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3 Top Rated Gaming Monitors

Asus MG279Q

While gaming processors and GPUs get a lot of attention, your gaming monitor is still very important when it comes to your experience: If you haven’t upgraded to 4K yet – or have been wishing for a larger screen or better customization options – then allow us to introduce the top gaming monitors of 2017.

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The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge

The KAISR Original is a super comfy, lightweight, easy to carry lounge chair, that inflates within seconds. It’s designed for ultimate relaxation, anywhere, anytime. The KAISR Original is fun to use and will last a lifetime. It’s perfect for those sunny days at the beach or at the park. Or even to bring along to the music festivals.

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Huis E-Ink Remote Controller – One Remote For All Your Smart Home Devices

Working with multiple consumer electronics products at home won’t be cumbersome anymore if you have the Huis E-Ink Remote Controller. This remote control is designed to be that one cool remote control to be compatible with most of your home appliances. The E-ink display used can display the buttons you use per device so that controlling multiple devices by switching different screens on the remote control will be easy. From Apple TV to your home thermostat, you can control all your smart home gadgets with Huis. The battery saving E-ink display used need not be charged more than once a month with regular use. If you thought remote controls were difficult to maintain, here’s your chance to head for something strong and super powerful!

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Top 2: Best Gaming Laptop

Top Gaming Laptop

Go any where and game any where with these best gaming laptops.

We’ll let you in on a poorly kept secret: gaming laptops are more interesting and powerful than ever before. The best gaming laptop of 2016 proves that you can go mobile without sacrificing too much gaming power, no matter what you prefer to play. And thanks to the latest laptop computer inventions, such as new mobile ports for high-end GPUs, performance and display quality has never been better.

Power and durability are, of course, important when searching for the top gaming laptop. You’ll have to sacrifice some weight to get everything in one package, so we also suggest considering a gaming laptop pack or case that can hold everything easily. As always, features specifically devoted toward gaming, like a powerful but quiet cooling system, are worth buying as welll. When it comes to storage, a hybrid or SSD is your best bet, but you will have to pay more for the privilege, so start saving up. Check out our electronics reviews for more information.

As far as the screen goes, don’t even think about going below HD – and if you have enough to spend, 4K gaming laptops are now readily available. While most gaming laptops have acceptable keyboards with solid design and customization options, you may want to take a look to make sure the setup is to your liking before buying.

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Thermo – The One Touch Wi-Fi Thermometer

Gently gather health data from your family with Thermo, the one touch Wi-Fi thermometer. Combining comfort, safety, and accuracy, this external body thermometer is a breeze to use. Using the HotSpotSensor Technology, Thermo has 16 built in infrared sensors to show you super accurate results from the hottest spot in just two seconds. The device is placed on top of the skin rather than in the mouth or ear canal making it much cleaner, safer, and more sanitary than traditional thermometers. The readings are delivered as color coded feedback and takes into account the user’s age. Syncing over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and connecting to the dedicated app, you can store and track the health data, ready to share with your doctor. Thermo is a simple, sanitary, and accurate thermometer.

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What’s an Atari, Grandpa?


If you haven’t heard the name Atari and you’re a serious gamer, then you have to take this little trip down memory lane and acquire a brand new Atari Flashback 4 Classic gaming console. Once the mainstay of the gaming industry, this little device is the granddaddy of all game consoles in existence today! It features classics such as Space Invaders, Battle Zone, Asteroids and more than 70 additional games that were the staple diet of geeky kids in the 80s. If you want to go retro and do away with all the fancy graphics and eardrum-damaging game sounds of today, then this is the console to own. You can take a trip back to the past and still have a link to the present, because this console features wireless Atari 2600 controllers. It’s a kind of have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too deal when you think about it – all the excitement of a collection of the best games from 40 years ago supported by the technology of today. Get it for a 15% discount on Amazon if you move quickly.


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This Controller Works for Wii, Wii U and Android

ThinkGeek Pro Controller for Wii and Wii U

ThinkGeek has a multi-function controller for Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U that also works with select Android devices via Bluetooth that’s called the Pro Controller. But the cool thing about the Pro Controller is that it actually combines a Wiimote and Wii Classic Controller into one easy-to-use controller that will make all your Wii gaming experiences as fun as ever.

Not only is the third-party device sturdy and comfortable to hold, but it’s also accurate and pretty darn clever. So all you need to do is flip a switch on the device and the Wii U console will recognize it as a Wiimote, but flip it the other way and it will think it’s a Wii classic controller. And its D-Pad is great for all of your favorite Virtual Console titles, too, making this Pro Controller the one device you’ll want to definitely use over and over again when playing your favorite games on Wii or Wii U. You’ll get non-stop gaming with its rechargeable battery and it also features analog joysticks, triggers, speakers and vibration. When using with Android devices, simply download a Wii Remote app and then pair the controller to your device via Bluetooth. ThinkGeek has this all-in-one Wii Pro Controller for $39.99.

ThinkGeek Pro Controller for Wii and Wii U

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Batman Returns

By Josh Campbell

In 2009, game developer Rocksteady Studio released Batman Arkham Asylum, and everyone thought that it would just be another failed attempt at making a superhero game. This game however, was different. This game was written by veteran Batman writer Paul Dini, who has helped write many different Batman story lines, such as Batman: The Animated Series. The game turned out to be an excellent representation of Batman. Unlike any other superhero game made before it, this one became a success, went on to win multiple game of the year awards and it even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’.

In the game at a certain point you come across some plans for something titled “Arkham City”. Nobody really knew what it was at the time, but it ended up being a little hidden message telling gamers that there were plans for a sequel. Then last year, the sequel was officially announced. Rocksteady has kept most things quiet about the game, but they have released a few trailers showing what it is going to be like. In the trailers are shown some new features that will go into the game. For instance Batman now has the ability to glide for even longer distances and he can now swoop down on enemies, unleashing devastating blows. All of the gadgets that Batman had the first time around are coming back, plus two new ones announced so far. These are smoke bombs, which will help with alluding enemies and a broadcast tracer to help track them. As of now the game looks great and the villains look to be even more intriguing than that of the first game. The original stayed true to the comic book Batman that we all love, and I do not see them changing that at all. Batman Arkham City is scheduled to be released in October of this year.

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EA’s Battlefield 3 Testing The Limits Of Consoles
By Bryson Higgins

Since the announcement of Battlefield 3, there have been 4 trailers released. All of them have stunning footage of jaw dropping graphics, wowing viewers worldwide of what this Fall holds for them. However some are asking (myself included) whether these outstanding visuals can be replicated on non-PC hardware. I, like many others, fell in love with the Battlefield franchise with Battlefield 2 on the PC. Originally, the game was a PC only title and many fans wanted it to stay that way.

However, EA’s franchise is now not only found on the PC but also the Xbox 360 and PS3. Developed by EA “Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment” or DICE, the long awaited sequel is running some powerful new tools to bring it to the top, engine-wise. It is aiming to compete against one of the biggest titles, Call of Duty. With all these new advancements, can a consoles whose graphics’ capabilities are far behind the PC handle such a demanding game? DICE executive producer Patrick Bach spoke with Computer And Videogames magazine (CVG), saying that he was confident Battlefield 3 would be “if not the best-looking console game this year, up there with the competition” also noting that his goal was to “prove it rather than talk about it”. Patrick Bach then told CVG that this game will be pushing both the Xbox 360 and PS3 to an “absolute limit”, and paving the way to potential, as yet unannounced next-generation consoles.

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