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iFixit Drops Prices Of iPhone Battery Replacement Kits To $29

I guess iFixit is a little upset that Apple is setting into their territory of replacing batteries, so in response to the news that Apple is offering $29 battery replacements, iFixit dropped the price of all their iPhone battery replacement kits to $29 or less.

The kits include a new battery and all the tools you need to crack into your iDevice and replace the battery yourself. The company is also saying there’s a few benefits to doing it yourself, like not having to wait several days to send your phone in and get in back. There’s also the benefit of doing it yourself and having an actual feeling of accomplishment.

The price drop is effective now, and ranges from the models 4S to the 7 Plus.

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Watch: Daft Punk Covered By Fourth Grade Class

Here we have a video featuring Students from Namsong elementary school in Daegu, South Korea, performing Daft Punk’s Something About Us. Each student play a different role including drum machines, keyboards and one particularly great performance on a vocoder.

Look, I’m not saying I’m jealous, but I am saying that I had to perform I Believe I Can Fly in Chorus as a kid, and there’s no song that I hate more as an adult. In fact, I am jealous. Why didn’t I get to perform Daft Punk at school when I was a kid?

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Watch: Karl Pilkington Makes Predictions For Black Mirror Episodes

Black Mirror is an anthology show known for their dystopian-future driven episodes; Karl Pilkington was made famous by Ricky Gervais because of his simpleton behavior and child-like mannerisms. He’s a round headed buffoon that Ricky Gervais laughs at.

While Karl has made some ludicrous theories on what the future might hold, it turns out some of his ideas have made it into Black Mirror. One premise that Karl originally comes up with explains that doctors will one day transfer into the minds of their patients in order to determine their symptoms, later this plot would be almost exactly replicated in the show.

It’s a bit freaky to watch the comparisons. It’s like watching a dumber version of a psychic.

One time I predicted that this weird crypto thing wouldn’t be worth anything, so I sold 30,000 Bitcoins for a Chalupa from Taco Bell. You might think I made a mistake, but it was a pretty good Chalupa.

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Apple Not Happy With Clothing Company Using The Name Steve Jobs

As if Apple hasn’t had a tough enough year, they’ve just learned about a company named after their late founder, Steve Jobs. Worst of all, there ain’t much they can do about it.

Founded by brothers, Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato, Steve Jobs is a company that sells jeans. Seriously. They found out the trademark wasn’t registered in 2012 and filed it themselves.

Kind of crazy to think that the name Steve Jobs wasn’t registered within Apple. I wonder what other names are available. Watch out, because this time next week, the site might be renamed Elon Musk, Albert Einstein or Kanye West. Or hey, maybe Apple still hasn’t learned their lesson and Tim Cook’s name is up for grabs.

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Video: How To Make A Hit Fleetwood Mac Song

Here’s a video by NerdWriter deconstructing the Fleetwood Mac song ‘Dreams’ off their masterpiece album Rumors.

Even if you’re not into Fleetwood Mac or that genre of music, it’s interesting to get an idea of how a song goes from a concept to one of the most iconic songs of a band.

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Apple Will Soon Offer $29 Battery Replacements To Make Up For Slowing Down iPhones

Remember the story we talked about last week, the one where Apple admitted it was slowing performance of older iPhones? Well, Apple wants you to know they’re very sorry about that (I bet the regret really started to kick in around the filing of the first class-action lawsuit), and they’re prepared to make some amends.Continue Reading

Grip2u GettaGrip BOOST iPhone X Grip Case

Protect your brand new smartphone with the Grip2ü GettaGrip BOOST iPhone X Grip Case. Totally encasing your device, this case offers incredible protection on every side. The Grip Case also has something unique on the back. The Grip Case has a built-in handle. When you’re holding your smartphone, you can slip your hand into the durable grip. This gives you all the dexterity and peace of mind you need so you can use your iPhone anywhere.

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Levitating Moon Symbolizes Earth’s Relationship With Large Rocks

If you’re a fan of desk toys, you may have noticed the rise in popularity of things that levitate. Most of the time they’re pretty useless, but LeviMoon is different, it’s the first one that doesn’t make me want to throw my computer down an elevator shaft.

The LeviMoon features Earth’s very own overly attached satellite as it spins in a way that makes it look similar to the real thing. It also looks like a pretty highly detailed replica of the Moon too, and it even lights up with a simple touch of the base.

Of course, at $290, it costs about as much as the first couple Apollo Moon Landings. But hey, no one said class came cheap. Now, can I borrow $290? And when I say borrow, don’t expect me to pay you back right away. I’m a free spirit that can’t be caged after all.

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Video: Lowering A GoPro Down A Newly Installed Well

Just like falling through a warp hole, apparently taking a trip down a small-shaft well will leave you in utter aw. And I should know a thing or two about utter aw, I once saw a pigeon order a slice a pizza from a small place in Brooklyn. Who was I to question it though? Little guy gave a bigger tip that most aviary wildlife.

Anyway, Youtuber bethyalamode lowered a GoPro down her family’s new well and the footage is great. It starts off like going through space at lightspeed and becomes increasingly hypnotic, all accompanied by a strangely compelling soundtrack of the camera’s casing bumping against the pipe walls.

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