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Taking Travel Pillow To A New Level

By Michelle Cheung

Sleeping in the economy seat in most flights is not comfortable. If you’re lucky, you can twist and turn until you’re so tired, you fall asleep. But if you’re not, you’ll just have to freeze in one position till the plane lands. Maybe this travel pillow will help. Maybe not.

The Skyrest is an inflatable pillow that lets you doze off leaning forward!

“It works with gravity rather than against it. Lay your head down on SkyRest’s soft pillow top and drift off to a restful nap.”

All this for $29.95.

Check out Skyrest.

Design Barcodes


By Michelle Cheung

These came out in Japan a while ago. Basically they are barcode artworks.

Instead of having a bunch of meaningless bars on a product that people never pay much (or any) attention to, the unique designs on these barcodes usually brings a smile to the viewer. The designs incorporate messages about the product, turning them into mini advertisments. The company’s intention is “to bring people a sense of healing, inspiration, and emotional enrichment.”

This is definitely not a product that is going to bring in big bucks for any company, but it’s just nice to see people put in time for fun things like this. While we’re on the subject of barcodes, in Japan, this is called barcode hair!

Visit Design Barcode.


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By Michelle Cheung

Okay, I think this probably just some sea monkey or something similar. But since the tank has a more interesting shape, that makes it worth mentioning.

Here we have Holoholo (in Hawaiian, that means wandering). Floating inside, little red shrimps in size of 1-2cm; great pets for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with maintance. All you need to do is pour some of that “Xwater” back in every now and then. If you want to know what Xwater is, feel free to read the long BS description.

And if you want your Holoholo warm and toasty, there is also the heater pad up for sale! Too bad it’s not USB friendly.

Check out Holoholo.

The Lovely Pee Tree

the pee tree

By Michelle Cheung

The Pee Tree by Joa Herrenknecht is a conceptual product that allows people to do their business without going to the public restroom (because it’s far away and a bit scary?).

“Because on wildlife hunting-ground men ambitiously love to find an adequate tree for their short basic needs and because in our modern age they tend to substitute these through the corners of our cities, the thought ? to bring back the pee-trees ? is virtually obtruded.”

And no, there won’t be a yellow pond around the tree. The urine is directly flushed down to underground sewage canal.

Check out Pee Tree.

Napmosphere Power-Napping System

napping bag

By Michelle Cheung

I have always loved ball pools. Especially sinking hopelessly, being consumed by all those colorful balls. Almost like swimming in a pool filled with kids saliva and sweat covered balls. But now that I’m slightly taller than the height limit, I’m no longer welcome at the playground.

Now we might have a chance to have a personal ball pool with the Napmosphere. The unit looks like an air-filled sleeping bag filled with plastic balls.

“The individual who is apt to having midday-lows during the work day can dive into a relaxing atmosphere. After a 20 minutes regeneration period the individual arises motivated and fully re-energized.”

Check out Napmosphere.

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

By Michelle Cheung

Forget about getting the little dish, putting the blob of wasabi on the side and pouring soy sauce. That’s a long, old process and what’s more, there is one more plate to wash.

Not anymore with these pipette style chopsticks. Just fill them with whatever liquid you like. Maybe one with soy sauce, and the other one with wasabi (though you might have trouble squeezing it out). They’re made out of ABS and polypropylene and they can stand heat ranges from -5 degrees to 90 degrees (may not be suitable for very hot noodles).

$21 is a little pricey for a pair two pairs of plastic chopsticks though, so maybe it’s time to get some new pipettes from the chemistry lab and use those as chopsticks.

Find out more about them here.

Sony’s Flat And Thin Mice

By Michelle Cheung

Sony released four new mice in Japan back in September. One was the memory card reader mouse, the second one’s got nothing too special that’s worth mentioning (kinda like the middle child). But the last two seem fun.

The SMU-WN10 is a mouse that is in flat & thin (15mm), with a rectangular shape; you might think it’s a digital camera/cellphone/mp3 player at first sight. Not sure if it’s comfortable to use, but it sure looks different. The mouse comes in 5 different colors and the buyer can choose between the wired or wireless version.

The last one is the SMU-C3, comes in total of 7 different colors, but the fun ones are only available on the wired one. Nothing outstanding with the specs, but it’s cute and fun to use and look at.

No words on price yet.

Find out more here.

BenQ 7350C Scanner

By Michelle Cheung

Say Hello to BenQ 7350C Scanner. Designed to be space-saving, the unit can be easily transformed to suit your different needs.

“The lower part of the scanner is constructed as a stable, foldaway leg. In this way, the scanner can be placed upright against books or folders. With the integrated metal clamp, the unit can be hung on a wall as well.”

And you know how you can never find the driver CD after you first installed it, here’s a solution:

“An integrated compartment at the back side serves for storage of the driver CD. This solves the problem of having to find the right driver when the scanner is used by several people.”

How considerate! (Even though WinXP will auto install, but still… it’s a good effort.)

Too bad this product is nowhere to be found in stores (at least when I looked). Find out more here.

Bodum Lipstick Travel Flask

By Michelle Cheung

Coffee is like cigarettes, it’ll always sell even when they find out that it slowly destroys people’s health (not that coffee actually would, but someday I’ll get back to you on that…) Here is one sexy thermos to carry, say, your favorite booze. The Lipstick vacuum flask from Bodum is the anniversary edition of the successful 1983 design. The tip of the lipstick shape helps pouring beverages out of the bottle. Back then it was considered trendy, and now it’s made it’s modern comeback.

This definitely stands out from the other thermos in stores, but I’m not sure how many guys are willing to carry a giant lipstick with them to work.

You can find the giant lipstick here for $30.