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Save 53% on iClever Kids Cat-Inspired Headphones, 63% on GlowBowl Toilet Nightlight, and 25% on Philips Hue Go

iClever Kids Headphones Over Ear

A possible Halloween costume props, this iClever Kids Headphones Over Ear will complete your kid’s cat costume. And she can use it beyond Halloween as her personal headphones. It’s cute and it works with virtually all smartphones and tablets. It’s having a 53% price slash off today, bringing the price down to only $19.

GlowBowl Activated Nightlight

You can dress up your toilet for Halloween night too with this GlowBowl Activated Nightlight. It’s motion activated and gives a soft glow. You don’t have to deal with blinding lights in the middle of the night. It’s down to $9 today.

Philips Hue Go Dimmable LED Smart Light

Lastly, there’s the Philips Hue Go Dimmable LED Smart Light that can spice up your Halloween parties. Capable of millions of colors and shades, it can sync to your music, movies, and games for a fun night! Instead of $60, you can get it at $20 discount from Amazon today.

Save $150 on Netgear Arlo Security System, Save BIG on Multiple Echo Dot 2nd Gen, and Get 40% Off Etekcity Outlet Switch

Netgear Arlo Security System

It’s time that you reinforce your outdoor security and today’s a good day to buy the tool that will make this happen. The Netgear Arlo Security System with 6 wire-free and weatherproof security cameras is on Amazon’s Deal of the Day. Save $150 and get the entire system for only $480. Place the wire-free cameras anywhere and get them to work with Alexa for further home automation.

 Echo Dot 2nd Gen

Next up is this Echo Dot 2nd Gen. The Dot is an excellent way of extending Alexa to another room in your house. You might need additional Dots if you’re planning to get the Arlo Security System. Today, you can get 3 Dots and save $20 with the code DOT3PACK or get 6 and get 1 free with the code DOT6PACK. Reserve the other Dots as  Christmas gifts. You’ll thank me later.

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch

Finally, there’s this Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch. They’re not Wi-Fi controlled, but they’re super helpful when it comes to your hard-to-reach appliances. Once you have set these up, you can just push a button and get the appliances working. No need to bend over just to get that plug in!

Embr Wave Is A Wearable That Helps You Cool Off or Warm Up

The Embr Wave is a small wrist wearable that allows you to adjust what temperature you want your body to feel like. While the Wave seems to only have immediate effect on the skin it is touching, the company says that the cooling or warming sensation moves through your body, like how wet socks make you feel cold, or drinking hot cocoa warms you up.

They compare it to the feeling of a small icepack or a heatpad, but I’m a little more skeptical. Call me a cynic, but I’m just not sure how much relief a tiny wrist mounted heatsink does in a hot environment. It’s also pretty gimmicky, I mean most situations have a simple solution: Hot day? Drink cold water. Cold day? Bundle up. Really cold day? Bundle up more.

And at $220, it’s kind of a pricey gimmick. I love cool tech, and I really want to like this, but I don’t see much value.

Looks neat though.

Get $50 Off Sennheiser Headphones, $70 Off RAVPower Battery Pack, and $20 Off the All-New Kindle Oasis

All-New Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle

If you’ve been putting off your Kindle upgrade, now’s the time to break that. The All-New Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle (with premium leather standing cover!) will be out by October 31st and you can pre-order now and get a $20 discount. It’s the first ever waterproof Kindle so prep the tub and the wine!

RAWPower 20100 Portable Charger Battery pack

The RAWPower 20100 Portable Charger Battery Pack can charge your iPhone, MacBook, Galaxy S8, and other gadgets with 75% faster technology. Go from 0 to 80% in only 35 minutes. The well-reviewed power bank is having a $70 price slash off today and you can get it for only $40.

Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

This Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones is one of Amazon’s Deal of the Day. For only $150, you get these exceptional headphones with an ergonimic around-the-neck design with a leather neckband. It supports multi-connection of up to 2 devices and a 3-way calling capability.

You Can Now Rent A Jet By The Hour To Look Rich On Instagram

If you ever wanted people to be incredibly envious of your life you could always make good friends, have a rewarding career, live a healthy lifestyle and keep good relationships with loved ones. For everyone else, you can now rent a jet to trick people into thinking you’re rich. Yep, that’ll do it.

Private Jet Studio, a company based in Moscow, does as the name suggests and lets customers rent a Gulfstream 650 for 2 hours at the low price of $244, which includes a professional photographer, because of course it does. You can then post those pictures online and show everyone that you have $244 and no shame a private jet.

Renting a private jet to convince strangers online that you are rich is the most 2017 story I think I’ve ever read. Soon we’ll have models quoting prices to be in pictures as your photogenic friend, and one day you’ll even be able to hire tech writers to write your Tinder bio.

My rates start at $19 plus $.10 a word and $4 for an up-to-date pop culture reference that’ll have people think you’re quirky. That’s the Lynx Effect.

Geekologie ]

Exploring the Top Benefits of Tech Gadgets for Education

Whether you are looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds to listen to the latest lecture that you recorded or you simply need a more sophisticated calculator, you know that certain gadgets are imperative to streamlining the education process. Learning more about how certain gadgets can benefit you when you are learning will help you to make sure that you have the ones that you need to get the most out of the material that you are studying.


Study When It is Convenient for You


Certain tech gadgets make it easier for you to study on the go, or at least review lectures and the basic material. For example, if you have the best Bluetooth earbuds handy, you can listen to lectures while you are commuting to school or when you are waiting for an appointment. You can also utilize a flashcard app on your smartphone and create flashcards that include the pertinent information that you are learning in your classes. Both of these make it easier to review the material more often so that you can master it.

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This Ironic Version of Fahrenheit 451 Can Only Be Read When Burned


Fahrenheit 451 is considered a modern masterpiece of literature. It’s a story about a dystopian future where books are made illegal and are burned en masse. It was a near revolutionary tale that has shaped the way we think about privacy today (and it was written back when not every novel was about a dystopian future).

Well in an ironic twist, French Publisher, Super Terrain, is making a version of the book with black pages that only reveal themselves when the special ink has been burned off with extreme heat. Though it’s not going to hold up to being burned in large bonfires, the fact that you can use the heat from a lighter to reveal the text is amazingly twisted.

The publisher is hoping to make copies of the special version available sometime in 2018.

Gizmodo ]

Porsche Passport: Renting Luxury Cars Like Blockbuster

So you already pay $10 a month for Spotify, another $10 for Netflix, $25 for the gym and $80 for your cell phone, but Porsche wants to know, would you pay $2,000 a month to rent one of their cars?

With the Porsche Passport, you can rent much of the Porsche lineup pretty much like renting a movie form Blockbuster. You reserve your vehicle, and it gets delivered right to you. And when you’re finished, your car will get picked up and replaced by another one you’ve chosen, no tape rewinding necessary. They even deliver it to you with a full tank of gas, how thoughtful.

There are two tiers to select from, the aforementioned $2,000 tier includes access to the Cayman, Boxster, Macan and Cayenne, while the $3,000 tier throws in the 911 and the Panamera as well. Both plans also include an insurance policy with $1 million liability, and roadside assistance, full washes, etc.

They are starting the program in Atlanta for now, and will look to expand later. Look the math is pretty simple, Porsche’s are expensive, so if you’re willing to shell out $24,000 per year to constantly swap luxury cars like you’re playing musical chairs, than go for it. And if anyone has an extra 1-year, or even 6-month subscription-card laying around, I’ll gladly accept.

TheVerge ]

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumor Mill: 3D Face Scanners and Magnetic Mods?

With this year’s update of the Galaxy S8, we saw a pretty big design change. Samsung moved the fingerprint sensor to the back, giving the phone much more free space on the front to stretch from a 5.1 inch flat screen to a 5.8 inch curved one. The overall design change left the S8 as one of the most beautiful phones ever released. Along with numerous other smaller changes, it was a pretty big update to the flagship line.

With that said, let’s take look at what is probably happening as well as what is not very likely to come to the S9 when it hits next Spring.

Probably Happening

The phone will likely get an upgrade to the processor and signs point to the Snapdragon 845. Once again, giving Samsung the best available option for Android phones, though the 845 won’t outperform Apple’s A11 chip.

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