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Nintendo Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort Get Priced


By Shane McGlaun

Until Nintendo announced its Wii game console, sitting around playing with your Wii had decidedly negative connotations to it. Thankfully, today you can call up your friends and ask them to come play with your Wii and they will happily come over. Nintendo is set to launch new accessories and games this summer that many have been waiting for.

Nintendo has announced that the new MotionPlus accessory and Wii Sports Resort are going to be available for purchase this summer. The MotionPlus accessory will be available on June 8 for $19.99. The accessory adds accuracy to the motion detecting Wii Remotes. I wonder if we will see future Wii remotes simply get the MotionPlus tech built-in.

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LeapFrog Number Rumble Hits iPhone


By Shane McGlaun

My kids have a slew of LeapFrog toys lying around the house. I can honestly say that most of them play the most annoying tunes. You know the sort of tunes I am talking about, the ones that stick in your mind and you end up humming them all day like “C says “kuh”, C says “kuh” every letter makes a sound, C says “kuh”". Crap, now it’s stuck in my head again.

I have a hard time when I am sitting near my kids getting them to leave my iPhone alone as it is. LeapFrog has now announced its first iPhone app called Number Rumble that will have them wanting to play with my phone even more. The game helps kids six to ten learn math by teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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Free Crysis Wars Trial from EA and Crytek


By Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of PC shooters and my favorite all time shooter was Crysis from Crytek. I was almost as giddy as a schoolgirl when I heard they were launching Crysis Warhead. Warhead had great graphics, but the story line wasn’t quite as good as the original.

EA and Crytek announced that they are offering a free trial of the multiplayer shooter Crysis Wars available through Friday April 17. The trial allows players to play all of the games three multiplayer modes and all 23 maps.

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Riiflex Adds Weight Training to Wii Fit


By Shane McGlaun

The Nintendo Wii makes for a much more involved video game experience than competing consoles. Some games like boxing are as much of a workout as Wii Fit. The popularity of the console for people looking for a fun exercise platform is undeniable with the Wii fit game being at the top of many sales charts.

For Wii Fit fanatics looking to get more from their workouts a new product will be shipping soon called the Riiflex dumbbells. The dumbbells are cut out to hold the Wii remote and nunchuck while you play games.

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Star Trek Scene It Board Game Announced


By Shane McGlaun

I tend to play more video games than board games, but when you have a group of friends over sometimes it can be fun to go old school and whip out some board games. Star Trek fans looking to prove that they have the most useless sci-fi factoids stored away in their neural net will be glad to hear a new Star Trek board game is available.

The game is called Star Trek Scene It and it’s a trivia game that uses a DVD to show clips from the various TV series and feature films int the Star Trek franchise. I see Picard is included on the box image; he was the best Enterprise captain ever if you ask me.

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New Fast & Furious Game Comes to iPhone


By Shane McGlaun

The first Fast & Furious movie was really cool and I liked it a lot. The second and third films in the franchise were not nearly as cool and enjoyable to me. Friday marked the release of the fourth film in the franchise with the original actors, and from what I hear it is a pretty good movie.

As typically happens today, a new video game launched alongside the movie for the iPhone. The new Fast & Furious game is the sixth game in the franchise to come to the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is available now on the iTunes store for $5.99.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Coming in November


by Shane McGlaun

If you are an avid PC gamer or console gamer who likes first person shooters, odds are that you have played a Call of Duty game before. The franchise started out in the World War II setting and by the fourth installment had made it to modern times.

I can honestly say that COD 4: Modern Warfare was the best title in the franchise in my opinion. The game has great graphics and had some of the best online multiplayer action to be had anywhere. When the most recent COD game came out and was in the WWII era again I was saddened. I hoped for another modern setting.

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Lawn Darts Makes a Virtual Comeback


By Shane McGlaun

The lazy summer days of my youth were often spent throwing lawn darts with my brother. Honestly, most of those games involved more throwing lawn darts at my brother than with him. Hitting a moving target was much more difficult than that big circle, especially with all the screaming for help and ducking behind trees my brother usually did.

I’m sure kids like me are why you can’t buy lawn darts like we had back then. The company behind the popular golf game Golden Tee has announced that lawn darts are back, at least in virtual form in a new arcade game called Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts.

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Xbox Owners Can Get Guitar Hero Metallica Demo Now

ghmetallica-sb By Shane McGlaun

Music games may look geeky to those who aren’t into video games or music. Even if you have friends who don’t like to play the drums, sing, or play guitar in a virtual band, at least they can sit around and make fun of you while you rock out.

Guitar Hero fans that have been waiting for the next title in the franchise, Guitar Hero Metallica, to launch can now get a taste of what the full game will offer with the playable demo for the game now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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