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Rick Sanchez Hoodie Probably Won’t Make You As Cool

Just in case you wanted to look like an alcoholic scientist, without all the years binge drinking and mad experiments, I’ve got just the thing. You can now buy an officially licensed Rick Sanchez hoodie from Merchoid.

It comes in all sizes and would make for the perfect easy cosplay, but is it really that hard to buy a lab coat and an Etsy wig? Now Merchoid also claims that the hoodie adds +10 to your intelligence, but I really think its more like adding +10 to your ego.

But let’s be honest, now you’ll be able to show off to all your friends and brag about your superior intelligence, because at the end of the day, Rick and Morty really is a show for intellectuals. You probably wouldn’t understand, but there are many subtle references to classic works of art.

It’s available for pre-order now for $60 through Merchoid.

Merchoid ]

Mario Is Getting His Own Encyclopedia Because It’s 2018 And That’s His Right

That’s right, for all you Nintendo fans that can’t get enough of that mushroom-hating Italian plumber, the man himself is getting his own encyclopedia.

The book contains 256 pages and chronicles the tips, tricks and just about everything you ever wanted to know from the games between 1985-2015 (sorry to all the Mario Odyssey fans out there).

One thing I always wanted to know was how Princess Peach managed to get kidnapped so many times, you would think that after the 3rd or 4th time she’d invest in better security. I doubt it’ll have answers to such ridiculous questions…maybe in the collector’s edition.

The book will release on October 23rd and will set you back $39.99.

Kotaku ]

Sudski’s Shower Cup Holder Is For A Special Type Of Drunk

We all enjoy a nice beer right? Okay, well some of you probably don’t, but imagine you did. Even then would you want to drink beer and shower at the same time?

If so, than Sudski has just the thing. It’s a cup-holder that attaches to your bathroom tiles to let you drink any can-based beverage while standing under the shower head and singing [insert popular song]. It’s great for people who get thirsty a lot, oh and alcoholics, it’s great for them too.

At $15, it’s definitely a better solution than holding the beer between your thighs as you wash the soap out of your hair. Just remember, if someone comes over and sees your shower beer caddy, you’ll have to explain that, and I won’t be there to help you.

Amazon ]

Weird: A Lens That Basically Has An Instagram Filter Built-In

This is a very weird, premium lens made by Lensbaby. On the surface, it’s a fairly standard 35mm 2.8 lens, but it has one weird little trick built into it, a slider that adjusts swirling bokeh and vignette.

Basically, it’s like a built-in Instagram filter. Just adjust the little slider, and boom! You now have a photo with a pre-applied filter. That means you can save like, 4 seconds while uploading your image to Instagram. In all seriousness, I love the concept of having more built-in controls, especially when it comes to bokeh.

All that swirly goodness does come at a premium price however, as the lens will set you back $500. That may be a drop for many professional photographers (who probably wouldn’t touch the thing), but for that price I can pay a few dozen people to convince me that photography isn’t a worthwhile hobby, and I should follow my dreams of being a ballet dancer instead.

Lensbaby ]

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Video: Overwatch Re-Imagined As A 2D Fighter

Getting bored of the same old Overwatch, I mean can’t they just change it every so often from a FPS to a city-building sim or a puzzle-solving game? Well, thankfully the people of TGN showed us what life would like on the other side of the fence with a reimagining of Overwatch as a 2D fighting game.

It’s a super well-made video and even has the tiniest 2D fighting details. It’ll really make you want Blizzard to repackage the game. I can see it now, Overwatch: Turbo Hyper-Speed Street Brawler Edition. Make it happen Jeff Kaplan.

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Your HomePod Could Really Use This Leather Coaster

So, Apple finally released the HomePod last week, and while reviews are mixed, one thing’s getting people pretty upset. The silicone ring that keeps the HomePod from bouncing around on a table has been leaving ring stains on wood surfaces. Yea, bet you didn’t expect that with a $350 speaker, right?

But, thankfully there’s already a solution, a $20 leather coaster that’ll save your precious wood furniture from Apple’s innovative ways. Sold by Pad and Quill, the coasters are made of “Marine-Grade” stitched leather, whatever that is, that’ll really complete your HomePod. You know, by keeping it from destroying your furniture.

At $20, it’s not a bad deal. But, I don’t know why people are so quick to solve this ‘problem’, I know plenty of Apple-fanboys who’d kill for a Apple stain. And it doesn’t even cost extra, what a bargain.

Gizmodo ]

These Back To The Future Air Mag Slippers Are As Close As You’ll Get To The Real Thing

Quick, what’s the coolest thing you could own from Back to the Future? Okay, aside from a time-machine DeLorean or a hoverboard, those self-lacing sneakers that were on-screen for 3 seconds were super cool. Well good news, Nike actually made Air Mag sneakers back in 2016, that self-lace like in the movie. Except they were super rare and are now worth around $25,000 a pair.

Not to worry though because you can just buy a pair of knitted slippers that look and feel like the real thing, I’m guessing. Now you can enjoy all the attention of actually owning real Air Mags, if the person is standing like really far away.

Each pair will run between $59-$76 and is (probably) unlicensed, so don’t be surprised if the FBI comes breaking down your door, but it’ll be worth it the next time you go to a Back to the Future themed Halloween party.

[ Etsy ]

Clip Grip Gives You A Handle On Your Drinks

This is the Clip Grip. It’s a silicone handle that you can attach to your drinks for better control. Now you get all of the thrill of drinking out of a mug, without having to actually pour your Bud Light into one.

Each set comes with 2 handles which can be adjusted via a silicone strap to fit just about any container. I mean, personally I like to drink everything out of a wine glass because I’m just that fancy, but it’ll fit just about anything else.

Now, you might ask why someone would want to add a handle to a beer or a mason jar, but just think about all the times you could’ve gone ‘pinky-out’ if only you had a handle on your drink (and life).

To be honest, adding a handle would make life a little easier for someone with arthritis, so I can’t really hate on this product. At the end of the day, we’re all human aren’t we?

Available on KickStarter starting at $15 for a 2-pack.

Moviepass Announces $6.95 Annual Plan For People Who Like Going To The Movies

If you haven’t heard of Moviepass yet, you should change that. It’s a subscription service that allows users to head to their local theater and see a movie once per day, everyday. They made headlines earlier this year when they announced a huge price drop from $30 per month to $10 month. And now they’re making headlines again by announcing a one year plan for $90 which works out to $7 a month.

The service is crazy simple, you subscribe and get sent a card in the mail, then check into a movie when you arrive at the theater and use the card to pay. It’s an incredible deal for anyone that goes to the movies even semi-regularly, and even if you use the card once per month, you’re still usually saving a couple bucks.

Infact, it’s such a good value that analysists are wondering how their business model works, as Moviepass actually pays for your ticket, and with the average movie tickets costing $8.84, they’re supposedly start losing money after you’ve seen 2 movies in a month.

Oh well, let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, we’re not sponsored by them (It’s just a good service), so to prove it, I’ll say something bad about them. The Moviepass isn’t that easy to navigate. See, we don’t have sponsors here, and even if we did, I promise I’d ruin that partnership real fast.

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