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The Earbuds of the Gods

snipshot_e4be2rbig1a.jpg By Ryan Nill

Ultimate ears, known for exceedingly good headphones and exceedingly opulent prices, has completed their magnum opus. The UE-11 Pro has four individual speakers in each ear; a dual driver subwoofer, a dedicated midrange and separate tweeter all harmoniously melded by a three-way crossover. They boast a frequency response of 10Hz to 16,500 Hz, -26dB of noise isolation, and input sensitivity of 119dB at 1mW. Running 1150$, you would probably have to be a god to afford these.

iLounge also adds:

“That it will offer the user’s choice of custom colors and artwork for the UE-11 Pro—typically costing up to $200 above the price of its standard custom earphones—at no additional charge for the first 60 days of the product’s launch, ending September 30, 2007.”

[ ultimateears ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Panasonic’s Nanotech Excites Big Bass From Little Speakers

Panasonic Bass Speaker

By Evan Ackerman

While bass is undoubtedly one of the most visceral components of music, it also takes the most effort to produce. Good bass requires moving big volumes of air, which is why little speakers in portable devices can’t cut the mustard when it comes to low frequencies: there’s just not enough room for the air to move. Panasonic has developed an ultra-porous carbon-based material (out of bamboo, maybe?) full of little nanoholes that can physically absorb air molecules. By building speaker cabinets out of this material, Panasonic says they can effectively double the volume of air that is available to speakers at low frequencies. Larger speaker systems will benefit proportionally, but this technology could still mean improvements in the low end fidelity of portable electronics and headphones.

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hipDisk Gets Jiggy Not At All


By Evan Ackerman

Winner of the prestigious “Simultaneously Most Hip and Least Hip” award is the hipDisk, a totally unique musical instrument designed by Danielle Wilde. It’s billed by the designer (not us, the designer) as “the most undignified musical instrument ever,” and she’s not kidding:

As you gyrate spastically, switches inside the disk translate your movements into sounds. Yes, you could kinda do the same thing with a belt, but part of the point is visualizing the movement and resulting sounds. The designer will ultimately outfit a small orchestra of hipdisked women; currently there is no version for men. What a shame.

[ hipDisk ]VIA [ We Make Money Not Art ]

iPhone Launch Soon, AT&T Hires 2,000 More Workers To Cope

at&T logoBy David Ponce

Not for a long time have people’s panties gotten up in bunches of this magnitude over an upcoming gadget release. But word is that come June 29th (the day the iPhone hits the market), massive hordes of bespectacled geeks lusting after the coveted phone will swarm AT&T stores nationwide in such a frenzied scale that it prompted the company to hire an extra 2,000 employees just to handle the rush. To put a little more perspective, here are a couple more fun fact about the launch:

-1,800 AT&T retail stores exist and will all be selling the iPhone.
– AT&T sales staff have received a total of 100,000 hours of training to sell the device, with each employee receiving about six hours of individual training.
– AT&T stores will close locally at 4:30 p.m. on that Friday to prepare for the launch, then reopen at 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. that night.

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Decapitated Gundam Serves Speaker Duty

gundam robots head speakers

By David Ponce

Hysteria is rising over the upcoming Transofmers movie. It’s understandable. So maybe it makes sense to see some Korean company trying to cash in on the action… by releasing Gundam speakers. No, Gundam is in no way related to Transformers, but they share many of the same elements: robots, anime and awesome 80s looks. That’s of course where the similarities end, and these Gundam Head Speakers aren’t really all that exciting once you get over their looks. The speakers use batteries for power, and the actual speakers are revealed only once you open the flaps on the back of the head.

No word on price or availability, but chances are this is Korea only.

[ Product Page (translated from Korean) ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Vinyl Gods And Speakers – What’s Not To Love?

marka27 vinyl gods

By David Ponce

Marka Quiñonez is an artist that likes to make groovy vinyl toys. He’s better known as Marka27, and he happens to be the creator of a long awaited line of speakers called “Mini Gods”. They are 16 inch tall, are powered by a 9V battery and receive audio input through a minijack. They are being made in limited numbers and come in four designs:

Brazil (300 pcs), Midnight (300 pcs), Gold Grillz (100 pcs), and Platinum Grillz (100pcs). The Gold Grillz will be released by Toy Tokyo as an SDCC exclusive with Marka27 there to sign them and meet his fans.

There’s no word on price, but we can’t imagine them being cheap.

Couple more pictures after the jump.

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DMT-100 Speakers Look Like Freaky Eyes, Are Supposed To Sound Better

proclaim speakers By David Ponce

Paranoids and other mentally unstable readers may want to abstain from Proclaim Audioworks‘ DMT-100 speaker set: they look like three eyes stacked atop one another. Of course, the company did not set out to make them look like eyes on purpose; they claim they produce better sound being shaped this way.

The enclosures are built using two opposing layers of fiberglass which are filled with a proprietary sand mixture which is then vibrated to a densely packed consistency. The result is a heavy, dead, non resonating enclosure that lets the driver unit itself do all the talking and not the surrounding surface.

Maybe this actually makes sense, maybe it does not. This sort of talk is usually reserved for a very special kind of person: the audiophile. Only they will be able to separate the audio wheat from the mumbo-jumbo chaff, if only in their minds. See, the audiophile lives in a special kind of world where the right words can talk them out of $26,000. That kind of money buys saner people a car, but who are we to judge?

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Ounae ]

Sony Experimenting With Column-Shaped Speakers

sound column

By David Ponce

Sony Design has been playing around with speakers, in this instance coming up with this column of glass named “Rin”.

[The device is a] column rising vertically from a stone floor, tapering into a translucent pole from which sound emerges in all directions. The radiating sound defines the space through which it propagates-like ripples produced by a stone dropped in a pond…

The base is made from Lombardy marble, long employed for creating acoustic spaces in so many historic churches and salons.

This design is part of several others resulting from a temporary union between Sony Design and Master Craft Lombardia, in Italy, in a project to “craft a variety of materials into unique and original pieces that produce sounds and images and are exhibited in a fascinating and suggestive setting.” Whether this or any of the other designs will ever be produced remains to be seen.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ 3 Yen ]

M-Stock 533 Alarm Clock Downloads Songs From Your Mobile

m stock 533

By David Ponce

The M-stock 533 is a really nifty clock, albeit one with limited appeal to anyone outside of Japan. It’s not that it really does anything revolutionary, or something that couldn’t be accomplished differently, but we like it all the same: it is able to download songs from your mobile phone via IR. It stores up to 5 and you can then have the pleasure of being awakened by whatever tunes you happen to think are cool at the time. The problem is that it’s limited to Japan, and that the tunes have to be purchased from Mupass. And yeah there are a number of ways to wake up to your songs, but we thought the idea of an alarm clock that downloads songs from your mobile to be kinda cool.

It’s 8,925 Yen, or roughly $76.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Tokyomango ]