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Gryphon Single Man Flying Wing

By Bruce Eaton

Man and machine, Power Xtreme! Straight from the Centurions is the Gryphon Single Man Flying Wing. When strapped to a freefalling paratrooper, the 1.5m (4.9ft)-span delta wing and two micro-turbojets can propel a paratrooper a horizontal distance of 200km. Controlled by servos and holding 2 litres of fuel, you turn what would be a normal trooper drop into mini-man planes flying in from out of nowhere.

A German company is developing the technology and has yet to test it with the engines… but they have used non-engine models that allow for 50km glides. Long gone will be the days of the HALO jump to sneak in spies: just drop them from outside a country’s borders and they can fly themselves in. Obviously no price but I know what you’re thinking: how long till I can strap one on?

[Gryphon Single Man Flying Wing] VIA [Double Viking]

CrustaStun – Lobster Electric Chair

By Bruce Eaton

In a step to curb lobster violence, CrustaStun will show them there are penalties for thier actions (like clawing at your defenseless fingers). Using a 110 volt – 2-5 amp current and placed in the CrustaStun, the crustacean will experience an interruption of nervous system functions; it will not feel pain according to Dr. Dave Robb at Bristol University, and will succinctly die and be ready to bath in garlic butter sauce heaven. [Also scientifically proven] The result is that it reduces stress & improves meat quality in terms of texture & flavour.

You have to schedule a meeting to get pricing, so I have no idea of cost, but to be able to kill all the crustacea I care to eat easily is nice. Also the device boasts that it “Can be used by unskilled staff”, so no worries about operation simplicity. They also have a Continuous Flow Stunner for your genocidal war on the shellfish.


U3 USB Stick Technology

By Bruce Eaton

Not the newest tech but rather, relevant tech. U3 is a software technology that turns USB sticks into more than just portable storage but actual drives, by enabling them to run software straight from them. The guys over on Gadget Madness bought and used a Kingston Data Traveler 2gig USB Stick with U3[Affiliate link -Ed.] and had nothing but fabulous things to say about it:

One word comes to mind: IMPRESSIVE!

While the Kingston Stick itself doesn’t look all that great, the U3 software did what it promised, allowing for you to take your programs with you. No more using a crappy web-based email but how about Thunderbird with all your settings. They also allow for password protection so only you can access your programs on your stick. Programs can be downloaded from U3 where they have lots of selections such as Winamp, WinRAR, and Skype. Check it out for yourself.

[U3] VIA [Gadget Madness]

Elecom USB Laptop Cooler

By Bruce Eaton

Preparing you for the hot summer and also all those fancy new Macbooks that can cook an egg, Elecom has released a USB Laptop Cooler called the SX-CL02MSV or USBLC [guess which name I made up]. Using two fans, this baby pumps air directly under your laptop, helping to remove a lot of that heat that builds up under there. The fans have two settings, High Mode drawing 2.0W and Low Mode drawing 1.2W, so your computer won’t feel the drain at all through that USB port.

Coming in two colors and even two sizes, 230x114x29mm or 300x230x29mm, there is no reason you will have to have a laptop that charbroils your tabletop. The smaller one coins in at $36 and the larger at $50 pretax. Now if only they could make a USB attachment for cooling my undercarriage.

[USBLC] VIA [AkihabaraNews]

Elecom Magnetic USB Hub

By Bruce Eaton

According to Akihabara News, this thing is useless, but I think it
s a good idea. The Magnetic USB hub by Elecom is a four port, USB 2.0 hub running at 480Mbps in high speed mode. The big feature is that the body of the hub itself is magnetic. You have the ability to mount and stick this thing to any metal surface. You can hide it under a desk or the side of a computer case and not worry about knocking it off. [Sorry aluminum-case people, won’t work for you.]

Price set at $28. It is available in silver (pictured above), black, and white. Just imagine how many people are going to erase something due to this thing sticking to say, a floppy, or a hdd.

[Magnetic USB Hub] VIA [AkihabaraNews]

Daytona Vacuum Elevator

daytona elevator

By Bruce Eaton

Bring the Jettson’s lifestyle to your home with your very own vacuum driven, Daytona Elevator tube system. Requiring only a 1 meter footprint (unlike conventional elevators that require a shaft and tons of hardware and such) the Daytona Elevator is self-supporting, constructed of aluminium and polycarbonate and takes just a few hours to install. Being able to fit into most 2 or 3 story homes, it is rated at a 450lbs lift capacity, so while it will move crippled old Grandpa, it won’t move your entire weight set upstairs.

Also nice is that due to the laws of physics, you cannot freefall in this thing: the air just slowly lowers you if, say, the power were to go out, leaving you safe and trapped inside the transporter tube. After looking around I found out that this thing is a noisy beast, coming in at 87 decibels when operating. That is as loud as a coffee grinder or a tractor. While no price is available, you have to schedule a meeting for a quote. The rubber gaskets for the thing cost $200 a pop, so we’re talking serious cash here.

[Daytona Elevator] VIA [Gizmag]

Motorola PVOT Concept Phone

By Bruce Eaton

Bringing innovation to the power source in the cellphone realm is the Motorola PVOT concept phone, by Andre Minoli. With a 125 x 125 dot matrix LCD and an “Eraser Shield” keypad, the real draw here is the handcrank form factor. By cranking the phone 25 times (at a God-knows-how-hard-to-do level) you recharge the included AA battery inside… which will yield one minute of power.

Being a concept item, this idea most likely will not make it into production, at least not in America (Americans cranking phones??). It is definitely a design for developing countries, somewhere where power outlets and polarized plugs are a thing of the future. Since it is a concept, there is no price, but you can assume that if you wave around enough bills, you might be able to score one from MOTO themselves.

[Motorola PVOT Concept] VIA [Ubergizmo]

Desktop Air Conditioner

P957965.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

Summer is on the verge of invading, so staying cool is the need at hand for most, especially those up north where A/C isn’t commonplace like in the dirty South. The Desktop Air Conditioner helps those working in cramped, hot cubicles. Very easy to use: fill with water and freeze the included bottle, then insert and enjoy the fresh breeze that spews forth.

Running on 2 D batteries or AC adapter means this can go anywhere. At $19.99 it’s a cheap alternative to buying a full grown A/C unit and better than hurting your wrists from hours and hours of fanning yourself. [The better way to hurt your wrists, no doubt… -Ed.]

[Desktop Air Conditioner] Via [AskMen]


By Bruce Eaton

Time to get your disc resurfacing groove on, with the commercial grade Disc-Go-Devil. Unlike those hand-cranked ones that you can buy for $30, this guy can do 225 discs an hour. Built in a compact design that only takes up 9?w x 8?d x 10? h, the powerful pump and motor inside just blazes using a set of polishing pads and compounds to make old CD’s, DVD’s, and games run like new, all in one cycle without changing any parts or fluids.

There is a digital display which can track the total number of repaired discs at each specific level and with everything self-contained, it is easily portable. At $995 this thing’s only for the most destructive of people (you know who you are), but with such a cool namE I am all for it.

[Disc-Go-Devil] VIA [Kotaku]