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OhGizmo On Amazon’s Kindle

amazon kindle

By David Ponce

You might have heard by now, but Amazon just released its attempt at resuscitating the e-book market with an amazing little device called Kindle. It’s got a truckload of really cool features, like auto-updates through EVDO, with the cellular service included permanently with your purchase. While the device itself looks like it’s been hit with the ugly stick a couple times, Amazon has streamlined the content delivery system so well that this may become the “iTunes for books”. And, yeah, we’re part of the blogs Amazon offers a subscription to!

So, this little post is to let you know we’re currently ranked #4 in “Gadgets, PCs and Consumer Electronics” and #14 in “Internet and Technology”. That’s unacceptable, people! Sure, pretty much no one actually owns a Kindle yet (since they’re just now being delivered), so the numbers are bound to change. But still. For $2 a month, you can have OhGizmo! content loaded up on your Kindle, ready to read while eating your bagels or buttery toasts or whatever it is you guys eat in the morning. Sure, you could read it for free right on your PC, but what kind of a gadget freak would that make you? Huh? So let’s get these numbers rolling.

[ OhGizmo in Kindle’s Marketplace ] and [ Product Page ]

‘Tis The Season Of Gadget Gift Guides

federated media holiday gadget guide

By David Ponce

You know it. It’s that time of year again. You’ll be looking for gift ideas. We’re there to help. Andrew’s going to be doing Year 2 of the awesome OhGizmo! Christmas Countdown. Me, I’m writing a weekly post for Federated Media’s Holiday Gadget Guide, sponsored by Windows Mobile. With writers from CrunchGear, BoingBoing Gadgets and UberGizmo (to name just a few), it’s got tons of interesting suggestions. All these guys writing together? Man, it all sort all feels like a cheery Holiday gift-idea-generating family. Or something like that.

I’ll be posting partial articles here on OhGizmo!, with a link to read the full one, every now and again.

And stay tuned for our very own version of the same.

And The Winner Is…

By David Ponce

Michael Godfrey! What am I talking about? You knew about our Neuros giveaway, right? No? Well, keep up, guys!

Congrats, Michael. We’ve contacted you already, so check your email.

Win A Shiny New Neuros OSD!

neuros osdBy David Ponce

We’ve covered Neuros Technology in the past. They make an awesome device that allows you to record video and reformat it to mobile formats on the fly, altogether bypassing the PC. It’s dead easy to get video on to your cellphone, PSP, iPod or whatever else. Think of it as a digital VCR that’s as small as a pack of smokes. Or a little media center. And it’s all DRM-free.

A while ago, they came out with an updated version of the recorder, called the Neuros OSD. It’s got a bunch of new features, including the ability to watch YouTube videos. Matter of fact, the feature list is quite long and definitely worth a look. It’s only $230 or so.

Well, the Holidays are just around the corner, so we figured we’d get Neuros to give one device to a lucky reader. How do you win? Leave a comment in this post telling us what you’d do with your Neuros OSD: what will you record, what will you watch it on, how much of your life will you waste watching video instead of doing something productive? Or anything else you think we might find interesting. We’ll pick a random winner Sunday the 4th of November at 11:59 EST.

OhGizmo Staff On Assignment At RoboDevelopment 2007


By David Ponce

This is pretty cool! We got our own Evan Ackerman in San Jose, CA, attending the 2007 RoboDevelopment Conference and Expo. You know, robots have to be developed somewhere, and this conference is where all the designers and robo-geeks gather to show off their wares.

Evan will be reporting from there over the next few days, so make sure to go to BotJunkie for the latest news. Below is the link to his first post.

[ RoboDevelopment Expo ]

OhGizmo! Makes PC Mag’s Top 100 Blog List

pc mag to 100By David Ponce

Just want to let you guys know that we’re honored to have made PC Mag’s list of Top 100 Favorite Blogs for 2007. The blogs were hand-picked by their staff, and have nothing to do with traditional media metrics. We’re sharing space with big guys like Engadget, Gizmodo, Techcruch and others. They were nice enough to arrange the blogs alphabetically.

I’m kinda happy about this.

[ Link to our spot on the list ]

A Thank You To Our Sponsors

By David Ponce

It’s that time of the month where we remind everyone that there’s a reason we’re able to do what we do, and bring you OhGizmo! daily. That’s the sponsors, who believe in our product and are willing to associate themselves with us. And we to them, of course. So, a big Thank You to the following companies.

The company allows you to monetize your blog by writing reviews for cash. With over 40,000 bloggers signed up, their success is undeniable. And with clear disclosure now a requirement, there’s no more confusion.

Wicked Lasers
Long time readers of the site know just how great the lasers this company makes are (is this even grammatically correct?). If you’ve got the cash to spare, you’ll be amazed at how popular you can be with one of these babies in your hand.

HP is the world’s largest IT corporation, and hardly needs an introduction. There’s not much in the tech world they’re not into, and that list now includes a smartphone. Good for them.

BotJunkie At Arse Elektronika: Behold F**Zilla

zilla.jpgBy David Ponce

Our own Evan is in San Francisco, covering Arse Elektronika, an Austrian sex and technology seminar. One of the first exhibits of the show was “F**Zilla”, a robotic sex machine outfitted with a conveyor belt made of tongues (called “Lick A Chick”) and other teledildonic implements. Straddling the fence between stupid and stupider, it still makes for interesting reading. Evan even got a video of a girl called “Binx”… trying out F**Zilla. Yeah, it’s totally NSFW, so you’ve been warned. But she’s behind a curtain, so it’s not completely smutty. But I bet she’s faking every second of it.

Still, don’t watch this video at work. Or school.

We’ll be bringing you more coverage of the show in the next few days, but for now, I’m pasting a link to the first article below.

[ BotJunkie At ArseElektronika ]

Recently On BotJunkie

nanny bot

By David Ponce

Plenty of cool robot news over on our sister site, BotJunkie. Here’s a few highlights:

Buy n Large NANC-E Nannybot Takes Care Of Your Infant With Large Metal Claws

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