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The Noria Air Conditioner Is Not An Eye Sore


If you’re in a warmer climate at the moment, we’d like to invite you to take a look at your air conditioner. If you’re like most people, it’s one of those window-mounted boxes, utilitarian in its design. Utilitarian is just a tactful way to say ‘ugly’, but hey, you have to stay cool, right? Well, the Noria Air Conditioner begs to differ. At just 6 inches tall, the unit is designed from the ground up to look good in your window. It blows cool air upwards, creating a convective cycle in your room that prevents hot or cold areas. At 5,000BTU/h, it’s powerful enough to cool a 10’x16′ room, or two Noria units can cool a room up to 330 sq ft. And like many appliances these days, it can connect to your smartphone and allow remote operation of multiple units simultaneously. Early Bird pricing is $249, and with 43 days to go and more than half-funded, we expect the company to be able to meet its goal. If it does, you’ll then have to wait until March 2017 to get your hands on yours.


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Suicide Coffee Has Triple The Caffeine


Are you the kind of person who needs to drink a cup of coffee before you have your morning cup of coffee? Yeah, waking up is hard, we feel the pain. But drinking gallons of the stuff is also probably not the best for your stomach. Why not, instead, crank up the caffeine content in each cup? Suicide Coffee does just that.

– Our beans are proudly roasted in Louisville, KY
– Suitable for espresso, drip, or any coffee machine or device
– Brew that keeps you laser focused throughout the day
– We buy direct from farmers, meaning our suppliers get a better deal than Fair Trade
– 2x – 3x the amount of caffeine in a normal cup of joe
– Your buzzing taste buds will tell you this blend has notes of chocolate and cherry. Subtle, yet powerful.

We haven’t had a chance to taste it, so can’t speak for its flavour. But we like the idea. At $20 for a 1lbs. bag of beans, it’s not outrageously priced either.

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For Kitty: A Modular Cardboard Cat Castle


Because you’re fond of buying things for you cat, even though you know he’ll probably just sniff around it for a few minutes then proceed to ignore it altogether, we’d like to present the Boxkitty. It’s a crowdfunded modular cardboard cat castle. Each module attaches to the other via velcro, and allows you to create all kinds of shapes, Minecraft-style. Build a skyscraper, a twin-tower castle, a giant cube, or a linear stripmall-style abode. The sky is the limit. Well… that and your budget: the basic set, which allows you to build two cubes and a pyramid, costs $55. For $100 you could upgrade to the Fortastic Set, good enough to build a fort made up of four cubes, a watchtower, and a little pyramid roof. The cardboard used is extra thick, somewhat scratch-proof and water resistant. Considering the lengths some people go to to please their feline friends, we’re pretty confident Boxkitty will do well, despite the campaign not being fully funded at the moment. If it does reach its goal though, you’ll only have to wait until June of this year to get your product.


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Deal Of The Day: 20% Off On Pebble Time Smartwatch


The Pebble is arguably the first smartwatch, or at the very least, the first one that anyone paid attention to. It raised over $10 million on Kickstarter and launched the smartwatch craze. In 2015, the company released the Pebble Time, pictured above. It brought color to its display, but still boasted of a 7-day battery life, considerably more than its now more famous competitor, the Apple Watch.

Pebble packs everything you want out of a smartwatch into a sleek, modern package. With its unique timeline interface, Pebble displays everything you care about (notifications, calendar events, weather, sports scores, news & more) in any easy-to-view timeline. Track your activity and sleep, wear it in the shower—and be left wondering….what can’t the Pebble do?

“Pebble Time is fun. It’s warm and inviting in a way the other watches aren’t.” Gizmodo

– Get notifications at a glance: calendar events, texts, emails, incoming calls & more
– Track you activity & sleep w/ daily reports and weekly insights
– Use near water w/ resistance up to 30 meters
– Speak into the built-in microphone for voice notes & quick replies
– Always view the e-paper screen (even in bright daylight)
– Wear the thin, ergonomic design all the time
– Wear for 7 days straight w/o charging

Normally $150, it’s $119.99 with today’s deal, shipped for free as usual.


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Make The Most Out Of Your Car’s Space With The Roadster Setback Luggage


If you’re leaving on a jet plane and you don’t know when you’ll be back again, there’s a good chance you’ll pack quite a bit of stuff. Maybe even enough stuff that the ride to the airport could be complicated by the lack of space in your trunk. Well, the Roadster Setback Luggage uses the space directly behind one of your car’s seats to accommodate extra storage. The trifold garment bag hangs from your headrest, and provides you with 3 inches of storage for things like suits, shirts and other items that fold easily. When you’re at the airport, simply fold it up into a carry-on sized bag. Made from ballistic nylon and leather, the Roadster Setback Luggage seems like the perfect frequent traveller’s companion. It’s $149.


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The H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask Has A Leg Up On The Competition


Snorkelling is great. It’s a fun, relatively risk-free way to explore the underwater world in shallow waters. But it’s not without its challenges, one of which is that it’s only possible to breathe through your mouth while submerged. Easy as that sounds, it’s also easily forgotten. That’s why we dig the H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask. Not only does it look awesome, its full-face mask means you can breathe normally when your face is under water, while the clear bubble cover gives you an unobstructed view of your surroundings. There’s even a mount for a Go-Pro so that you can record your adventures and share them with your friends. Granted, at $145 it’s not cheap, but this is definitely the slickest snorkelling mask we’ve ever seen and would drop the money in an instant… if we had that kind of disposable income.

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Is There A Market For A Smart Mattress That Rats On Your Partner’s Infidelity?


The Durmet Smarttress is a mattress embedded with 24 ultrasonic movement sensors, and a WiFi chip that then relays information gathered from these sensors. They’re called “Lover Detection System” and their purpose is to alert you when your bed is being used “in a questionable way”. In other words, if your spouse is cheating on you, you’ll get a dandy little notification on your smartphone. Worse yet, launching the app will also inform you of certain metrics involved during said incident, sharing metrics like “Speedometer” and “Intensity and impact per minute”. So not only will you be able to know your partner cheated, you’ll know just how much fun they had while doing so. It’s… beyond creepy, to be honest. And we’re wondering if anyone in their right mind would ever drop $1,750 on a mattress that essentially symbolizes and embodies the mistrust and dysfunction that must be present in a relationship for its purchase to be justified. We’d like to suggest that the money would most certainly be better spent on couples counselling, or even a hefty amount of alcohol… just to forget the fact that you’re suspecting your loved one of infidelity.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 6.55.19 AM

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, lead the way to body measurement technology for all.

Naked 3D Tracker

The following article is brought to you by The Tech Info Group. -Ed

Something exciting is happening in the world of fitness. Anyone who is trying to reshape their body in some way, at some level, professional or amateur, is in for a surprise. Checking one’s progress toward fitness goals on the scale, with a tape measure, by looking in a mirror, or calculating body fat just became way easier. Welcome to the magic world of The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker.

The new fitness tracker device is a full-length smart mirror that provides feedback about your body like no other tracking device has ever done. According to The Tech Info Group, this high-tech mirror comes equipped with Intel RealSense Depth Sensors that take a 3-D scan of your body as it slowly turns around on the accompanying blue-tooth scale.
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The System One Speaker Set by iHi-Fi

Get ready to be blown away with the System One Speaker Set by iHi-Fi. Pumping out the highest quality audio, this set has everything you need to hear music and sound effects the way they were meant to be heard. Included in the System One set is the HD6 aptX Bluetooth speaker pair complete with dual amplifiers and they come in a stunning walnut wood casing. The S8 subwoofer has its own internal amplifier to make the bass rich and smooth and it comes in a super sleek black.

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