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Get A Taste of Power and Orgasm

By Michelle Cheung

From spending about 30 mins on their web site, I’m going to guess that Visionaire is a limited edition magazine that comes out 3 times a year. Their focus is on fashion and art, and have these crazily great ideas on the magazine packaging .

On their 47th taste issue, they have included 12 different pack of taste-film (like those thin minty film candy) with their magazine. Each contains the taste of luxury, guilt, adrenaline, power, orgasm… etc. On the side with a image of the corresponding taste, so you are not only tastefully fulfilled, but visually as well.

Here’s some sample: Youth strip taste like cherry licorice, and luxury tastes like fresh pine cone tips (wtf?).

Now you can finally pay for a taste of power, youth and others for $175.

Find out more here.
Story Via Core77.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Glass Bridge

By Michelle Cheung

This isn’t exactly a gizmo, but what the hey. We’re all down for anything everything fun and exciting.

Presenting the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass, U-shaped walkway that extends 70 feet over the edge of the Grand Canyon. The glass bridge is suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado River and will have a glass bottom and sides.

Now while we all wonder if this thing is really going to be able to hold up to our expectations, this might give you (a little?) more reassurance

“On May 2005, the final test was conducted and the structure passed engineering requirements by 400 percent, enabling it to withstand the weight of 71 fully loaded Boeing 747 airplanes (more that 71 million pounds).

The bridge will be able to sustain winds in excess of 100 miles per hour from 8 different directions, as well as an 8.0 magnitude earthquake within 50 miles. More than one million pounds of steel will go into the construction of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.”

Admission will be around $25 and is expected to open early 2006.

Check it out here.

New Chinese Vehicle Scores Worst-Ever Grade In Safety Tests

By Michelle Cheung

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so wait till you see the videos in this case.

The Jiang Ling Landwind was to be the first Chinese car to be sold in Europe and was displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. According to the German automobile club, which carries out tests for Euro NCAP concluded the two-ton 4X4 has scored the worst-ever rating in their safety tests.

“It had a catastrophic result,” said a spokesman for the ADAC. “In our 20-year history no car has performed as badly.” Sure the report sounds bad, but it it the video that reflected the true quality of the vehicle (to me the car is built like pudding). The car is expected to cost around 10,000 pounds (appox. $17,500). Never mind the exterior design of this car, it is simply awful in terms of safety.

See the videos of the frontal crash and inside the passenger cabin.

Story Via

Mouth Odor Killer Lollipop

By Michelle Cheung

You don’t eat gum or candy all the time and you drink coffee. Let’s face it, you have stinky breath. So the following product might offer some hope, but first I have to introduce another related product. Have you heard of stainless-steel soap? The ones that can “eliminate persistent food smells from your fingers.” Rub it with water for 30 seconds and it removes tough odors like garlic and onions!

So with the same concept, they came up with the stainless-steel lollipop! Put it in your mouth for 30 seconds and your stinky breath is gone. When you are done with the “lollipop”, put it back in the case it came with (ew…). They claim that you can use it for pet odor, foot odor (rub it against the feet and then put it in your mouth! Yum~) and many other odor. Cost around $23.

How does stainless-steel soap works? Here.

Stainless-steel mouth odor killer available through Amazon Japan.

Lens For Your Cameraphone

By Michelle Cheung

This is not compeletly new, but finally they look like real lens! Mini size wide-angle lens, telephoto lens and macro lens for your camera phone lens.

Instead of screwing them onto your lens, there is a magnet built-in and they will stick on to the lens (I’m having some doubt here). They don’t seem to be a joke at all: the telephoto lens offers up to 2X zoom power, the macro lens offers up to 4X zoom and the wide angle lens allow you to zoom out 0.5X. Each comes with a cellphone strap, when you are done using it, they turn into a charm!

ITmedia offers a nice review on them (in Japanese). The marco lens apparently works well.

Each costs about $25.

The Delicious Spaghetti USB Port

By Michelle Cheung

Solid Alliance (the company which came up with the “i-duck” rubber duckie USB drive and the sushi USB drive) has come up with this spaghetti USB extension port.

If you look carefully, you can see the USB port around the tip of the fork (surround by plastic spaghetti); the tempura on the other picture is a USB drive.

This really doesn’t do much, but it is deliciously geeky!

Available for about $250.

Check out Solid Alliance.

Nike MaxSight Contact Lense

By Michelle Cheung [The not-new Police strikes again. Cool anyway, so enjoy. -Ed]

You’re the sporty type and find wearing sunglasses a bit of a hassle or cannot find a pair that looks good on you. Well, Nike and Bausch & Lomb collaborated and developed these sun-blocking (UV rays filtering) contact lenses. Available with or without a prescription, they come in two colors:

“Amber is superior for fast-moving ball sports in variable light conditions (such as baseball, soccer and tennis), while the grey-green lens is ideal for sports played in bright sunlight where glare and comfort are primary concerns, (such as golf, running and rugby).”

One sports player commented that the lenses can intimidate opponents. “They make you look kind of evil,” he said. “Other players look at you like you’re possessed.”

Sounds like a bonus to me.

The Nike MaxSight are available for $60 (three pairs of nonprescription lenses).

Check out Nike Maxsight.

The Electrical Muscle Stimulation Mouse

Mouse shock

By Michelle Cheung

It looks just like a regular mouse but the catch is that it offers mild electric shocks. While you are using it to do your regular computer related operations, simply plug-in the cable and stick the pads onto your body. The 800 dpi mouse offers 20 levels of stimulation and three different modes of operation.

The company claims the electric shock is supposed to relax your muscles, possibly make you lose weight and gain muscle. Ok so it may not make you stronger, and it definitely won’t give you a tan… but look at their mascot! The mouse has muscles!

Wheres the “buy” button?

The electric stimulation mouse is available for $60.

Check out the mouse.

Toshiba’s V603T Cellphone

By Michelle Cheung

The functions listed in this article come with several phones available in Japan, but I’m just using Toshiba’s V603T as a sample. Many of you might already be aware of all of this, but for those that aren’t, check out what some mobiles in Japan can do:

    Not only is this phone’s screen able to swing 360 degrees (to the back of the phone), it also lets users stream TV programs and capture images of the shows.

    It allows users to sing karaoke to the music video or connect a cable to your TV and use the cell as a microphone.

    It gives you a rating on how well (or terrible) you sang.

    You can play games using the TV as your screen.

    It is also a electronic dictionary and accepts miniSD card.

Check out the V603T catalog. (PDF)