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Elecom’s O Sakana Fish Mouse

elecom fish mouse
By Bruce Eaton

Summer is chugging along and so are all of the summer editions of things:, summer beer brews, summer movies, and now from Elecom, summer USB mice. The O Sakana POI is a USB mouse that takes a design over function stance: thus it is fun-shaped as a fish. It comes with the matching USB cord manager so this is a nice and useful travel mouse, no longer having to look like a fool when your powercord and your mouse cord tangle up.

Not much here other than the usual Elecom niceties such as USB 2.0. No price at the moment. In case you didn’t notice/know some basic Japanese, Sakana means Fish. So there you go, The More You Know!

[O Sakana POI USB Mouse] VIA [Akihabara News]

Basic Knives

basic knives

By Bruce Eaton

Anything but simple, the Basic Knives collection is a design by Caroline Noordijk that brings tons of functionality and increased productivity into the kitchen. Utilizing the flat, empty surface of the blade, Caroline incorporates other kitchen tools into the knife. This eliminates having to switch tools and saves time. Having a peeler, grater, zester, or a measuring spoon in my hand at the same time as the knife would do wonders for speeding up my dinner prep time.

No word on price or availability as it is a design, but surely someone will pump these out some time soon. If only they could make a knife that can also cook a steak or at least has an iPod in it. Really by now I would think that someone would have already done that.

[Basic Knives] VIA [Yanko Design]

The Pong Hat

pong hat

By Bruce Eaton

Apparently Pong is not dead. Having seen its resurrection first on a clock, the latest hack is the Pong Hat. Actually able to run Pong, Space Invaders, text, and a beat box, the Pong Hat is a DIY by Leah Buechley who has made some other notable items such as an LED Dress. Many cool things in this mod, such as the sound input has various effects including controlling the speed the invaders march across the screen and even an infrared uploading ability.

Personally I wish it were in a nicer hat, I’m not down with the Fargo look. But with the instructions out there I bet we will be seeing some interesting hats. Next I want to see a PS2 Beenie with the Blades being the disc spinning.

[Pong Hat] VIA [Kotaku]

Angel Kitty Keyboard

By Bruce Eaton

What might be one of the most lusted over products if it were not for the fact that the girl is not included, the Angel Kitty Keyboard combines every man’s two greatest infatuations: girls and computer hardware. Designed as a cross between a waitress and a kitty, the dress has a fully functional USB keyboard that is flexible and bends according to the shape of the body. It has silicone padding underneath the keys to prevent hurting the person who is wearing it.

As of right now the Angel Kitty USB keyboard is only available in Japan and you’ll have to supply the bust size before placing the order. Pricing should be around $100 US but finding this exact model on their mildly NSFW website is a little bit hard. No more will boys complain when their parents yell at them to “Go upstairs and bang out that essay on the computer.”

[Angel Kitty Keyboard] VIA [Digital Inspiration]

Keyboard Food Tray

By Bruce Eaton

Designer Duck Young Kong has shown his latest innovation over at Yanko Design and it’s called The Keyboard Food Tray. No longer do you have to face tough question: “one more round of de_dust or finally eat something for the first time in 37 hours?” You can very easily consume your tea cakes and earl grey while grinding goblins.

It’s still in the design phase, so there is no pricing and information is limited. Hopefully this will help out all the Koreans who die due to MMOs problem.

[Keyboard Food Tray]

OhGizmo Review: Gelaskins (Updated)

By Bruce Eaton

When it comes to my babies (a 4gig black iPod Nano, and my wife?s 30gig black iPod Video) protection is needed. Well, help came not from a new company, but one with a new design: Gelaskins. Combining 3M adhesive and vinyl technology with what has to be the coolest designs around, Gelaskins offers up a big spoonful of style and for not a lot of the green stuff.

But with a cheap price tag of $15 per skin come a few shortcomings, such as lack of full coverage; I was left a little wanting. More after the jump and lots of pretty photos, and by pretty I mean obviously taken on my own.

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TomTom Celebrity Voice Directions

By Bruce Eaton

“I pity the fool” that doesn’t have car navigation, hence top nav-system company TomTom will be releasing celebrity voices for download to your car’s system by the end of the year. According to CEO Will Andre, the add-on aims to bring a change to current voices and provide drivers with something new for them to listen to such as the example by Mr. T:

?Pay attention to what I?m saying,? or ?Mr. T gonna get you there in one piece ? you gonna be there safely, or else!?

The plan is looking at charging $5 for generic theme voices, such as a cowboy or valleygirl, and $10 for celebrity voices, such as Mr. T, Burt Reynolds and Dennis Hopper. This means cheap so quit your jibber-jabber. I personally would love the Agent Smith voice pack. “A left at the light… Mr. Anderson”.

VIA [Sci Fi Tech]

Shouldercool 3163 Ergo-Mousepad

Shouldercool 3163 Ergo-Mousepad

By Bruce Eaton

This comes straight from Korea and surprisingly isn’t a bad iPod knock-off, but rather an innovative new mousepad called the Shouldercool 3163 by Echery. Unlike the common pad that rests flat, the Shouldercool mounts at an angle on the desk, and according to the designers of the pad, it will avoid unnecessary fatigue in your shoulder and wrist. While I find that I might need to try before buying, anything that might rid me of arm numbing pain might be worth it.

One thing that might prove odd is that you will constantly be fighting gravity as your mouse slides down into the valley created by the pads, but that is just me. Who knows, it might prove to be such an exercise (holding up the mouse on the angle) that you will work out those tiny things you call arms. No word on price at the moment.

[Shouldercool 3163] VIA [Akihabara News]

Tech Addict Privacy Scarf

privacy scarf
By Bruce Eaton

The bane of using technology in public is the chance that someone might see what you are doing. Joe Malia has designed at the Royal College of Art a privacy scarf for those of us that wish to use our gadgets in public without fear of having it being seen. With this you can compose private text messages about important business meetings or use a computer at work and deal with highly sensitive data. [You’re also quite likely to attract the attention of any nearby mental health facility. -Ed.]

Who are we kidding? PRON PRON PRON!! That is all we would use it for…. at least I am truthful about what I would do with it…

[Tech Addict Privacy Scarf] VIA [We Make Money Not Art]