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Hypercolour is back!

By Wesley Dores

That’s it. The 90’s are back, and that’s a fact. Here’s an article to prove it:

BONDS have re-released their product which caused quite a stir in the early to mid nineties. Yes folks those crazy Hypercolour T-shirt’s are back!

Bonds has re-launched the infamous T-shirt from the early ’90s that changed tone with your rising temperature, or someone else’s – this time in the form of a Bonds Hot Spot Chesty singlet.

Bonds ambassador Sarah Murdoch, who returned to live in Sydney this week, says she is enjoying the T-shirt for the first time.

“I think I was too much of a square ballerina to be in them the first time around,” Mrs Murdoch said.

The T-shirt that changes colour when it reacts to body heat was a big hit everywhere from barbies to the dance floor during its first craze.

However, it almost became just as famous for the fact the colour changing qualities seemed to fade out after a couple of goes in the wash.

The company claims that won’t be the case this time around with new “macro emulsion” technology making the colour last longer.

Bonds thinks the T-shirt has another summer left in it and resurrected it for the company’s 90th anniversary.Story VIA

Virtual keyboard

By Wesley Dores.

Nothing new under the sun, but still relatively cool: a “virtual keyboard”. How does this work you ask?

Well, ok, so, you can use the VKB (Virtual PC Keyboard) with both your laptop and PC and with a compatible mobile device, be it a Smartphone or a PDA. It uses both infrared and laser technology to produce an invisible circuit and project a full-size virtual QWERTY keyboard onto any surface. The virtual PC keyboard behaves exactly like a real one: direction technology based on optical recognition enables the user to tap the images of the keys, complete with realistic tapping sounds(!), which feeds into the compatible PDA, Smartphone, laptop or PC.

The VKB Virtual Keyboard has a wide range of applications:
– Personal digital assistants
– Cellular telephones
– Space saving computers
– Tablet PCs
– Laptops
– Industrial environments
– Clean rooms
– Sterile and medical environments
– Test Equipment
– Transport (Air, Rail, Automotive)

Roughly the size of a disposable lighter, (90 x 34 x 24 mm), the VKB enables users to type email or long text as easily as with a conventional keyboard. Imagine how much easier it would be if you had a proper mobile phone keyboard that fits in your pocket…

It’s $200 from here.

TeraStation Storage

By Wesley Dores

Network Attached Storage is getting out of control (in my humble opinion)! Buffalo have released a 1.6 terabyte storage unit. Enough to store… well, lots of stuff.

Hard drives are pretty boring to write about and this unit is no different. The only eye popping feature here is the gargantuan amount of storage.

Some stats for those so inclined.

Number of Drives 4
Specifications 400 GB
Rotational Speed 7200 RPM
Buffer Size 2 MB
Dimensions 6.6 x 8.7 x 9.5 in.
Weight 15.8 lbs.
Operating Environment 32-95° Fahrenheit
Setup Utility OS Support Windows Operating Systems
Client OS Support Windows, Apple, Linux Operating Systems

Cost: around $1000.00 from Buffalotech.

The Junior Offroader, A Hummer For The Kids

off roaderBy Wesley Dores

This is like “Pimp My Ride”… only to impress the 8 yr old girl next door!

Driving the gasoline-powered Junior Off-Roader is a perfect way to acquire early experience at the wheel. It features an all-weather fiberglass body with a protective frame, rack-and-pinion steering, dual hydraulic disk brakes, a manual emergency brake, rubber tires, and full front and rear suspension. The vehicle comes equipped with a a three-speed transmission, and tops out at 30 mph. It also has a removable, fully functional radio and tape deck, and speakers on the side doors.

With these kind of specs I am not sure whether you need a licence or not and 30mph in the hands of a kid can result in, well, some sort of trouble I suppose. If you can afford one of these babies though, then driving around your own private racetrack in Beverly Hills is probably not an issue.

It’ll fetch $16,000 at my favorite store in the world: FAO Schwartz.

The Original Kilburg Geochron

World Clock 2 By Wesley Dores

Ah, the good ole Geochron… You know it’ll be useful to you if you’ve ever wondered whether Mama Giancarla in Rome is in the dark, or if you should wait till later to tell her just how much you miss her spicy meatballs. With the world laid out before you, you can watch the progression of time as each area of the globe goes from daylight to darkness. Displays show you the day, date, and local time, as well as Greenwich Mean Time, sunrises, and sunsets. Comes in a leather frame. 34″ x 22″ x 4″.

With a price tag of $1,995.00 the disclaimer is justified… not for kids under 10!

Check out the product page.

Radio Controlled UFO – I want to believe!

By Wesley Dores

Do you want to create mass hysteria and be on the front page of the news?? Get yourself one of these remote controlled UFO’s and buzz the night-time sky! Before you know it there will be reports of mysterious objects in the sky and no one will be the wiser.

This hovering miracle is jam-packed with the latest miniature technology that fuses four powerful electric motors, two pairs of contra-rotating propellers and an innovative electronic gyroscope to give you one incredible stable flying machine. It’s constructed from tough carbon fibre and impact resistant EPP foam to protect your UFO even if you manage to crash due to some UFO based tomfoolery.

Can be flown indoors if, well, if you have a house like one of those on MTV Cribbs. For those of us that live in the real world we’ll be outside with this beauty on a calm day. There’s even one red and three blue flashing LEDS that not only tell you when the gyro is up to speed for takeoff, they also let you scare your neighbours witless with lights in the night sky!

Come inside for a few more features.
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Dynamic light switch

By Wes Dores

While switches that control various lights in and around the house are not exactly breakthrough technology, these usually suffer from the problem of relatively poor labelling. When you have a 6 bedroom mansion… what does “Bedroom 4” mean to you? You’d have to actually remember stuff, and then what’s the point in having all that money anyway?

Well, with Clipsal’s new Dynamic Labelling Technology™, “Bedroom 4” becomes “That messy twirp’s room”. It has editable LCD Labels with Dynamic Graphic Displays that you determine. Features include downloadable bitmaps per group address or scene, dimmable White LEDs backlighting for the LCD, dimmable Blue LEDs on each button… yes it’s got lots of LEDs which look really funky at night!

It supports up to 8 languages as well. Bitmaps for the 64 x 128 pixel LCD screen can be defined in the C-Bus toolkit software and downloaded to the unit via a C-Bus network.

Check it out here.