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Keep Your Shoes Clean With The Shifter Boot Protector

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.47.37 AM

Riding season is upon us, which is hard to believe considering the gargantuan amounts of snow currently on the ground. But it is, and that means you’ll have to once again start making choices about what to wear on your motorcycle. If you haven’t adopted specialized riding shoes, you might be familiar with the issue of having to pick footwear that you don’t mind getting a little dirty or scuffed where they contact the clutch lever. That concern might have limited your options before, but if you get the Shifter Boot Protector, you can just slip it over your shoe and wear any fancy boots you like without damaging them at all. It’s elastic so it will fit over any size boot and costs all of $8.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.47.50 AM

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Are 49 Ports On A USB Hub Enough?


Like cupholders, you apparently can never have too many ports on a USB hub, although it’s hard to see how you might ever want more than the 49 that Brando is offering. We imagine this monstrosity is aimed at IT departments who might have to charge the entire office’s inventory of phones or tablets or anything else USB-charged. It’s capable of reliably outputting 0.5A-1.5A at each port without overheating or becoming a fire hazard; you will have to purchase your own ATX power supply for it however, and it’s recommended that you get a 60A 5V supply if you hope to output 1.2A to each of the 49 ports simultaneously. And even though it is totally meant for a commercial/industrial use, at $174 it’s not entirely out of range for the home consumer.


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Deal of The Day: $65 Off On Extreme Micro-Drone 2.0 w/ Camera


Drones, drones, drones. They’re all that anyone talks about these days, from the White House to the FAA. So, why not get in while it’s still cool? The Extreme Micro-Drone 2.0 w/ Camera is a small, easy to control quad copter drone that also happens to carry a camera. Granted, it’s not the most high-resolution camera, clocking in at 640 pixels. We’re not sure if that’s 640 X something, or 640 altogether, but it’s still better than nothing. Mind you, let us remind you that you’re looking at a drone that fits in the palm of your hand, flies up to 400 feet away for up to 8 minutes at a time, does flips and self-stabilizes, and costs less than $80. Actually with today’s deal, it’s $74.99, down from $139.

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Time Locking Kitchen Container Helps You With The Cravings


If you’ve gone all Cookie Monster and are looking for a way to control the cravings, while still being able to indulge once in a while, you might want to consider the ‘Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container’. It’s a plastic container that locks up once you’ve filled it with your favourite snacks. Simply put the food in, set the timer from 1 minute to 10 days, and lock it. It won’t open until the timer runs out, and there are no overrides! The only way you’ll get to your M&Ms is by either braking the 3X-thicker-than-a-typical-container plastic walls, or going out to buy more.

This will help you with your diet, considering you’ll be able to set a reasonable timeframe when you’re full and won’t be able to change your mind once you start getting hungry again; this is, as many of you know, the typical scenario that anyone with weight control issues faces daily. The Kitchen Safe has tons of 5-star reviews and works perfectly. The batteries last between 6 to 12 months, and it stores 3.5 quarts or about 25 ounces of stuff.

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Bookniture Is The Coffee Table Book That Unfolds Into A Coffee Table


Oh, this would make Kramer proud. The Bookniture is a 13 inch coffee table “book” that unfolds into a fully functioning piece of furniture… which you can then use as a coffee table! The sturdy honeycomb structure is capable of supporting up to 375 pounds, and can serve as the aforementioned coffee table, or as a stool, a footrest, or anything else you can think of doing with a 13 inch tall cylinder. When you’re done, just close the “book” and you’re ready to go. It comes with its own felt top in various colors, and you’ll have to pledge $70 to get yours, with a delivery in May of this year.


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If You Watch Only One Video Today, Make It This Time-lapse Of Dubai

Dubai Flow Motion from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Holy jumping falafels, this video is mind blowing! I don’t know if I’m more impressed with how wonderful Dubai now looks (last time I was there was 8 years ago and it’s changed a lot!) or how slickly produced this video is. It’s made by timelapse professional Rob Whitworth, and there aren’t enough words in the English language to convey the massive undertaking the 3:06 video represents. The amount of time it must have taken to make, the endless hours in the editing room… This video is able to make an enormous city like Dubai look small… and enormous at the same time. It conveys a sense of scale in a way no other video ever has. Do yourself a favour and take 186 seconds of your day to look at this one video. You won’t regret it.

VIA [ Gizmodo ]

This Is What Your WiFi Signal Looks Like In 3D


If you’re old enough to remember CRT TV’s with the big bunny ear antennas, you’re likely to understand how easily radio signal strength can be affected by even a tiny move of the receptor. A similar principle applies to WiFi signals, and the above visualization drives the point straight home. It’s a 3D map of YouTuber CNLohr‘s WiFi signal in his home, albeit that of the relatively small area (360x360x180mm) within his CNC mill. See, to get this done he hooked up a ESP8266 WiFi module to his laptop, which gave him signal strength in real-time at 500Hz. He then mounted the module inside a large gantry-style cnc mill and took several long exposure shots, which he then composited in Voxeltastic, [CNLohr’s] own HTML5/WEBGL based render engine. The results can be seen above, and although it looks completely organic, it follows a pattern: “the signal strength increases and decreases in nodes and anti-nodes which correspond to the 12.4 cm wavelength of a WiFi signal.” And it also goes to show that if you’re having problems with reception, you might want to consider just moving your router a tiny bit before you start cursing it.

[ CNLohr’s Instructables ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Kitchen Gadgets You Don’t Want to Miss

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


The kitchen was the birthplace of modern gadgetry, so it just shouldn’t be surprising that some of the best gizmos are still designed to make food prep easier. If you’ve forgotten to upgrade your kitchen (you know, because advances in TV took over for awhile), now’s your chance to up your game. Faveable tracked some of the best gadgets you can get to save time when playing with (erm, preparing) your meals. And their top pick is going to blow your mind. Think tech meets food management, and you’re on the right track. Featured image above is of Crock-Pot Smart Cooker which allows to adjust cooking time, temperature and other settings via the WeMo app.

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This Case Turns Your iPhone 6 Into a Mini Batmobile

Case Batmobile

Your iPhone 6 is cool enough as it is. But you can make it even cooler by dressing it up in this Batmobile case by Bandai. As implied, the case looks like a miniature version of Batman’s ride. It doesn’t just protect your device from scratches and damage in case you drop it; it also comes equipped with LED lights that alert you to incoming calls or messages. It also uses your phone’s flashlight to “turn on” the Batmobile’s headlights and taillights.

A neat extra feature is the emission: just turn the switch to project Batman’s logo on the wall.

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