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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

By Tanya Palta

This Japanese headset is a godsend to all the balding men (and women, I guess) out there as it promises to restore that receding hairline. I don?t know if it actually works but you got to give the Japanese credit for innovation and having the guts to market it.

So how does the gadget work? It has something they call “spicula electrodes” which stimulates the scalp with low frequency electric current to improve blood circulation. (I wonder if one can actually get electrocuted and lose the remaining hair!) The device was developed by Kanaza University and is on sale in Japan for 128,000 yen, or about $1,000!

Beauty never comes cheap, does it?

VIA [TechieDiva]

Dualit’s Kitchen DAB

By Tanya Palta

Finally a reason to move one’s lazy ass and make something in the kitchen (and no I?m not talking about a mess). The European company called Dualit, known for their kitchen products, just ventured into the consumer electronics market with the DAB kitchen radio. No it?s not a toaster that moonlights as a radio (though that would have been cool); it?s just a radio that looks like a toaster.

It’s got an aluminum case and a chrome finish and would be the perfect companion to the Dualit?s celebrated Vario toaster. Music gets pumped out through a single 8W speaker. There’s a blue LED display and cooking timer. Battery life (of the rechargeable kind) stands at 4 hours on DAB, and 8 hours on FM.

You can buy it for 200 pounds and it will be available from John Lewis, starting mid-May.

[John Lewis] VIA [T3]

KUKU, Wacky Alarm Clock #3,248

By Tanya Palta

Wacky alarm clock alert. This cute little device (though in the morning it may look like Satan?s little minion) will make sure you give up that comfy bed as the only way it shuts up is by making you work. The concept is interesting: at wake up time the clock will crow and lay eggs into the basket. It will only shut up once you put all the 5 eggs back in the clock.

It’s $30.

[KUKU Alarm Clock] VIA [PopGadget]

TCLAST C150, An MP3 Player With A Dual Core Chip

By Tanya Palta

The latest MP3 player on the block is the TCLAST C150 produced by a Chinese company. (Don?t you just love the Chinese?) So what?s so great about it you may ask? Well it?s the first player with a Dual Core chip, the same kind found in a PC, though slightly modified in order to improve signal to noise ratio and deliver better audio quality.

Other features include a 1.5 inch TFT LCD capable of displaying 65,000 colors, 512 Onboard memory, 8 equalizer modes, FM tuner, line in recording and MPEG-1 video playback. No word on pricing or availability.


Groove With The Soundpet

ibearBy Tanya Palta

The Soundpet Bear follows in the tradition of toys like iDog, iCat etc and scores a big 10 on the cuteness factor. So what do these cute little things exactly do?

Well, once you put on your mp3 player on the bear it starts grooving and jiving to your favorite music (so, if you ever wanted a dance partner at your disposal, this thing would be really handy). It also has an integrated speaker system for sharing your music and would be available by April in Japan. [Kind of like a furry iDog, then? -Ed.]

VIA [PopGadget]

The Tubthumper

tubthumperBy Tanya Palta

Just when I thought that I had seen speakers in all shapes and sizes, the Tubthumper (cool word) pops up. The Tubthumper is a Faux terracotta pot which not only encourages the Gardner hidden inside you (in my case really deep inside) but also acts as a 90 watt two-way speaker! With the supplied 10 meter cable one can hook it up to one?s stereo and enjoy the music outdoors.

It is also waterproof, so come hail, rain or storm your plants you can enjoy unadulterated sound all the time. You can buy the handmade polypropylene pots for ?100 at the manufacturers website.

[Manufacturer Website] VIA [T3]

The New LG Cyon

lg cyonBy Tanya Palta

Okay, if you?re bitten by the environmental bug and disapprove of anything toxic, you get big thumbs up from us. And believe me you?ll really dig the mass-market RoHS-compliant cell phone from LG, called The Cyon. Why exactly you may ask?

Well for starters, not only is it great looking, but according to LG Korea it?s extremely environment-friendly, by virtue of not being made from any hazardous materials. It?s nice to see big corporate houses go green for a change (and no we don?t mean the color of money).

[The Cyon] VIA [Mobilewhack]

MX7000, The Indestructible MP3 Player

mx7000 mp3 player

Do you have an anger problem and throw things (sometimes digital players) and later regret when you see your precious MP3 Player with the inside pieces on the outside? No need to fret because we have the perfect solution to your problem. And no, it’s not anger management classes (though that ain’t a bad idea either). Meet the new ?semi-indestructible? MP3 player called the Monolith MX7000.

It so indestructible that it can withstand BB gun Bullets (I swear, I am not making this up), a car running over and can be tossed around too (rugby, anyone?). It has decent design with an edgy aluminum finish. It comes in 1GB and 2GB capacity and sports features like FM recording, 19-hour playback time, line-in recording and support to various audio formats. It?s available now and carries a price tag of $200 and $260 respectively.

VIA [Stuff Magazine]

The iFriend

hyunju ifriend

By Tanya Palta

Okay, lets play a game where one has to come up with products whose names start with an “i?. Mmm there is the iPod, the iPaw, the iSkin and the always popular iBoxer (care to add to the list in the comments?). Anyway, now it looks like it?s the turn of the iFriend to join this frenzied bandwagon.

The 1.8kg iFriend is an ultra portable notebook launched by a Korean company called Hyunju, and sports a simple and elegant design. Its specifications include a 2″ 12″ screen, a 1.73Ghz Pentium M740 CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 60GB HDD and a DVD burner. No word on availability or prices, but you can have a look at their official site for more details.

[Hyunju Computers] VIA [AkhibaraNews]