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Redshit Redshift Shocktop Gives You A more Comfortable Bike Ride

There’s a few things you can do to smooth out your bike ride, from outfitting your bike with shocks and springs, to a simple gel mat on the seat. Shocks and springs are kind of a no-go on road bikes, so the Redshift Shocktop will be welcomed by speed aficionados looking for less vibrations on their next ride. The Shocktop approaches the issue of bumpy rides with a bendable stem that allows the handlebars to travel up and down with every crevice you ride over, smoothing everything out. Large bumps saw a reduction of up to 70%, while the simple “road buzz” that every rider is used to is pretty much eliminated. The company offers several length stems, with different stiffness levels (thanks to twin interchangeable elastomers), so that you can adjust your experience to your liking. Installation is done in minutes and requires no special tools other than maybe a screwdriver.

It’s $109, you can pre-order it now, and expect delivery in April 2016, in time for the 2016 riding season.


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Deal Of The Day: The Smart Home Giveaway


Today’s deal isn’t a deal, but a giveaway. You can enter to win three awesome home automation products.

So your dream nest is on the beaches of Hawaii? Sorry, can’t help you there…but we’re giving away three epic home automation products that will turn your house into a modern fortress. One lucky winner will receive the Nest Thermometer, Cam, and Alarm so you can survey, protect, and regulate the temperature in your home with ease. That’s the short story—in reality, these products do much, much more.

Entering is easy—follow the simple steps for a chance to win!

– Thermostat: Sets an automated temperature schedule & saves you loads of money on your energy bill
– Cam: Looks for motion & sends an alert to your phone if it sees something
– Alarm: Packs advanced smoke detection features; even control it from your phone
What you win:
– Nest Cam
– Nest Alarm
– Nest Thermostat

This is a $547 value, and all you have to do to run a chance of winning is entering!

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The Chambong is A Shotgun Glass For Champagne


Champagne is classy. Drinking your alcohol shotgun style, not so much. So the Chambong is a wonderful hybrid between class and crass, letting you swig your fancy French bubbly through a thick glass straw on one end of this weird V-shaped drinking vessel. The other end is shaped like a traditional Champagne flute, so your guests will know you’re at least partly well mannered. The Chambong lets you chug the wine, looks easy enough to fill and operate, but completely fails at being able to be put down on a table without issue. Like, do you just lay it on its side? Anyway, it’s $25, and less if you buy more. It’s being billed as a “collector’s item”, but, yeah… we wouldn’t pay too much attention to that.


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Deal Of the Day: 36% Off On ChargeIt! Dual-Output Car Charger


Gone are the days where you and your significant other argue over who gets to charge their mobile device in the car. For just $23, you can get the ChargeIt! Dual-Output Car Charger and both of you can top up your devices without arguing.

Texting, FaceTime, Angry Birds, Instagram—all these seemingly harmless activities are sadly a drain on your mobile device’s battery. Even with just a quick commute, you can juice up two mobile devices at once with ChargeIt!. This speedy charging gadget plugs straight into your car so you’ll never forget it at home, and never run out of battery on the road again.

– Safeguards your devices w/ overload protection
– Replenishes two devices simultaneously
– Charges phones or tablets in top speeds
– Provides a reliable charge w/ MFi-certified (Apple-approved) Lightning connector
– Allows convenient phone placement w/ attached 10.5”L cable

Normally you’d pay $36 for this, but with today’s deal it’s only $22.95! And as always with these deals, shipping is free.


[ Get The ChargeIt! Dual-Output Car Charger ]

Pepsi Is Releasing A Limited Edition ‘Pepsi Perfect’, The Soda from BTTF II


In a few short days, October 21st 2015 will arrive. That happens to be the day Marty McFly arrived in the “future”, where he was welcomed with a laundry list of then-futuristic innovations that mostly failed to come to market. Except of course for those that didn’t, because of a marketing tie-in from some clever company. This time it’s Pepsi, and they’re releasing a very limited edition of Pepsi Perfect, the soda you see in one of the scenes in the movie.

Fans located in the U.S. can get their hands on 1 of 6,500 Pepsi Perfect bottles, each outfitted in a special collectible case. The 16.9 oz. bottles will contain Pepsi Made with Real Sugar and will sell for $20.15.

Well, that’s a lot of dollars to pay for something you probably won’t even drink because you realize it’s a collectible and might be wroth a couple extra dollars on eBay in 15 years from now or something. Then again, it’s a collectible, so if you’re a BTTF fan just suck it up and pony up.


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Wildcard is A Slim Multitool With A Detachable Blade


Multitools on Kickstarter are just like wallets on Kickstarter: there are way too many! But every now and then one comes around that adds a little innovative twist and stands out. The Wildcard is yet another multitool stamped out of solid stainless steel, except this one features a fold-out serrated edge blade. Better yet, the blade is detachable so if you forget you’re carrying it at the airport, you can just surrender the blade and order a replacement, instead of having to ditch the whole thing. It’s also got a screwdriver, a prybar, and a bottle opener. The whole thing measures just 2mm thick and is credit card sized, so it’ll fit in your wallet easily. It’s a smart design, and definitely worth the $25 pledge necessary to secure one.


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Connected Dice Roll Themselves, Light Up, And Make Sounds


Dice have been around for a long time, but it seems it’s only lately that we’ve started seeing any sort of innovation brought to this centuries old product. First there was the Ako Dice a week ago, and now we bring you news of the Boogie Dice. While the Ako’s update was purely aesthetic, the Boogie Dice are high-tech. The biggest feature is that they’ll roll themselves: simply snap your fingers, clap your hands, or make a sudden loud noise to activate the rolling action. An internal vibrator will keep them dancing on the table between 2 and 4 seconds, long enough to make you feel like they’ve been properly tossed. “The Boogie app allows you to customize the dice by changing the length of the roll, color of the LED lights, the sound sensitivity and more.” A charging station also does double duty as a rolling arena, making sure the dice don’t fall off your table. On a full charge, you can expect 600 rolls.

It’s doing the Kickstarter dance at the moment, and you can get a pair for a $38 pledge, with shipping in March 2016.


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iPhone 6s by Legend: Everything you need to know


The following article is written by Sophie Davidson in collaboration with ‘How to Spend It’? -Ed.

When one thinks of mobile phone communications and Finland, the consumer is naturally inclined to bring the once-great Nokia to mind. Who can forget original icons such as the 3310, the N90 and other pioneering models? If we rewind a decade back then it seemed everyone was either talking or playing Snake on these little gems.

However, Finland has much more in its mobile phone locker than just history, and one team of Helsinki-based artisan jewellers and stone-setters have taken the iPhone 6s and created a work of wonder even more stunning than the raw version, which is launching in a blaze of glory this autumn.

The 128gb phone itself still boasts the apps and capabilities that Apple have somehow pushed into such a small package, but that package now has a wrapper that takes the phone to an exotic and intricate level, described on its website as the ‘world’s most luxurious iPhone 6s.’

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You Should Be A Wolf Howling At The Moon This Halloween


You guys know about the Three Wolves Howling at the Moon shirt, right? It went pretty viral a few years ago… No? Well, whatever, if you do know it you’ll instantly fall in love with these awesome Wolf Masks. Yes, they’re made to resemble the wolves on the infamous shirt, and will instantly make you a hit among other Internet People that you come across your Halloween parties. It’s made from latex, which means it should be comfortable, and the eye holes are in the neck so that the wolf always looks like it’s howling at the moon. It’s pretty awesome, and it’s $32.50.


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