just isn’t for me (obviously).

The Sparkling Gold SodaStream mix is available now, but only for a limited time.

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Amazon Featured Deals of the Day: Garmin Activity Tracker, Garmin Speak, and TomTom GPS Navigator

Garmin Vivosport Smart Activity Tracker

If health is one of your priorities, having this Garmin Vivosport Smart Activity Tracker will help you keep track of it. It goes beyond the basic fitness monitoring system and tracks Vo2 Max and GPS sensors for outdoor activities. Get $50 off on this wearable today.

TomTom Bluetooth GPS Navigator

Speaking of GPS technology, here’s the one for your car–the TomTom Bluetooth GPS Navigator. Driving is safer with one because it supports hands-free navigation. Also, you will get lifetime traffic and map updates. Always know the fastest route. Get this for only $95 today.

Garmin Speak

Now, if you’ve become accustomed to Alexa that you can’t be anywhere without her, this Garmin Speak is better suited for you.  It promises to be your driving assistant, giving you turn-by-turn directions via voice, play your road trip soundtrack, check your calendar or the weather, and more. Save $20 and get one for only $129.99 today.


You Can Now Buy A Comprehensive Boxset With A Copy Of The Voyager Gold Record

The Voyager Spacecraft is among the most well-known of its kind. It was launched in 1977 as a sort-of time capsule which describes the history and knowledge of the human race. Though it’s unlikely to ever be discovered, it’s a culmination of the hope and pride in humanity that really makes you feel that we have accomplished something great as a species (re:Woman Buys iPhone 6 For $100, Gets A Box Of Potatoes Instead).

Well, now you can own the Voyager Gold record yourself, or at least a copy of it, as a Kickstarter campaign raised over $1.3 Million to bring the project to life. The set comes with either vinyl records or cd’s and includes 90 minutes of music from around the world, including a single contemporary song from the time “Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry. It’s a great choice, but I’d have gone with the 9-minute version of Kanye West’s Runaway.Continue Reading

Hot Toys Made A Crazy Detailed Replica Of The Burnt Darth Vader Helmet

Kylo Ren really is the ultimate collector when you think about it. Sure, you may have a replica Luke Skywalker Lightsaber hilt, but he has the original burnt helmet of his disgraced grandfather. And that wasn’t easy to get either, he had to travel to Endor and search through mounds of bonfire ash until he found it.

Well, if you ever wanted the new prop for your collection Hot Toys has got you covered. They revealed their own highly detailed burnt Vader mask as part of showcase in Japan as promotion of The Last Jedi.

For now, the mask is unavailable for sale to the public. Which is kind of a bummer, but I suppose you could always buy a Darth Vader mask from Toys R Us and burn it in your fireplace. Ah, nothing beats the smell of redemption and charred plastic.

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Substitute Phone Simulates Scrolling And Zooming For Tech Junkies

Just in case you’re tired of being a slave to your smartphone, the Substitute Phone is a way to ween you off the tech. It’s a slab of plastic, much like the NoPhone, only this one has a little extra to keep you busy.

Each plastic slab has a set of stone beads that are embedded into the face that can move freely. This allows people to still simulate the sensations of using a real phone like scrolling on webpages, zooming in on pictures, or sending drunk text messages. The multiple designs also allow for different arrangements of the stone beads.

Unfortunately for anyone looking to break the Instagram addiction with one of these is out of luck, as it seems they aren’t planned to go on sale as its designer, Klemens Schillinger, made them as part of #Offline – an event that’s part of Vienna’s Design Week.

Oh well, I guess spending four and half hours a day updating my Instagram feed isn’t that big of a deal.

Cyber Monday Deals: Save Big $$$ on Smart Home Devices Like Arlo Pro Security System and All-New Echo

Complete your outdoor security system at once with this Arlo Pro Netgear Security System. Only for today, you can get it for only $574, saving $246. That’s huge. The cameras can be used indoors and outdoors and have night vision for HD viewing even at night. It works with Amazon Echo, Fire TV, and Echo Show.

Tons of Amazon devices are on sale this Cyber Monday. One of them is the sale of their All-new Echo 2nd Gen. It has improved looks with more stylish finishes and boasts Dolby processing for crisp vocals. Get it for only $79 instead of $99 today.

Lastly, there are lots of wearables on sale today like this Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, which has a sale price of only $99 today. If you buy one today, you save $50. Keep up with your workout and listen to your music comfortably with this pair.


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