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Don’t Tell Time- Just Project It

timeBy Tanya Palta

Okay so we haven?t quite mastered the art of astro projection (maybe the Koreans are working on it too) but time projection is a whole different ball game. Confused? Just read on:

The IMAGIC PJ95 projection clock is a time device that makes telling time (or projecting, in this case) extremely fun. A product straight out from a sci-fi flick, this is the world’s first projection clock which lets you customize the clock display. The possibilities are limitless, if you think about it. You can always put images of your loved one or if you harbour megalomaniatic feelings, your own! If these are too pass? you can always torture people around you with gross or ugly images! [Forgive my strange, strange staff. -Ed.]

The IMAGIC projection clock comes with two slides and more can be downloaded from the website. You can then print these and use them instead of the standard ones. The clock comes in 2 versions, one for home use and the other for commercial use like bars, shops etc.

No word on pricing or availability yet.

[Product Page] VIA [RedFerret]

Zakang’s Kiss, A Heart Shaped MP3 Player

kiss mp3By Tanya Palta

Okay, I know that Valentine’s Day is long gone but you can always try to impress your better half with the new heart-shaped Kiss MP3 Player, from Korean company Zakang. This little player is encrusted with 23 SWAROVSKI crystals (mmm, wonder if they come out!). So am I missing something? Oh yeah it has a storage capacity ranging from 128MB to 1GB and data transfer takes place via USB. You can check out the product page for more details and brush up your Korean when you are at it.

[Product Page] VIA [MP3 Players]

The New Leica C-LUX 1

leica clux1

By Tanya Palta

It?s raining cameras these days, but hey, being a first-class photography nut I am not complaining. The latest company to unleash a torrent of digital functions is Leica, with this 6 MP point and shoot: the Leica C-LUX 1.

Developed by Leica and Panasonic jointly, its features include a 28-102mm zoom lens, a high resolution 2.5-inch display and a 6MP sensor. The camera also sports an extremely chic design and has a basic outline of only 5 x 10 cm. The Leica C-LUX 1 also has a Venus image processor which results in sharp images even in low light conditions.

No word on availability or pricing, though you can come inside for a ton of specs.

VIA [Mobilewhack ]

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The MPGlass 230M

mpg;ass m230By Tanya Palta

Remember Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible with his cool auto-destructing multimedia glasses? Well, the MPGlass 230M bears a striking resemblance to then (except it won?t blow up on your face). This cool little device gives you a home theater experience, without the cables, back breaking boxes and whatnot. You can connect it to your DVD, VCR (people still have those?) or your gaming console.

These glasses let you view a display akin to 30-inch screen at a 2 meter distance with stereo sound thanks to the ear plugs. They’re available in the UK for around ?300.

[MPGlasses] VIA [Tech Digest]

2Seconds: Self-Made Tent

tentBy Tanya Palta

Remember those dreaded camping trips where dad could never get the tent right? I don?t know about you but I was fully traumatized as a kid. If only we’d had the 2 Seconds Self Made Tent, from Decathlon, which sounds too good to be true.

Just throw it in the air and voila!, your tent is ready in, you guessed it, two seconds. This is possible because of the innovative way the spring hoops have been placed. It comes with a coated double roof with waterproof seams for excellent water resistance, anti-condensation ?breathing? room, extra-strong polyester fabric, and space for 2 people (1.45 m by 2.45 m).

So next time when some one uses the C word (camping), break into a big smile!

[Decathlon] VIA [Yanko Design]

The Toshiba A105-S4010


By Tanya Palta

Love to own a reputed notebook but just salivate from a distance because of no Vitamin M (money, for the uninitiated)? Well don?t fret because Toshiba has just launched a budget laptop (budget being the magical word).

The Toshiba A105-S4010 can be all yours for US $1,399.99 (mmm, so much for my budget). It features a large 15.4″ diagonal WXGA display, Intel Core Duo processor (T2400), 120GB hard drive, and runs on Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

[Toshiba] VIA [MobileWhack]

Astone’s Mobile Washer

Astone's mobile washer

By Tanya Palta

If you are one of those people who?ll do anything to skip laundry, then you will, in all probability, hate this little bugger. However for that rare species that love doing laundry (yes people, they do exist), the Astone Mobile Washer is a blessing in disguise.

This portable, fully-operational washing machine, weighs just 2 kg and on inflation can hold up to 6.5 Liters of water. Its exclusive design makes it truly portable, and makes a perfect traveling companion.

It’ll be available in June, at the very decent price of $70.

[Astone’s Mobile Washer] VIA [Gizmag]

The Numark iDJ2

numark idj2By Tanya Palta

I love this new accessory for the almighty iPod. The Numark iDJ2 not only has the IT factor, it also allows you to fulfill your long and hidden desire to be a DJ.

The iDJ2, an upgrade to the iDJ, is a professional iPod mixing console which has a single iPod dock, but can play 2 tunes at a time. It delivers real-time scratching, pitch control, looping, and full cueing of music.

Non iPod users need not fret as it can also play other Digital Players via USB ports. Some other features include an LCD screen, visual track-profiling, capability to record musical performances to a docked iPod and support for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AAC formats. No word on price or availability yet.

[Numark’s iDJ2] VIA [iLounge]

The LYRA X3000

lyra x3000
By Tanya Palta

We somehow missed this at CES, but it’s never too late, so check out the LYRA X3000. This Personal Multimedia Recorder not only acts like a handheld TV, but also packs some PVR features, storing up to 40 feature length movies, on a 20GB hard drive.

It stores your shows in MPEG4 format, and sports a 3.6-inch TFT ultra-bright color LCD screen with 320 x 240 resolution. Now you can be couch potatoes… on the go!

The LYRA X3000 by RCA became available in January with a suggested retail price of $399. Bunch more specs after the jump.

[Thomson] VIA [GizmoNews]

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