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Cool Case Mod Of The Day: The Bike PC

By Tanya Palta

Well, here’s a fun case mod: it’s made to look like a bike. It’s more than just a cool mod though, as the Bike PC (to match its tough exterior with something meaty inside) is powered by AMD Athlon’s 64 3800+ processor, nForce4 Ultra motherboard, and includes 512MB of DDR memory, Radeon PCI-X X700 graphics card, 160GB SATA hard drive and a DVD-RW/CD-RW Combo Drive.

It was on display at CeBIT but I don?t know how the makers will ever work out the logistics to mass produce it, if that?s even their intentions. Whatever the case be, the Bike PC kicks ass.

VIA [Techeblog]

Vibrate I Mean Rock To The Brainic VW-500 Vibrating MP3 Player

I just came across the Brainic VW-500 Vibrating MP3 Player and for once was at a loss for words. Why on earth would anyone need a vibrating mp3 player? Actually, many uses come to mind, but I?ll just refrain from mentioning them since OhGizmo is not that kind of a website [says who??! -Ed.]!

Apart from the unique vibrating function, the Brainic VW-500 has an OLED display with 1 GB of storage space. The player also has this cool little feature where it actually vibrates time to your music. Me thinking that while it may not be the Next Big Thing, it sure compliments the iBoxer, yet another “unique” product.

[Brainic] VIA [MusicGizmos]

Now Be A Bonafide Bathroom Singer With The MP3 Shower Radio

mp3 shower radio

By Tanya Palta

In this world, there are 3 types of iPod accessories: The Good, The Bad and The Ridiculous. I am not sure where the MP3 Shower Radio fits, but it sure is different for a lack of a better word. It?s the perfect solution for taking your precious iPod to the loo and practice you vocal chords. And hey, you can always do some preening [Preening? -Ed.] in the fog free mirror.

Apart from the iPod, it is compatible with players like Creative, iRiver, MPIO and some features include AM/FM radio and fog-free mirror with 2 LED lights. It is powered off of 4 AA-batteries.

You can check out the website for more details and it can be yours at a price of $29.95

[ComfortHouse] VIA [MobileMag]

The LG Emotional Series LCD Monitors

By Tanya Palta

Think the world is full of insensitive jerks and there?s no one to fulfill your emotional needs? Well now you can find solace from an unlikely source: the LG Emotional series LCD monitors. We kid you not, that is what LG has actually termed its latest set of monitors. According to them will it please your aesthetic sense and even fulfill your spiritual needs.

Call me a cynic but I highly doubt that it will save me a trip to the rejuvenation centre. Nevertheless, the monitor sure looks great. Extremely sleek and chic, it has a cool black finish with a contrast ratio of 1600:1 and a response time of 4ms. It incorporates a F-Engine for vivid imagery. No word on pricing and availability but it is on display at CeBIT 2006.

[VIA TecheBlog]

Petito USB -The Last Word On Fashion?

By Tanya Palta

ATP Electronics’ latest gadget, The Petito USB, is perfect for the fashionable tech diva. Designed mainly for the mobile professionals, the Petito USB happens to be one of the smallest USB drives around (if not the smallest), and may just be a girls’ best friend since it can be worn as a pendent or act as a keychain without looking too dorky. Weighing just about 8 grams, it comes in colours like blue, silver, gold, and titanium, and storage sizes from 256MB to 1GB.

So ladies, next time just skip the jewelry store and head straight towards a hardware store for the Petito USB. All I can say is that ATP is taking accessorization to a whole new level.

Also, for some more specs, come on in.

[ATP] VIA [Chip Chick]

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Unotron’s Washable Keyboards and Mice

By Tanya Palta

Tired of washing the same old dishes and hungry for some excitement in the cleaning department? Well now you can add Unotron’s keyboards and mice to your To-Do list and wash them without having them die out on you!

Dubbed SpillSeal, Unotron’s patented technology seals off their keyboard and mice and allows you to easily get rid of gross irritants like bacteria, dust, food spill etc. You can’t exactly put it in the dishwasher (or the washing machine for that matter), but you can dunk it in a tub of soapy water (just keep the USB cord out), clean it, dry it, and keep using, like new.

Unotron’s Wireless and Corded Keyboard are compatible with Windows and available in two colors: white and gray. The optical mouse comes in 3 different models which are the M10, M20 and M30. The SpillSeal products will be perfect for hospitals. The corded keyboard caries a price tag of $39, the wireless one $49 and the mice are priced between $49 and $79.

[Unotron] VIA [GearLog]

The MobiBLU DAH-1900 player- Offers 150 Hrs Of Playback

By Tanya Palta

Don?t you hate it when your mp3 player shows an empty charge right when you?re in the mood to groove? The MobiBLU DAH-1900 promises to release one from the shackles of empty batteries and constant charging as it sports a whopping 150 hour battery life. The DAH-1900 is not too bad on the eyes either and has a cool black finish with a yellow and blue OLED display. However, not everything is hunky dory and it only goes up to 2GB.

Other features include FM radio, FM recorder, Direct Decoding and Voice Recording and supports formats like WMA files with DRM (which means you can use it with all those square music subscription services). So, if you dig the retro look and feel constant charging is pass?, the DAH-1900 may just be perfect for you. It is now shipping and sports a price tag of 150 ?

[MobiBLU DAH-1900] VIA [The Gadget Blog]

The Samsung YP-Z5 MP3 player

samsung yp-z5 mp3 playerBy Tanya Palta

The sleek iPod has always scored brownie points (in my book) for design and functionality. Looks like now it might have some competition, in the forms of the new Samsung YP-Z5 MP3 player. Who knows, maybe it will be even successful in dethroning the colossal iPod…

The YP-Z5 MP3 player has been designed by Paul Mercer, the very same guy who helped design the original iPod’s interface. Sleek and compact, it may just have the IT factor seen lacking in so many other players.

Samsung claims a whopping 35 hours of battery life, which would be enough even for the most insomniac audiophile on the planet. Other features include 1.8 inch color LCD and user-friendly software applications. It may be available by mid-March and would be priced between $135 and 250.

VIA [MusicGizmos]

The iBoxer

iboxerBy Tanya Palta

Man, there is no escaping the iPod is there? Just when you thought they’d come up with every possible accessory, the iBoxer pops up! So, apart from serving its basic needs (of you know what) the iBoxer is also a perfect way to snuggle-up to your iPod (a little too close to my comfort) and listen to your music.

The $22 boxer shorts for females sports a discrete front pocket, and if you buy two then you can access free downloads via iTunes.

[The iBoxer]