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Neon Legos: Retro in the Metro

Neon Click

By David Edney

Well, these aren’t Legos by any stretch of the word, but the principle is the same and represent a leap in sign-making innovation that should have been made eons ago. International Robotics has created individual letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols that connect together just like Legos. They all are encased in fire resistant plastic casings that connect together to spell whatever your heart desires. After you choose your phrase, you connect it to a special power source and you have a low-voltage, recyclable, neon-sign which lasts for 10,000 hours. That’s a pretty good life for these neon letters, and a good bang-for-the-buck being that they cost less than $5 for a block and $30 for the power cord. The blocks are all connected in parallel so if one goes out the others still work. Of course, this sound fine and dandy until you decide to annoy the crap out of all your customers by alternating colors on each letter, as they are available in various sizes and come in blue, green, and pink.

[ International Robotics ] VIA [ New Launches ]

iCushion LED Pillow

by David Edney

The holidays are just around the corner and since there aren’t enough “i” products going around I thought you would like this one. The iCushion takes 4 AAA batteries and puts on a show!! You just turn on the music and the graphic equalizer (that’s right a real graphic equalizer) on the pillow flashes with the rythm of the music. It costs about $50 so its more of a novelty item than anything, but it does come in four different colors to tickle everyone’s fancy:; red, purple, blue, and green. Go get your boogie on; you know you want to.

VIA [Gadget Box]

Wenge Hi-Fi TV Stand

anora home wenge hifi tv stand

By David Ponce

They say that money doesn’t buy you taste, and we couldn’t agree more. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that can afford something great like a big-ass plasma… and then stick it on a bare wall like a cheap painting. Fortunately, you got the guys at OhGizmo! to slap some sense back into your little noggin’. If you’re going to be getting a plasma for the Holidays, get yourself something nice to put it on, like the Wenge Hi-Fi TV stand. It’s made from two thick slabs of Wenge wood that sandwich a convenient storage space for you to put your DVD collection in, or whatever else. It stands atop a sturdy aluminum base, and the TV panel swivels so you can watch that plasma head-on from any corner of your living room.

There’s no price listed on the website, but we can’t imagine this being too cheap. That said, what’s a couple more grand when you’ve just spent ten (or 50) on your televised entertainment?

[Wenge Hi-Fi TV Stand] VIA [Trendir]

Optoma’s 100 Inch BigVision Is Upgradable, Lovable

optoma bigvision hdbv3100By David Ponce

We’ve talked about Optoma in the past. We kind of like them. They make innovative products with features not commonly found in consumer electronics these days. Take for instance their Bigvizion HDBV3100, a 100 inch rear projection DLP HDTV with the notable feature of being upgradable. Yeah, that’s right. So, even though you’ll probably have to mortgage the kids to own this $30K set, your wallet can rest a little more soundly knowing that “[a]s the technology changes or chipsets are improved, it’s a simple matter to replace them, from chips in the scaler to new chips from Texas Instruments.” Sure, Panasonic may be starting production on their 103 inch plasma, but those extra three inches would cost you about $40,000 more, and that set’s not even upgradable.

Specs on the BigVision are more than decent. First of all, the entire setup is meant to be encased in your wall. Installation is supposedly fairly straightforward and only requires you to make a big hole in your drywall, something we know you’re yearning to do anyway (who isn’t?). Then, the HDBV3100 will deliver native 1080p resolution at a claimed contrast ratio of 10,000:1, and in the words of the reviewer: “with regular room lighting, the images were still bright, crisp, and robust.”

For a thorough review of the BigVision HDBV3100, follow the link love.

[DigitalTrends Reviews The BigVision HDBV3100] VIA [I4U]

Limoseen – The Electronic Meet & Greet Board

Limoseen (Image courtesy Limoseen Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

Like me, some of you will probably see the name ‘Limoseen’ and mistake it with the fictional 80’s hair band ‘Limozeen’ made famous in a Strong Bad cartoon. Be aware though using the letter ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ in the spelling makes a world of difference.

The Limoseen is an electronic hand-held pixel board that can be programmed to pretty much show any text but is intended to display the names of celebrities or other important types so they know what limousine to climb into. I guess at one point some enterprising driver decided the torn-up cardboard pizza box with the celebrity’s name scribbled across it in black sharpie just wasn’t good enough and so the Limoseen was born.

The Limoseen display comes with an in-car charger, a window cradle and a custom logo which replaces the ‘Limoseen’ logo seen in that product shot for $199.

[ Limoseen ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

(On a side note, is it just me or does the Limoseen website remind any one else of an infamous online joke? I mean step back and really take a look at the site and you should see what I mean…)

Humax’s LD2060 Fuses LCD Screen To DirecTV Decoder Box

humax LD2060By David Ponce

Like it or not, the Holidays are coming. For this reason, in the next few weeks we’re going to slowly shift our focus away from products you point a finger at and snicker, and more towards consumer electronics you can actually purchase and wouldn’t mind unwrapping in polite company. And we think one good such candidate is the LD2060 from Humax USA, which claims to be the world’s first 20″ LCD TV with an integrated DirecTV tuner.

That’s right, no separate decoder box or unsightly cables for you to hide somewhere. It’s got a 500:1 contrast ratio and isn’t particularly bulky at 24.2? x 16.3? x 7.1? and 19lbs. You can buy it now from various retailers for as little as $575.

[Humax USA LD2060] VIA [Thrillist]

Keymat Industrie To Charge $130,000 For The YALOS, A Diamond Crusted LCD

yalos diamond TV

By David Ponce

The most efficient way to artificially jack up the price of any given piece of consumer electronics, without actually adding any useful features, is to simply bling the living daylights out of it. There’s no shortage of such items, like this creation by Peter Aloisson. And now you can add the YALOS Diamond LCD screen by Italian company Keymat Industrie, a tacky looking piece of electronics, with the dubious distinction of being covered in 160 diamonds, totalling 20 carats or 4 grams. There’s also some white gold plating, which unfortunately does nothing to make it look any better. Yet, the company feels confident that this is enough to justify a $130,000 price tag.

As the success of many of these products shows, the world is not about to run out of people with more money than sense… or taste.

[Press Release] VIA [Engadget]

A Bathroom TV From Porter Lancastrian

porter lancaster televisionBy David Ponce

When not living in a closet-sized shithole, a bathroom can actually be one of the nicest rooms to hang out in. So, anything that gives us an excuse to spend even more time there is fine by us. This is why we’re digging the Porter Lancastrian TileVision, a mirror that doubles as an LCD screen. When the TV is off, it looks like a regular mirror. But turn the high brightness, high contrast set on, and you’re able to watch your favorite programs in either 17 or 23 inch versions. The sets use 6mm thick toughened safety glass, and are built to be entirely waterproof and temperproof.

They come with remote controls, and also allow you to listen to the radio. There’s no word on price, though from the looks of the bathrooms in which they’re displayed, we can’t imagine these being too cheap.

[TileVision TV] VIA [Trendir]

Zenview Powerscape Ultra HD Brings Five-Monitor Euphoria To Your Desktop

zenview powerscape ultra hd

By David Ponce

A very long time ago, we pointed you to a gorgeous 5-LCD display, the Athens Monitor, that turned out to be a cute little piece of vaporware. So, here’s hoping that the Zenview Powerscape Ultra HD display is an actual product, and not another clever bit of photoshopping. It combines four 20.1″ LCD screens in portrait mode, at 1200×1600 each, and one central panel with a huge 30″ workspace and 2560×1600 resolution, for a total 7360?1600 lines of resolution and almost two meters of screen real estate.

Of course, you won’t be able to display that many pixels without something serious under the hood. The company recommends two graphic cards: the NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT and the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280 PCI. They also list a series of workstations guaranteed to work with the display, all of which will put a serious ding in your wallet.

How serious? The display itself is on special, at $5,900, while the cheapest station goes for $2,000. Seems like that’s the kind of cheddar you need to own the craziest freaking display on the market.

[Zenview Powerscape Ultra HD] VIA [Xataka]