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Maximum Squishy: Japanese Gel Saves Suicidal Eggs

By Evan Ackerman

Not much to say about this stuff; the video pretty much speaks for itself… A skinny little mat made out of Beta Gel is able to safely catch a raw egg dropped from 22 meters. Made of silicone, Beta Gel (and it’s predecessor Alpha Gel) is non-toxic, weatherproof, and won’t lose its strength over time. Boy does it look comfy. You can find some “Geltec” products on eBay, but I can’t quite tell if they’re the same stuff as this. The Geltec website also shows a variety of consumer products including mattresses and pillows, but they don’t seem to be for sale directly. In some ways, that’s a good thing, since I have enough trouble getting out of bed in the morning as is.

[ Beta Gel ] VIA [ Japan Probe ]

airLUCE Devastatingly Modern Lighting

By Ryan Nill

Tranlogue Associates, designer of couture household accessories, has created a line of lighting fixtures utilizing surface emitted light. Inspired by fluid, natural lines, the airLUCE series is both modern and exceptionally beautiful; airLUCE looks surreal, almost ethereal. Made from an all new material, designed by Asahi Kasei, it consists of acrylic board that emits surface light from hidden LED sources. This more equal diffusion of the light creates a softer, cleaner feeling; it appears more balanced and natural, especially when compared to the harsher LED lights popular now.

The airLUCE series will be released next week in London. Pricing and availability is unknown, but is probably horribly expensive. And unless you live in an undersea palace or inside of a giant iPod, it probably won’t match your decor anyways. One more picture and links after the jump.

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Space Efficient Furniture From Tetris

Chair Sofa Bed
By Evan Ackerman

If you live in a teeny little apartment, or even if you don’t, this combination furniture might come in handy. Depending on how you fit the pieces together, you can create chairs and a low table, a sofa, or even a bed. My only real question is what materials would be used, since I don’t generally fall asleep on two chairs and a table. Unless I’m in class. Anyway, I’d like to see some additional sets that you can combine in different ways to make more furniture, and perhaps if you collect them all, you could make some sort of super ultra badass, uh, combination sectional and loveseat.

[ sdesignunit ] VIA [ Neatorama ]

Fuwapica Furniture Devours Your Self-Esteem

snipshot_e4r64sa7r7v.jpgBy Ryan Nill

Fuwapica Furniture glows!

…based on how much you weigh. The Fuwapica project was unveiled at the SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego; the glowing cube-shaped furniture comes in two varieties, Honeycomb and Ice. Upon sitting down, the furniture will assign you a color based upon weight. The Ice types are inflatable and display solely based on your weight, while the Honeycomb ones can coordinate with the seats and the table.

The Honeycomb’s table contains a computer and LCD display screen that can control the chairs. If you place something on the Honeycomb’s table, the computer will analyze it and then instruct the chairs to glow in a matching, accompanying color. Or you can just let them ravage your self-worth at will by glowing based on your weight.

Sources indicate that this technology is more than just a design exercise and will be available commercially within one or two years. Currently, the Fuwapica Honeycomb retails ¥417,000 (or US$3,505) and the Fuwapica Ice sell for¥179,000 (or US$1,500) and are both available now from the Proto-Type Inc., located in Tokyo. No word if they have an online site.

[ gizmodo ] VIA [ inventorspot ]

Lawn Chair Takes It Literally

Lawn Chair

By Evan Ackerman

I love relaxing on a lush carpet of grass, but I’d love it even more if it had adequate lumbar support. The Lawnchair, from Fung + Blatt, consists of an aluminum frame supporting pillowy, pure sod in all of its grassalicious goodness. Since the grass is real, it’s in your best interests to keep it alive, a task which is made easy by an integrated “moisturizing system.” And of course, you’ll need to mow your chair… That may take some creative programming of your lawn mowing robot. Look for it in limited quantities this fall at an undisclosed price.

P.S.- The iPhone comes out today. Bam, covered!

[ Fung + Blatt Lawnchair ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]

The Solar System Chair

solar system chair

By David Ponce

Still shopping for furniture for that new pad? Check out this great Solar System Chair. It might not look comfortable to sit on, but £99 will get you a hell of a conversation piece. It’s approximately 650mm x 400mm x 600mm in size.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Funfurde ]

The Firetable Really Is A Table With A Shooting Flame


By David Ponce

Lord, how we love this accident-waiting-to-happen piece of furniture! It’s your everyday coffee table, but with the added twist of having a flame spout off from the middle. (Does a flame, technically, ever “spout off”?) It’s made from reconstituted limestone aggregate, which is presumably fireproof, and it uses an alcohol-based gel as its burning fuel. This will prevent your home from being covered in soot, and makes extinguishing the flame as easy as sitting on it smothering it with a plate or something.

It’s made by a company called FireTable, but they seem to make a bunch of other burning things, like hearths and mini-burners. The table models seem to start at around £900, and are available now. And I’m a little too tired to think of an appropriate bum-burning joke, so you’re free to make one up yourselves.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Core77 ]

Eskimo TowelClip Is A Giant Heating Paperclip For Your Bathroom


By David Ponce

Whether you’re a librarian or an office worker with an unhealthy obsession with paperclips, or an apartment dweller with odd tastes, there’s no denying that the Eskimo TowelClip Radiator from Eskimo Design breaks out of the mold as far as towel warmers are concerned. This paperclip-shaped piece of furniture is really a radiator that plugs into a 230V outlet, and uses 45W of power to warm or dry whatever you’ve hung on it. We imagine it can warm your bathroom as well. It measures 215mm by 850mm by 85mm.

We said unhealthy obsession because if you think that this is special enough to spend $680 on, then we think you need to have yourself checked.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ UberReview ]

Design From The Past: A Post-It Table

post-it table

By David Ponce

We’re making it sound like this Post-It table was around in Paleolithic times, but it’s not. It’s from 2002 though, but looks just as cool today. It’s made from 5,000 sheets of paper bound together by PVA glue, and it serves as both table and notepad. You or your bored guests can doodle away, and just tear a sheet off when required. It’s also great for serving food on, as you don’t have to clean up after yourself.

As it’s from 2002, we’re not sure if it’s still being sold, but at the time, it would fetch £700, and be delivered to the UK only.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BookOfJoe ]