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Maersk Just Set The World Record For Most Containers Loaded Onto A Ship


In news only tangentially related to gadgets, the Danish shipping giant Maersk has recently announced that they’ve broken the world record by loading 17,603 containers onto their giant MV Mary Maersk ship. It is pictured here leaving the port of Algeciras, Spain, on July 21, 2014. That’s 17,603 TEU, to use the exact nomenclature, which means ‘twenty-foot equivalent units’, but you wouldn’t be too wrong thinking of them as containers. The ship itself is a mammoth “50 meters wide and 396 meters long. Its gross tonnage is 194,849, and according to MarineTraffic it is currently in the China Sea South traveling at a speed of 17.8 knots.” That’s a whole lot of goods making their way to us, and a good portion of them are probably consumer electronics.

As a matter of fact, the ‘tangential’ reason we’re even mentioning this, aside from how impressive the feat is, is that most of our electronics are Made in China (or elsewhere), and bigger and more efficient ships can translate into a faster and more efficient supply line. That means less waiting for us Westerners, who are always looking to get our hands on the latest gadgets yesterday.

Mary Maersk leaves Algeciras from Maersk Line on Vimeo.

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Standing Workstations Worth Considering Listed at Faveable

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.



Welcome back to another edition of partnered content at OhGizmo from Faveable. This time around we’ve compiled a list of really awesome standing workstation solutions and accessories to improve your fitness, while getting the work done more efficiently. Standing desks not only have health benefits you’d normally expect, they also help improve concentration while you work. Featured image is of LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk, it’s one of the most highly rated standing workstation which is a desk + treadmill combo with height adjustment. Find out more about our remaining picks by hitting the link below.

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The Chairless Chair Is Only There When You Want It


If you spend a good portion of your day on your feet, you’ve probably thought of just how sweet it would be to be able to sit now and then. But chairs are stationary, and there you are, moving around. If only you could bring one with you everywhere you go… Well, the Chairless Chair is essentially that: a wearable chair. It’s a light lower-limb exoskeleton that hardens at the push of a button and allows you to sit down anywhere you want. Keith Gunura, the 29-year old CEO and co-founder of noonee, the Zurich-based startup behind the device, informs CNN that it’s made from aluminum and carbon fiber, and weighs around 4 lbs., which makes it nearly indistinguishable to the wearer. To use, the wearer simply moves into the desired position and presses a button, which locks it in place, immediately relieving pressure from the lower limbs. A single 6V battery can power it for up to 24 hours.

The target market is industrial workers who spend most of their day on their feet, assembling things. Less fatigue could translate in increased productivity and worker satisfaction. BMW and Audi are actually going to start trials later this year, and if the tech catches on, perhaps a consumer version might make its way to the market eventually. Don’t hold your breath on that, however.


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Deal Of The Day: The Name Your Own Price Handheld Hero Android Gamer Bundle

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 1.45.30 PM

Stuck in an airport for a few hours, like this editor is, and looking to kill some time? Few things do the trick better than a few games. But why spend more money when you can spend less? You’re looking at the Handheld Hero Android Gamer Bundle, done in typical StackSocial ‘Name Your Own Price’ style. This means you can get up to 7 different games for as little as the average price, which is about $1.16 right now. That’s a $16 value, for titles like Spyder Arcade HD (which normally costs $4) and Incredipede (also $4). Know that 10% of your purchase will go to a charity.

[ Get The NYOP Handheld Android Gamer Bundle ]

Spreading Cold Butter Just Became Possible


There are few things more frustrating than ripping a piece of bread apart with a chink of cold, hard butter. Solutions normally range from a quick stint in the microwave, to leaving it out of the fridge overnight, to using a newfangled bodyheat butter knife. This particular solution does seems to have them all beat, however. The ButterUp Knife has a string of grating holes that turn that hard butter into easily spreadable ribbons of salty dairy fat. Just run the knife atop your block of butter, and spread as you normally would.

It’s around $11, although you’ll now have to wait until March 2015 to get yours since the Kickstarter went through the roof and all the earlier batches are now sold-out.


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This Nail Polish Can Tell You If That’s A Roofie Colada In Front Of You


Date rape drugs are odorless, colourless, and unfortunately increasingly popular. We’ve already reported on some detection methods, ranging from specialized drinkware, to gum-sized devices that you have to dip in your drink, but they all suffer from some serious drawbacks. This product, however, seems just about perfect. It’s a line of nail polishes called Undercover Colour, that change colour if dipped into a drink that contains either GHB, Rohypnol or Xanax. Just pretend to stir the drink with a finger and if you notice any change to your manicure’s hue, don’t drink it! It’s simple, discrete and hopefully effective.

The line is being developed by a team of students from North Carolina State University, and they’ve already raised over $100,000 to bring this to market. It’s not there yet, which means you’ll have to wait some more and rely on other, less elegant solutions until then.

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HyperLip Plastic Lips Forces Any Face Into a Grimace



Put on the HyperLip the next time you take a selfie and watch the likes pile up…not. It’s an unusual mouthpiece that forces the face of its wearer into a grimace. If you think only one kind of grimace exists, then think again, because these photos will prove you wrong. Who knew there could be so many ways to grimace–from smug and different to manic and just plain scary?

The HyperLip was created by French designer Sascha Nordmeyer back in 2009 as an art project. Now they’re back and are being used at the Olympus Photography Playground traveling exhibition, with the next event taking place in Cologne, Germany on September 11th to October 5th, 2014.

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Want Pizza? Just Push for Pizza!

Push for Pizza

Want a pizza for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? No problem. Just fire up the Push for Pizza app on your phone and, well, push for pizza. You’ll be asked to enter your address and credit card info the first time you use it, but you can go straight to ordering pizza and specifying your toppings of choice the next time you use it.

Sure, you can order pizza online or by phone, but nothing beats ordering by just pressing that button. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

You can download Push for Pizza from iTunes here.

VIA [ Food Beast ]

‘Ignore No More’ App Gives You the Power to Lock Phones Remotely

Ignore No More App1


Nobody likes being ignored, especially mothers. Unfortunately, kids (and even hubbies) these days ignore parents or their SOs for one reason or the other. Sometimes, it’s understandable. Other times, it causes undue panic because one party might assume that the other is in trouble. With this premise, Sharon Standifird created Ignore No More.

It’s an app that locks a paired device at the push of a button. The app has to be installed on both “parent” and “child” devices in order for it to work. (In some cases, that could be “wife” and “husband” or “girlfriend” and “boyfriend.)

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