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Belkin Flips For Multiple PCs

Belkin FlipBelkin has unveiled a new KVM switch to enable users to share their monitor, keyboard, mouse, and even speakers (certain models) between computers. It allows easy connections to a laptop, supports high resolution monitors, and offers a stylish pod with buttons for switching between the computers. I certainly wouldn’t mind this sitting on my desk!

The Belkin Flip will be available in April, starting at $59.99.

[Belkin] VIA [DesignTechnica]

Palm Peeler

Palm PeelerBy Stephanie Pakrul

I love design innovations on simple, everyday items. Forget the fancy car — I want to be independently wealthy so I can fill my kitchen with all sorts of gadgets that make preparing food easier. But this Palm Peeler won’t break the bank at only $4.95.

No more forcing a straight peeler around the curves of a potato or an apple. This palm-held peeler gives you more control as you guide it over fruits and vegetables.

The unique design of this peeler means it won?t tire your wrist because the palm of your hand does all the work! Just slip the ring over your finger?the peeler rests comfortably in the contour of your palm. Rust-proof 18/10 stainless steel blade.

[Solutions] VIA [Popgadget]

Ridibundus Emoticon Cushions

Ridibundus cushionsBy Stephanie Pakrul

Has chatting with someone while they’re in the same room as you lost its appeal? Now you can achieve a new level of dorkiness by carrying out entire conversations consisting of holding up small, round cushions with emoticons on them. Or perhaps use a strategically-positioned cushion to inform your significant other of your current mood.

Or, you could just decorate your couch with them. I suppose.

$20 pre-order for a set of six at Art. Lebedev Studio.

[Ridibundus] VIA [MoCo Loco]

The 20 Most Important Tools Ever

Knife iconBy Stephanie Pakrul

Forbes has a review of “The 20 Most Important Tools Ever,” covering gadgets and inventions that have had the most impact on society. A panel of experts created a candidate list, which was then voted on by Forbes’ readers and editors.

So which item came out on top? The knife. It was ranked very highly across the board for its impact on human civilization. However, one of their experts acknowledges that it is “nearly impossible to rank the many types of tools in importance.”

Check out Forbes for the full list.

[Forbes] VIA [Technorati]

The MultiPot

The MultiPotBy Stephanie.

Perfect for that spot by your front door, the MultiPot provides you with a spot to drop your keys and your gadgets, while hiding all those ugly cables and chargers. The cable winder inside holds the cords for your MP3 player, digital camera, and cell phone. It’s even a lamp! Maybe I’d lose my keys less often if they were always sitting next to several hundred dollars worth of technology…

No word on price, as it’s “coming soon”. Check out the product website.
Story VIA PopGadget.