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Author Archives: Chris Scott Barr

LED Binary Watch Confuses Non-Geeks

By Chris Scott Barr

As the old joke goes “there are only 10 types of people in this world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.” If you happen to fall into the latter group (and consequently don’t get the joke), you might want to pass on this LED Binary Watch. Mostly because you aren’t going to be able to read it without a bit of studying. Otherwise, you might find this little timepiece amusing, and wear it proudly as a symbol of your geek pride.

I’ve seen a number of other binary watches before, but they usually try to hard to look futuristic for my taste. This one keeps the usual round face outlined in stainless steel with a leather band. The face is still pretty geeky, what with the exposed circuitboard and LEDs. The nice thing is that even if you’re not fluent in binary, you should be able to read the time, as they’ve conveniently placed the numbers by their respective LEDs. Just add up the numbers under the lights and you’re good. Just $70 puts one of these on your wrist.

[ ThinkGeek ]

Review – Raptor M3x Gaming Mouse

This post is syndicated with permission from

When I first saw this mouse I wasn’t too impressed, compared to other gaming mice it was lacking the initial wow factor that draws you to it. The M3x offers an on the fly DPI adjustment, however you must pick between eight predetermined settings (no customizing here). The eight options are associated with a colored LED so you would have to memorize which color coincides with each  resolution. The DPI selection is on a cyclic system, in other words you have to cycle all the way through to get to a lower DPI. I found this irritating, and almost counter-productive.

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Porn Detection USB Stick

By Chris Scott Barr

This may sound like a silly thing to have in general, but I can think of at least five or six different examples where a Porn Detection USB Stick would come in handy. The prime two examples being helping someone to quelch an addiction, and in the workplace where possession of porn is a crime. Trying to figure out what sort of weird stuff you roommate looks at so you can blackmail them is probably not the best use.

A lot of people may say that to own porn is within their rights, and while that is true, where you stash your porn can get you into trouble (like on a company laptop). This flash will look into archives, and check headers for image and video data, even in files with obscure file types. This would be very useful for a computer illiterate probation officer or even a company IT manager who needs to check some 20-30 computers. This will cost about $100, and will make sure that no one has anything they shouldn’t have.

[ Paraben ] VIA [ Forbes ]

SteadyCam Pro Stabilizes Your iPhone 4 Videos In Real Time

By Chris Scott Barr

How many times have you shot a video with your iPhone, only to find out later that it is too shaky to really enjoy? Obviously you’re not going to be able to carry around some sort of steadycam rig, so the next best thing you can do is use some sort of image-stabilization software. You can find this sort of thing in newer desktop video editing programs, but what about doing it while the video is being recorded? If you have an iPhone 4, you might just be able to do that.

The Steadycam Pro app is supposed to allow you to shoot videos while it smooths it out on-the-fly. It’s even supposed to take care of rolling shutter issues that your phone’s camera experiences. A demo of the app is free to download, though it will limit you to 15-second clips that are watermarked. I’ve not had a chance to test it out myself, but according to iTunes, it seems to have mixed results. Definitely try  this one out before you spend the $3 to unlock the full version.

[ midnox ] VIA [ Geeky-Gadgets ]

AviiQ PQS Is The Smallest Laptop Stand You’ll Find

By Chris Scott Barr

Laptops are great to have on the go, since you can’t haul around your desktop for very obvious reasons. Of course, laptops themselves aren’t always the most ergonomic things to use, and they get a bit toasty. Thus, a laptop stand can prove a useful tool, if you can find the right one. Most are bulky, which makes them difficult to carry around. So what’s the point in having a stand that you can’t carry around? That’s where AViiQ comes in.

Their latest laptop stand is the smallest that I’ve ever seen. The Portable Quick Stand doesn’t look like it would do much at first glance, with its small size and lack of fans. However, the fact that it raises your notebook off of whatever surface you’re using will greatly increase airflow, which will keep your computer running much cooler. Also, the angle at which the laptop sits will provide a more comfortable typing position for your wrists. When not in use, it folds up to only 3/8 of an inch thick, which means you won’t have any trouble finding room for it in your bag. Best of all, it’s only going to set you back $40 when it launches later this spring.

[ AViiQ ]

Review – Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship PC Gaming Headset

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Last we were lucky to receive the Sonar 5.1 Championship PC Gaming Headset from Cyber Snipa. I was fortunate to be able to take this headset to the past LAN War at Indiana University and really put it through the gauntlet so-to-speak. After a long tandem of hourly gaming, I’ve got the stats on this superior headset.

The Cyber Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship headset is a bit unlike any other headset I’ve used. The design is really top-notch, and to be honest, it just looks really cool. It’s very comfortable on the top of your head, but you may run into problems if you have large ears like me. The ear pieces are comfortable, but smaller than they look. I first thought I could turn them, which would be cool, but they’re fixed and won’t slide.After a while, though, you don’t really notice the issue, so it’s not a big complication.

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Hand-Cranked Gatling Gun Fires Off 100 Rubber Bands

By Chris Scott Barr

How many times as a kid did you make a rubber band gun out of a pen, or some other small parts? If you were a troublemaker like me, it was probably pretty often. However, your guns probably never fired more than one or two of the rubber projectiles. Then again, if you had somehow produced a rubber band Gatling gun such as this, you’d have probably ended up with detention for a good month or two.

This hand-cranked gun can pop off 100 rubber bands as quickly as you can move your hands. The device is constructed almost entirely from solid billet aluminum, so you know it is going to be one tough machine. Of course, for $500, it had better be solid. Check out the video of it in action after the jump.

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Speck CandyShell Card Holds Cards So You Can Ditch Your Wallet

By Chris Scott Barr

I’m a simple person, who likes to get the most bang for my buck. This is why when I purchase a gadget, or even an accessory for one, I like to to serve more than one function. For instance, if an iPhone case doesn’t do more than look nice while protecting my phone, I’m likely not going to drop any money on it. However, if it can replace my wallet, I’m sold.

This CandyShell Card case from Speck not only looks stylish, but is going to hold three credit-card sized cards. This means that I can take my debit card, ID, and another card, while leaving my wallet at home. It’s not the first case to hold cards like this, but it does look a bit nicer than the others I’ve seen. For $40, it’s a good way to reduce the number of things in your pockets.

[ Speck ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

Griffin PowerJolt Micro Powers Your iPad In Your Car

By Chris Scott Barr

How many different devices do you power with your car’s cigarette lighter? Now how many of those use a USB cable to draw power? It’s very likely that many of them do indeed use USB, which means having such a port in your car is convenient. I’ve had a couple of different adapters over the years, but they don’t always provide enough power (especially for an iPad), and they are almost always bulky.

Griffin knows what’s good, as they’ve released their PowerJolt Micro, which is a very simple USB adapter for your car. The nice thing is that not only does it provide the necessary juice for an iPad, but the port will actually sit almost flush with the cigarette adapter. No more worrying about bumping and breaking a bulky adapter. For $30, I’d say this is a must-have for the car.

[ Griffin ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]