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Zap&Go Portable Charger Fills Up In Just 5 Minutes


Here’s the scenario: you’ve got a tiny 20 minute wait time between flights, your phone is dead and you want to play Candy Crush real bad on your next flight. Normally, you’d find a plug and squeeze in maybe an extra 15% of battery life before it’s time to go. But if you’re carrying the Zap&Go, you have a shot at filling it up all the way. See, the Zap&Go charger gets topped up in just 5 minutes! It contains a 1,500 mAh supercapacitor, itself mostly made up of graphene instead of the more typical aluminum. This, coupled with a special power supply that funnels power in much faster, means that you could top-up the Zap&Go, then use that to recharge your mobile device at a more leisurely rate later on (since it won’t charge as fast, no matter what).

Currently a prototype only, it is undergoing a crowdfunding campaign with hopes of delivery in October 2015, a full year from now. A $99 pledge will secure you one.


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Get These Earphones to Revolutionize Your Sound

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


Whether you listen to audio books during your lunch break or the latest jams while working out at the gym, you’ll need headphones of some sort to make that happen. And, if you’re the sort of person that needs sound everywhere, then you’ll absolutely need a pair of earbuds. For years, earbuds have carried a bad reputation around with them for not providing the sound you need – unless you really pay for it. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. You can easily pick up some of the best earphones in the market under $100. And you’ve got options to choose between – even if you use multiple devices, or enjoy listening even while riding your motorcycle.

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The iPhone 6 Is Upon Us, And eBay Wants To Help You Get More Cash For Your Previous Device

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo C2C_866x250_v2B1_zpscc6bc0cc.jpg

The demand for Cupertino’s new devices has been astronomical, as usual.  It was reported that 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses were sold within the first three days, and that the sales figures are reaching 20 million units as of this writing.  Clearly demand is high, but it’s pretty rare that new iPhone customers didn’t have a phone to begin with; most of them are upgrading, and when an old device becomes unnecessary, some seek to sell it in order to recoup some of the cost from buying a new one.

eBay happens to have a pretty slick promotion going on right now, where they are confident you can get up to $200 more for your current device than you could elsewhere.  As a matter of fact, they’re putting their money where their mouth is and you stand to receive a $100 coupon if your phone doesn’t sell, as long as it’s listed between September 1st and October 24.  It’s called eBay For The Win, and you should totally check it out.

Meanwhile, as part of their promotional effort for this initiative, they’ve asked us to write two Tech Guides over the last few weeks.  These are published on eBay and haven’t been getting the attention I think they deserve.  One of them is a list of 4 iPhone Cases Worth Taking A Look At.  Highlights include the perennial classic Mophie JuicePack Helium, as well as the quirkier Crossover X-Band Storage Case.  The other guide is 4 iPhone Photography Accessories.  It’s pretty amazing the kind of pics you can take, even with older generation iPhones.  All the more so when decked out with things like the Kogeto Dot or the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Solution.

If you’re aything like me, you’re likely still waiting for your pre-ordered iPhone 6 to ship.  It’s been three weeks since the launch, and I’m dying a little each day.  But it’s nice to know that any day now, I’ll list my iPhone 5 on eBay and recoup some of the $600 being asked for an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB up here in Canada.  

 Accept the challenge? List your phone today. Visit: eBay For The Win for details on the offer.

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Deal of the Day: 53% Off On Limited Edition Black Hawk Drone

Black Hawk Drone

If you’ve been looking for a drone with a bad-ass design that’s packed with tons of features at a price that won’t break the bank, then you might want to check out the limited edition Black Hawk Drone. With its matte-black finish and handy size, the Black Hawk Drone is capable of going all four directions (left, right, forward, and backward) with ease.

It’s ready to fly once it’s out of the box and has two options for the flight mode to match your skill: beginner or expertise.
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The Home Lie Detector Test Will Enliven Any Family Argument

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 3.55.04 PM

There’s no better argument than the one you can call BS, and then back that up with hard data. Yeah, you’re looking at a lie detector test that you can use at home. It uses the same principles as the polygraphs law enforcement agencies use (heart rate and skin conductivity readings, compared to a baseline), and can tell you with a similar degree of accuracy if your brother really, actually, seriously didn’t flush your hamster down the toilet as payback for you setting his turtle free in the backyard by accident. The device will need to connect to a PC or Mac to work, and unfortunately costs an outrageous $400.

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Turn Cheap Whiskey Into Fancy Whisky In Just 24 Hours With This Little Wooden Stick


The difference between cheap whiskey and the top-shelf stuff is how long they’ve spent aging in their wooden barrels. It’s the wood in the barrels that give the liquor its taste and colour, and also filter out some of the hangover-causing chemicals. But the problem with barrels (an ancient method of aging alcohol) is that due to the wood being cut perpendicular to its grain (a necessary process to prevent the whiskey from just seeping out), very few of the capillaries are exposed to the liquid inside the barrel. That means it takes a really long time for the alcohol to penetrate the wood and acquire the sought-after flavours.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and Whisky Elements is the proposed solution. You’re looking at some wooden sticks that, when soaked in cheap whiskey for 24 hours, will give it the taste and richness of the top-shelf stuff. The idea is quite simple: instead of putting the whiskey in a barrel, simply put the barrel in the whisky! These wooden sticks have several cuts perpendicular to the grain, exposing the capillaries within, and giving the liquor easy access to the chemicals that normally take decades to leech into barrel-aged whiskey! It’s a patent-pending process the creators call “Accelerated transpiration through capillary action.”

To make matters even more interesting, Whiskey Elements come in various “flavours”, based on how long and how hot the wood is cooked at. You get cool flavours, like “Smooth Maple Vanilla Oak”, or “Almond Coffee”. And the best part is Whiskey Elements is cheap: $10 will get you a pair of sticks, enough to “fix” a half gallon of crap whiskey.


[ Project Page ]

Ampy Turns a 30 Minute Jog Session Into 3 Hours Of Battery Life


Harnessing kinetic energy in order to power consumer electronics isn’t a novel idea. Some of you may remember the nPower PEG from 2009’s CES, a gadget that promised to recharge your electronics from power gathered through your walking. Well, Ampy is pretty much the same thing, only in a smaller and more refined package. It packs an internal 1,000 mAh battery which is itself charged by a “proprietary linear inductor” that turns kinetic energy into electricity. Other devices use a magnet that slides back and forth along a coil, generating electricity in the process, though the proprietary nature of Ampy’s mechanism doesn’t allow us to confirm it’s the same thing. Regardless of how it works, its creators affirm that a 30 minute jogging session (or 1 hour cycling, or 10,000 walking steps) will top up its battery, which you can then use to fill a typical smartphone back up to about 75% charge. For any outdoorsy types, this could be interesting, especially at it’s early-adopter price of $75, on their Kickstarter.


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It Takes Two: ‘Get Me Outta This Cage!’ Halloween Costume

Get Me Outta This Cage Halloween Costume At a loss for Halloween costume ideas? Then grab your best bud (or someone who’s in the same boat in the costume department) and team up for an unusual collaborative Halloween get-up that’ll turn heads and even elicit a few laughs: the Get Me Outta This Cage costume. Technically, it’s just one costume, but you’ll need two people to achieve the full effect. One guy will be in the gorilla suit, while the other one plays the, well, caged human.

Neither can probably keep the charade going throughout the night–carrying an adult dude isn’t exactly easy on the arms, and sitting in that cage all cramped up can make you cramp up–but it’s definitely fun while it lasts. There’s another version of the costume where an abominable snowman takes the place of the gorilla.

The costumes are available online starting at $158.

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Deal Of The Day: Last Chance On 33% Off On Karma Go LTE Hotspot


Whether it’s your laptop, your tablet, your cellphone or yet another of a slew of mobile devices, one thing is constant: they need an Internet connection. You can pay through the nose with your cellular contract, and even then you’ll leave some devices stranded, like your laptop. Or, you can get the Karma Go LTE Hotspot. This is a tiny (2.6″ wide x 2.6″ high x 0.5″ deep, weighing in at 2.1 oz), portable WiFi Hotspot that works with a pay-as-you-go data plan. There’s no contract, you simply pay for the data you need, at rates varying between $9.90-$14/GB. You’re looking at nationwide coverage, “6-8 Mbps downloads, with peaks up to 25 Mbps” speeds, and a battery life of 220 hours (stand by) and 5 hours (in use).

Normally, $150, it’s $99 for the next few hours. Hurry!

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