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WineRack is THE Sports Bra of the Century

WineRack Drinking System
By Christen da Costa

There’s two things in this world that the stereotypical man can’t live without: beer and boobs. Thanks to the makers of the Beer Belly, no man will go thirsty or visually unsatisfied. Aptly named the WineRack, it holds 25oz or 750ml of liquid in a bra like device. Not large enough for the average beer drinker, but who really cares when you’re taking a pull from your girls…bra? No actual pictures of the device seem to exist on the makers website, so a running theory is that they’re testing market demand with ‘preorders’. The device comes in small and medium, and is not recommended for the ‘well endowed’ ladies.

Available here for $29.95

via [Gadgetreview]

VK Mobile Unveils VK5000

By Christen da Costa

VK mobile has unleashed a barrage of cell phones in recent weeks, and there seems to be no stopping the Korean manufacturer. The VK5000, taking cues from its predecessors the VK2000 and VK2100, provides a slim package that is 1mm thinner then the Razr, but a feature set that is sure to rival. Included in the trendy white phone are a 1.3 megapixel camera (video and stills), an OLED 260k color display, 1GB of memory, and a music player compatible with MP3 and AAC files.

[Phone Dig] VIA [Mobile Burn]

Pong Video Game Clock

Pong Clock
By Christen da Costa

Break out the shag carpet, because a design firm in the Netherlands has got the Pong video game clock to match. Currently a design only – and possibly a prototype on their office wall – the Pong clock keeps time by keeping score. If the left player scores then an hour has transpired. If the right player scores then a minute has ticked by.

More info here.

Via GadgetReview


By Christen da Costa

A 62 year old electrical engineer, John Parkinson, wants to ‘unseat’ the QWERTY style keyboard. His keyboard, called “The New Standard Keyboard” (wow, now that is witty), is laid out in an alphabetical fashion that apparently ‘makes much more sense’. Although experts say the product will prove unsuccessful (see Dvorak’s layout for precedence) due to the long standing QWERTY standard, Parkinson is still touting the new keyboard at this year’s CES 2006 in hopes of winning consumer interest.

This is not the first time a new keyboard layout in an alphabetical order has been attempted. Parkinson has modified the old alphabetical design by splitting the keyboard into two groups, which supposedly was the final and necessary ingredient for the alphabetical layout to prove successful.

The new keyboard cuts the number of keys to 53 – significantly less then current QWERTY keyboards.

Allegedly available for $70 here, but the page is “under construction”. VIA Gadgetreview

Erasable Shower Note Tablet

Shower Tablet

By Christen da Costa

Ever brain storm your best ideas in the shower and then forget ’em? Well, now you won’t thanks to the Shower Note Tablet. Just jot down your thoughts, ideas, grocery list – hell, leave notes for your roommate to clean the bathroom – using the included waterproof crayons. The tablet measures 9×10″ and suction cups to the wall.

Available here for $16.

Story via

Transforming Figurine


By: Christen da Costa

Nothing is better then a good old fashioned toy with a little old fashioned technology. The Lumber Jack turns into a Werewolf by simply pulling one or the other from its body – ingenious! Perfect for tricking your 2 year old littler brother, or a great gag gift for the 2 faced friend in your life.

Available here for $30, but currently sold out.

Story via via Boing Boing

Coffin Shaped Mouse

Coffin Mouse By Christen da Costa

Zspire has introduced one of the most morbid looking – and named – mouse ever. The Aluminum Coffin mouse is constructed of metal, metal alloys and plastic. It weights about 165 grams, measures 3″x4.5″x1.125″.

Zspire also plans the release of a copper version that will set you back $150. You can custom design (takes 25 days to process) a mouse by adding a logo or engraving, and can modify the buttons and cover with a satin aluminum, urban grass, white light, canvas blue, or iron gate finish.

The manufacturer does not recommend the mouse for gaming as it runs at 800 dpi.

Should set you back $120 for the aluminum version.

Available here.

Story via Gadgetreview via Softpedia

Laptop Pizza Box

Pizza Laptop BoxBy Christen da Costa

A snazzy laptop can sometimes lead to unwanted attention from the wrong eyes – the type of eyes that belong to people who like to steal. To deter the 5 finger discounters simply make a small investment of $25 or so, in the Power Pizza Box. It’s anti-theft, anti-shock, and get this, anti-style. The laptop case is egg-crate insulated for added protection and made from “authentic pizza boxes”.

You can pick one up here

Source: via Gadgetmadness

• Corrugated cardboard pizza box
• Max. laptop size: 37 x 37 x 3.6 cm
• Min. laptop width: 28 cm
• Weight: 300 grams
• Ext. dimensions: 38 x 38 x 4.7 cm
• Some assembly required

Sqeezebox MP3 Networker

ByChristen da Costa

The Squeezebox by Slim Devices delivers your tunes to your stereo in the most stylish of ways. Finished in glossy black or white and complimented by a brushed metal face plate you’ll be hard pressed to find a better network MP3 player. It can also hookup to your network wirelessly assuming you wanna drop the extra $50 for the option.

It offers multiple hookups such as digital analog and coaxial, and supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, and WAV files. Packed with a remote, the wired version goes for $249, while the WiFi (recommended) runs $299.

The Squeezebox can be purchased directly at Slim Devices’ website.

Source: via Designtechnica.