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Sony PSP on Tv

ByBrian Donaldson

Video out. That’s what Sony forgot on the PSP. People are asking for it, and now with the “PSP on TV”, you can use brute force to get your image on the telly.

You attach this unwieldy looking device on player. A camera looks at the screen and retransmits what it sees to your TV via cable. $100 later, you’re able to play you UMD movies on the big screen. Go here to buy.

HTC Wizard Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Hits Europe

By Brian Donaldson

There is a new gadget out there that is starting to sell in Germany. It’s called the HTC Wizard Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone. Featuring a slide-out keyboard, the T-Mobile MDA Vario Pocket PC phone comes with GPRS and Wifi, Quad-band GSM, a 1.3MP digital camera, Bluetooth, USB and irDA. The TFT screen’s resolution sits at 240 x 320 pixels.

Currently the HTC Wizard Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone is being sold in a store in Germany for about 459 Euros. MSMobiles says that this makes the MDA Vario the least expensive HTC Wizard out on the market.

Datel’s 4Gb HDD Extension For The PSP Drops In Price

By Brian Donaldson

What is the hottest accessory out there for the Sony PSP? Japanese Game Gear Exporter says it’s the Datel MAX 4GB Hard-drive addition for the PSP. What is most appealing about the Datel MAX 4GB drive is that the Sony PSP looks just as good and still maintains the same design and shape.

If you’re wondering how to access your memory stick duo with this attachment, well don’t worry, the “memory stick slot issue” has already been solved and you’ll be able to access your memory card anytime you want. It costs $200 and comes with an X2 battery pack, which also extends your PSPs life.

I highly suggest you attach both units because it makes the PSP symmetrical again. It currently only comes in black so if you have a white PSP you’re out of luck for now, however, Datel is strongly thinking about releasing white accessories soon.

Trinity 7″ Widescreen LCD Portable Television with USB Input – Silver

Story by Brian Donaldson

I know you’ve always wanted to be able to watch television on the go. Who wouldn’t? Well, this 7 inch widescreen LCD portable television from Trinity might just be what you’re looking for. You’ll be able to bring your favorite shows with you, no matter where you go. It will come in handy for those long vacation trips to the beach or the mountains because it has video game jacks so you can play your favorite consoles like Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube.

This television provides a sharp picture, a built-in rechargable battery, a car adapter, and a built-in RF jack and antenna, which allows execution of local channels or cable channel viewing. All in all, this is a great gadget and you can get it for a decent price at $170.

Buy it at your local Best Buy