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Alereon to Debut Wireless Sync Accessory for iPhone


By Shane McGlaun

One of the features I have often wished that my iPhone had is the ability to be wirelessly synced to iTunes. I can never seem to find my charge and synchronize cable when I need it. The iPhone has Wi-Fi and wireless sync seems like something Apple could offer.

Until the feature is offered by Apple, Alereon has announced that it will be debuting a new iPhone accessory at Computex that will allow wireless synchronization and more. The accessory features one of Alereon’s wireless USB chips inside allowing for full-speed USB connectivity to a Mac or PC without needing a wire.

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Verizon Gets Three New LG Handsets


By Shane McGlaun

The mobile phone market is down like most other electronics categories thanks to the global economic recession. However, the smartphone segment is still booming and thanks to the success of smartphones, more and more devices are being introduced.

Verizon Wireless is getting three new handsets from LG this summer including the LG Glance, LG enV Touch, and the LG enV 3. The handsets share some of the same features including support for text, picture, and voice messaging along with Bluetooth support. The handsets work with VZ Navigator, email, IM and chat as well.

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Samsung Gloss Hits US Cellular


By Shane McGlaun

There are tons of phones on the market. Despite the economy the high-end segment of the mobile phone market including smartphones are selling quite well. Sales in the middle of the market are dropping though.

Samsung has announced that US Cellular is getting the new Samsung Gloss handset that looks like something a woman would keep in her purse. The Gloss is a square phone that measures 2.55-inches x 2.94-inches x 0.82-inches and has a 2.2-inch LCD.

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Case-Mate Launch Fuel Battery Pack For The Blackberry Bold And iPhone 3G

By Christen da Costa

By now we’re all too familiar with the endless array of iPhone battery packs. So what about the other guys? Officially announced today, the Case-mate Fuel Battery Pack does double duty as a hip holster and back up battery pack for the Blackberry Bold. The company claims that you’ll get 7 additional hours of talk time or up to 20 additional days, yes days, beyond the Bold’s standard battery. And in case (pun slightly intended) you’re averse to over-charging, Case-mate has tossed in an on/off switch allowing you to kick in the fuel for when you want it.

Case-mate has also built a Fuel battery pack for the iPhone 3G – they’d be idiots not to. Expect to get 9 additional hours of talk time or 250 hours beyond the iPhone’s standard standby time.

Both Fuel packs are available now for $79.99.

[ Case-mate – Fuel Battery Pack ] VIA [ GadgetReview ]

Viewsonic Announces New Smartphone Initiative

viewsonic-sb By Shane McGlaun

Despite the fact that the global economy is very bad, smartphones are still growing at a significant rate. More and more computer companies are announcing that they are entering the smartphone market in an effort to improve their profits.

The latest company to announce that they are entering into the smartphone market isn’t a computer maker, but a company known for LCD TVs, digital picture frames, and PC monitors. Viewsonic has announced that it intends to enter into the smartphone market with phones aimed at video, gaming, and Internet browsing with larger screens.

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Google Android Smartphone Shipments to Grow 900% in 2009


By Shane McGlaun

The first Android smartphone to hit the market was the T-Mobile G1. The device was met with enthusiasm by many fans of open source phones, but there were some teething problems with the new OS. It took Google and T-Mobile a bit to get things sorted and other smartphone makers and mobile carriers watched to see how the G1 did before jumping into the Android waters.

Now that the kinks are mostly sorted out of the Android OS, more and more new smartphones are being announced that would run the operating system. Strategy Analytics says that in 2009 Android will be the fastest growing smartphone OS with a predicted growth rate of 900% for the year.

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MetroPCS Customers Get New Samsung Tint Handset


By Shane McGlaun

Most of us own a cell phone today and we can all agree that one of the worst parts about mobile phone service is that we are tied to contracts. With a contract, the mobile provider has you by the kiwis even if their network sucks, assuming you don’t want to pay the early termination fee.

The dislike of contracts has been a good thing for the variety of no-contract pay-as-you go providers like MetroPCS. MetroPCS is one of the few no contract providers that gets a number of new handsets. The latest new handset for the network is the Samsung Tint.

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T-Mobile Unveils First 3G Sidekick


By Shane McGlaun

When the Sidekick first launched long ago, I thought it looked really cool and wanted one. Then I found out that the T-Mobile network really sucked outside most large cities and decided to make do with the then cool Motorola Razr. Those of you who can actually access a T-Mobile network may be glad to hear there is a new Sidekick in town.

T-Mobile has unveiled the Sidekick LX calling it the first 3G Sidekick ever. The handset is aimed at the social network crowd and includes a software bundle for Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. The phone comes in two colors — orchid and carbon. Orchid looks more like maroon to me and the carbon is just a fancy name for plain black.

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HTC Touch Diamond Launches on Verizon Wireless


By Shane McGlaun

Verizon Wireless has a slew of smartphones available on its network, some of them pretty good and some of them not so good. HTC and Verizon wireless have announced that starting today the HTC Touch Diamond will be available on the Verizon network.

The Touch Diamond is available through the Verizon business sales channels and will sell for $299.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate. Windows Mobile 6.1 powers the device and users can opt to use the normal Windows interface or use the 3D TouchFLO interface from HTC.

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