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Sprint Gets Exclusive New Samsung Instinct s30


By Shane McGlaun

One of the myriad of new smartphones to debut last summer and try to match wits, coolness, and usability with the iPhone was the Samsung Instinct, which was a Sprint exclusive. The handset was cool by many accounts, but didn’t really stack up to the iPhone.

Sprint and Samsung have announced that a new and Sprint exclusive Instinct s30 will be coming this month. The new handset offers a thinner profile and two color options including Cobalt Metal or Touch of Copper hues. Sprint says that the device can receive email and access corporate email servers at no additional charge.

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Bluetooth Headset from ChicBuds goes Pink


by Shane McGlaun

Guys have lots of choices when it comes to a Bluetooth headset. Most of the offerings on the market are masculine looking with black or silver colors and blocky designs that a dude can wear without feeling girly. The ladies on the other hand have but a few headsets that are decked out in girly glitz.

A new Bluetooth headset from ChicBuds has been announced that is called the PinkTooth. The PinkTooth has a lithium-polymer battery good for 200 hours of standby time and six hours of talk time. The glam part of the headset is the pink or white Swarovski crystals that decorate the earpiece.

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The Chairman Phone Gets Official


by Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of cool gadgets as you might imagine, but when it comes to smartphones the most money I am willing to pony up is the $300 or so the iPhone costs. There are a few phones on the market that are designed for those with wallets fatter than mine though and perhaps one of the most expensive was announced today.

Earlier this month we talked a bit about the Chairman phone from Ulysse Nardin, but at the time there were few hard specs for the device. Today a bit more on the specification side has been announced for the handset. The Chairman can be had in a few different styles including a solid gold version, a steel/gold version, and a solid steel version.

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$15K iPhone 3G Case for the Rich and Geeky

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Over the years, I have seen some strange gadgets that are designed for the exceptionally wealthy geek. Things like cell phones that sell for $17,000 or gold plated iPods. These types of gadgets are meant for only one thing — to show how fabulously wealthy their owners are. Personally, if I were fabulously wealthy I would opt for exotic sports cars.

For the wealthy geek that wants a new iPhone 3G — but feels the need to be sure people understand he could have a much more expensive phone — might want to opt for the Noreve iPhone Diamond leather case. The diamond case retails for $14,990 and is available in 12 different colors.

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Motorola Adds Three ROKR Handsets to Line

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Motorola has been unable to duplicate the success it had several years ago with its RAZR handset. Motorola is looking to regain some of its glory and its latest attempt to separate the mobile phone user from their cash is three new ROKR handsets.

The coolest one of the trio is the ROKR EM30. This phone uses Motorola’s ModeShift technology to illuminate the keyboard. When the phone is in music mode the keypad with controls for music are red. When the phone is in talk mode, the handset keys are blue. The EM30 also features a FM receiver built-in with RDS 4 technology for identifying the song and artists being played. The EM30 is also compatible with Windows Media Player 11 and has a 3.5mm headphone jack built-in.

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Stephen King’s Short Story “N.” Coming to Small Screen

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Stephen King is an undisputed literary master in many circles and one of the bestselling authors in the world and let’s face it the dude is a bit weird to boot. I remember my first exposure to his work when I was a kid with the original film “The Shining” with Jack Nicholson. That movie scared the hell lout of me, as it would with most 7 year old kids. Over the years I have found that most movies based on King’s work aren’t nearly as good as the early stuff. King also tries all sorts of formats for his work from theatrical movies, to serial novels, to magazines and even TV shows.

King is now looking to conquer one of the last mediums for his work around, the small screen of your PC or cell phone. King has teamed up with Scribner, Simon & Schuster Digital, Marvel entertainment, and CBS Mobile for a comic book style adaptation of a original and previously unpublished short story called “N.”. The story will be in the form of serialized video clips each 2 minutes long. The first segment of the series will debut July 28 and new segments will be offered 5 days per week until August 29.

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Monster Announces Price and Ship Date for Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

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When it comes to headphones there are lots of differ products to choose from. Of all the headphones of various styles that I have ever used, they tend to always have one thing in common—lack of bass. Monster announced a set of headphones at CES back in January called Beats by Dr. Dre that promised to bring new technology and a new level of sound quality to consumer earphones.

At CES Monster didn’t give a clear idea of when the headphones would be available, but it did say they would retail for slightly under $400. That price is a serious chunk of change for headphones. Monster has announced that the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones will be available starting July 25 at the Apple store, Best Buy and from

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Tap Tap Revenge for iPhone

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I have spent every day since the iTunes App Store launched fighting with iTunes tech support to get them to believe the fact that I couldn’t download anything from anywhere in the store wasn’t related to the amount of traffic the store was getting with the new iPhone. It seems that wait until later and try again was the best answer they could give me for 3 days until someone finally bothered to actually check my account and fixed it within 5 minutes.

With my account fixed I downloaded all sorts of cool apps today including the free game called Tap Tap Revenge. The game is sort of along the lines of Guitar Hero, but with tracks nowhere near as good. The game has a red, blue and green beams that have orbs of light and the occasional arrow that slide down them. The object of the game is to tap the orbs as the hit the bottom like you would do in guitar Hero.Continue Reading

Fake Yellow Pages Booster Seat Is Classy

By Luke Anderson

When you were a kid, did your parents ever use a giant phone book as a booster seat? If you lived somewhere like New York, there’s a good chance that a single set of yellow pages was enough to help you reach the table. Of course if you’re from a small town like me, you were better off finding a large dictionary, as it took several phone books to do any good.

This booster seat looks a lot like a giant phone book. It is made from plastic and is contoured to comfortably seat your child. You’re bound to get a few laughs when friends come over for dinner. Best of all, it’s just $20.

[ Perpetual Kid ] VIA [ GearFuse ]