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These Plush Lens Pillows Are Awesome, Ask Any DLSR Owner

If you’re anything thing like me, you might be an amateur photographer who loves to show off their DSLR whenever possible. For that reason, you can’t let people forget that you can totally get better shots than their phone, simply because your camera is tucked away in a bag somewhere.

Well with this pillow, stuffed and shaped like a prime lens, you don’t have to worry about your friends and family being oblivious to your expensive hobby. Just set it out on the couch whenever you have company and everyone will know why your Facebook photos of Uncle Joe’s barbecues always get the most likes.

In all seriousness, these pillows are handmade and would make a perfect gift for anyone who’s into amateur photography. I know I’d love it as a gift. You can even pick between models of either a Nikon or Canon lens.

They’re $45 each, just keep in mind that if you buy one as a gift, you make sure to get the right model. Take it from me, you do not want to buy a Canon lens pillow for a friend who is on Team Nikon, that’s how you lose friends.

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3 Reasons Why the Philips Lightstrip Makes a Better Home Decor


Philips Hue Lights have been smart home favorites because they’re easy-to-use and they make your home beautiful in a click of a switch (or at the command of your voice)!

The lightstrips are the variety which is the most interesting because you can play with light in ways that you can never do with the good old bulbs. We’ve rounded up a few reasons why you’ll want to have the Philips Lightstrips as your home decor from now on.

They give your home an instant (sometimes, unconventional) makeover.

A little light here and there and your home will look like a set from a sci-fi movie or, if done elegantly, a cozy space from a posh hotel. A neon blue light outline underneath your bed. Color wash on your walls. Lit-up stairs for home parties.

The magnitude of a lightstrip’s effect is huge, yet the effort that it takes in installing one is nothing to worry about.

It also doesn’t matter what your current decor or home style is. The lightstrips is capable of projecting over 16 million colors and a thousand shades of white.

They’re low maintenance.

First, the lights are LEDs. We all know how efficient and long-lasting they are. They consume little power and can last for as long as 50,000 hours or 5.7 years. That is, if you left them on for the whole 24 hours. They can even last longer if you use them for a few hours per day.

When it comes to cleaning, all you need is just a cloth to get the dust off. Compare cleaning the lightstrips to a chandelier or an intricate piece of furniture. You get the picture, right?

Functionality-wise, they deliver.

The Philip Lighstrips ain’t just pretty to look at. They can be smart too. Switch them on remotely before you get home or ask Siri to set them to a party mood. You can even make them pulse with the beat. Or create an IFTTT recipe to flash your football team’s colors everytime they score.

There you have it. For convenience and effortless style, it’s wise go for the Philips Lightstrips. We also got more ideas on how to use it at your own home.

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Our Top 3 Pick: Best Standing Desks

Top Standing Desks

Gain more energy and brain power with these standing desks.

Standing desks are growing more popular as people try to find ways to stay healthy while working – and burn a few more calories, too. For people who are interested in trying out the new fad, the first step is, of course, buying a standing desk. Here’s where the trouble begins…and where Gadget Review is standing by to help out.

There’s a surprising amount of variation in standing desks, which can be used in a variety of spaces and for many different purposes. Even the basic standing desk with a flat top and traditional supports can be augmented with gadgets like cable holes, holders for your iPhone or iPad, and more.

Another key point is if the desk is stationary, or can be adjusted to multiple levels for different people. Stationary desks are far less expensive, but may not work in an office setting, and cannot switch back to a sit-down position when necessary. Among the adjustable options, the best standing desks have electronic systems that move the desk and remember various heights, although this will tend to raise the price even higher.

If you are short on room but still want a standing desk, there are smaller cool furniture solutions to fit nearly anywhere in an office or entryway, solving your problem and saving you space. Here’s a look at a few of the best standing desks around, and just how they differ.

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Game On Stores Game Consoles and Gear on the Wall


By Shane McGlaun

Keeping the games, controllers and game console tidy and stored out of the way when not in use can be a big issue for some users. Entertainment centers are often too small often leaving a tangled mess of wires and games lying around.

A new storage product for game consoles and accessories called Game On has been unveiled. The device can be mounted to the wall and has an upper shelf that holds games and a lower shelf that holds the game console itself.

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Hands-On With The Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nintendo sent over a DSi review unit for me to give a once over, and I’ve finally gotten around to processing and posting my photos comparing the new model to the older DS Lite. Overall it’s a solid update to the hardware, and while not revolutionary, I think it improves the DS where it counts. And the addition and potential of the DSi Shop is probably the biggest reason DS fans might want to make the upgrade. So if you’re still undecided, hit the jump for more of my photos and thoughts on the DSi.Continue Reading

Gyroxus Full-Motion Gaming Chair Gets $100 Price Cut

This post is syndicated with permission from

I grew up on Atari, moved on to Nintendo and then to PC gaming as the years went by. I am always looking for cool gaming gear that will make games more fun and enjoyable. Driving and racing games are one of my favorite genres and things like force feedback steering wheels make the games much more fun. I am still waiting for full-motion simulators to get affordable so I can add one to my collection of gaming gear.

Gyroxus released what it calls a full-motion video game chair this spring. The chair sold for $489 when it was first launched — not too bad for a full-motion simulator. The Gyroxus price was cut significantly today making the chair now sell for $389. The chair is compatible with the PS3, PS2, Xbox, and Windows PCs. The chair has an adjustable back to accommodate users of different heights and a USB port on the chair so you can plug the controller and chair in with one cable.

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Fake Yellow Pages Booster Seat Is Classy

By Luke Anderson

When you were a kid, did your parents ever use a giant phone book as a booster seat? If you lived somewhere like New York, there’s a good chance that a single set of yellow pages was enough to help you reach the table. Of course if you’re from a small town like me, you were better off finding a large dictionary, as it took several phone books to do any good.

This booster seat looks a lot like a giant phone book. It is made from plastic and is contoured to comfortably seat your child. You’re bound to get a few laughs when friends come over for dinner. Best of all, it’s just $20.

[ Perpetual Kid ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

Italian Artist Makes Objects That Look Like Meat

simone racheli

By David Ponce

Rarely do you come across artistic genius so keen as to envision everyday objects that look like meat. But that’s exactly what Simone Racheli (an Italian dude) has done. On display at the Paolo Maria Deanesi gallery, his works range from bicycle frames, to irons to delicious toilets. They’re made from plastic, wax and other materials and being works of art, they’re not specifically being sold.

Hit the jump for a bunch of pictures and links.

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Interactive LED Coffee Table

By Evan Ackerman

I’m always impressed by the cool stuff coming out of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (stuff like this, for example). And their latest project is no disappointment, as you can see from the video. These coffee tables are touch sensitive, and respond to pressure with ripples of blue and white LEDs. When they aren’t being touched, the LEDs twinkle softly, but any contact sets off “waves” of light that move around the table and gradually settle down, kinda like touching a pool of water. There’s no pre-programming and no seizure-inducing blinking or flashing; it’s completely analog and smooth.

I’m happy to report that you can buy one of these. They come in two table styles, and cost in the neighborhood of $2000 (depending on options) from Because We Can. Or, you can just buy the kit (add your own table and do some soldering) starting at $350 (large sizes and colored LEDs besides blue and white cost more) directly from Evil Mad Scientist Labs. Cat+string sold separately.

[ Interactive LED Coffee Tables ] VIA [ Hacked Gadgets ]