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PocketBands – Wristbands With a Hidden Pocket


We’ve all experienced it: You’re working out and that damn key knotted on the drawstrings on your pants keeps getting lost…

Yup, it’s annoying and distracting. Even though pockets are great, they’re not so great when you’re engaging in athletic activities. But now you can eliminate that problem with the new Kickstarter campaign, PocketBands, a wristband with a hidden pocket.

The bands are great for when you’re running, surfing, biking, skating, swimming and other sports or activities you do where you don’t want to hold things in your pockets; simply stash away a key or some cash in the hidden compartment that each band features. But besides being functional, they’re also comfortable and pretty stylish, available in a variety of colors and patterns. They’re made using a stretchy, surgical-grade silicone, which makes them durable, water-proof, and pretty comfy to wear. You can get them in four different sizes (small to extra large) and in a bundle of 3 if you pledge $20 toward the campaign.

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Zombie Head Dispenses Gumballs, Not Brains

Zombie Gumball

Zombies have been around for ages. They’re the subject of Robert Kirkman’s highly popular The Walking Dead series and have tons of games featuring their undead likeness, like Popcap’s Plants vs. Zombies. Of course, they don’t actually exist, but that doesn’t make them any less creepier.

Like this Zombie Head Gumball Machine, for instance. Thankfully it doesn’t serve up brains but gumballs instead, which rolls out onto its tongue that’s tied to a nail that happens to be hammered into its chin. Pretty gory for something that serves up gumballs.

It’s not made from an actual human head, but it’s a sculpture by Thomas Kuebler. Imagine how creepy it would be if it served up brain-shaped candy and blood-red candy fashioned after body parts instead of gumballs. Gory!

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Logitech Announces MK700 Keyboard And Mouse With Incredible Battery Life


By Chris Scott Barr

If you spend most of your workday at a computer like I do, then you’ll want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. A comfortable chair, a nice big monitor to look at and a good keyboard/mouse set are probably the most important. Today, Logitech announced their new Wireless Desktop MK700 keyboard and mouse, which are aimed at being both comfortable and convenient to use.

The new MK700 keyboard features a new type of key that they’re calling “Incurve keys.” These concave keys are supposed to keep your fingers in the right place and have softly curved edges to be more comfortable when moving from key to key. Other features like a cushioned palm rest and longer key travel should make things more comfortable in general.

So what makes this set so “convenient” you say? Well you’ve got things like an LCD dashboard that lets you know things like the status of Caps Lock, Num Lock and your battery life. They’re also using 2.4GHz wireless technology to ensure a strong connection (up to 30 feet away), because no one likes pressing a key and having nothing happen. The real kicker is the battery life. You can expect the batteries in your mouse to last for up to a year, while the keyboard can go up to 3 years without needing changed. Oh, and that’s on 2 AA batteries each. I hate changing out batteries, and measuring the time between changing them in years instead of months should be enough of a selling point for some people. Look for the MK700 bundle later this month for around $100.

[ Logitech ]

Black & White Clock


By Chris Scott Barr

It seems like everyone and their brother has designed a clock of some sort. I can’t go more than a couple of days without seeing a new one popping up somewhere, so I usually try to limit my coverage to the cool and unusual. The Black & White Clock is definitely both.

The clock consists of four separate OLED digits, which are individually powered and controlled. You then attach them to a wall, and they will display the time. They include a light sensor, so that the normally black digits can light up when the room is dark. It really looks like a cool concept, and the designer is currently looking for a manufacturer, so hopefully we’ll see this one on the market someday.

[ Kibardindesign ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

OhGizmo! Review – Flip UltraHD

Flip UltraHD (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

YouTube and other video sharing sites have made finding and watching clips of men getting hit in the groin by footballs extremely easy for everyone from kids to grandparents. But it was a company called Pure Digital that made capturing hilarious clips like that just as easy for anyone capable of pushing a button. Their Flip line of digital camcorders are known for being as easy to use as it gets, and with the addition of the MinoHD and the UltraHD pictured above, creating HD content is just as simple.

I spent a few weeks playing around with the Flip UltraHD and while I was initially worried that I would be frustrated by such a simple device, I actually walked away appreciating its simplicity. So if you’ve been looking for a way to shoot HD video that’s as easy, if not easier, than a point & shoot still camera, you’ll want to check out my full review of the Flip UltraHD after the jump.

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Video: Cryogenic Rocket Engine Makes Icicles

By Evan Ackerman

NASA’s new Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Common Extensible Cryogenic Engine (CECE) runs on hydrogen and oxygen. The H and O combine, igniting into 5,000 degree steam and releasing a whole heap of energy in the process. So how in the heck does the engine form icicles while it’s running? Well, the hydrogen and oxygen are stored as liquids, and to stay liquid, they have to be very, very cold: the hydrogen measures a rather nippy -423 degrees F. As the hydrogen circulates around the engine, it cools everything way, way down, and when the super hot steam exits the super cold engine, it condenses into water at the edges and then freezes into icicles.

The CECE is called “deep throttling,” which means that the thrust can be adjusted from 8% all the way up to 104% of its maximum rated output of 13,800 pounds of thrust. It’s designed to take people back to the moon, along with all of the crap they’re gonna need to make themselves at home there for a while.

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Maker Faire 2009: USB DataSquid


By Evan Ackerman

Unlike the ambiguously betentacled USB sea creatures we’ve seen before, this is most definitely a USB squid, and not a cuttlefish. Nifer Fahrion makes each DataSquid by hand out of wool, and endows them with USB data storage which is accessible by removing the two long tentacles. 8 gigs worth of squid is $95.

[ NifNaks ]

Hands-On With The Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nintendo sent over a DSi review unit for me to give a once over, and I’ve finally gotten around to processing and posting my photos comparing the new model to the older DS Lite. Overall it’s a solid update to the hardware, and while not revolutionary, I think it improves the DS where it counts. And the addition and potential of the DSi Shop is probably the biggest reason DS fans might want to make the upgrade. So if you’re still undecided, hit the jump for more of my photos and thoughts on the DSi.Continue Reading

UVSunSense Wristbands

UVSunSense Wristband (Image courtesy Beauty or Bust) By Andrew Liszewski

Wristbands designed to monitor your exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays are nothing new, but I particularly like the UVSunSense bands because they’ll also let you know when it’s time to re-apply your sunscreen. You see, when you first apply sunscreen, you actually apply it to the UVSunSense band as well. Once you step outside the band will turn purple in the sunlight letting you know it’s been activated, and when the purple color fades, you’ll know it’s time to re-apply.

There’s also an “APPLY SUNSCREEN TO THIS SIDE” note on the band, and when those words are no longer visible, it’s actually recommended that you get out of the sun completely. Now unfortunately the bands are one time use only, but a 7-pack from Amazon is just $5.87.

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