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Antec SoundScience Rockus Reviewed

In an ideal world, I’d play all of my games while looking at a giant HDTV and surrounded by some sweet speakers with the volume cranked up. Unfortunately most of us don’t get to live such a dream. Instead we find ourselves trying to make the most of the small area that we have for out gaming needs. If you’re tight on space, but still want a great set of speakers to compliment your gaming experience, Antec wants you to give their SoundScience Rockus system a look.

This 2.1 speaker system does more than just crank out your sound effects and music with 150 Watts of power. With the push of a button, it can simulate 3D surround sound, letting you feel like you’re in the action, without messing with a 5.1 or 7.1 setup. Console gamers will be happy to see the inclusion of an optical input, as this means you can plug your 360 or PS3 directly into the speakers.

The SoundScience Rockus has a nice set of features, but the real question is whether they are enough to make this a “must buy” setup. Check out the full review over at GamerFront for all of the details.

[ Review – Antec SoundScience Rockus Speaker System @ GamerFront ]

NZXT H2 Reviewed

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking for a computer case. Everything from the size, physical appearance, and even the amount of noise it puts off go into your decision. You might not think that last item is all that important, but there are plenty of situations where a noisy computer can be a nuisance. Sure, you can drown out loud fans with music, but you shouldn’t need to do that. Instead, you can get a silent case, such as the NZXT H2.

This chassis has more to offer than just sound-dampening foam to keep it quiet. Extra features such as USB 3.0 support and a a built-in hard drive dock make this one worth a second look. But do these features make this case stand out enough to make it a must-buy for your next PC? Check out the full review over at GamerFront to find out.

[ NZXT H2 Review @ GamerFront ]

Pre-Order Your iCade Now

By Chris Scott Barr

Owning an arcade cabinet is one of those dreams that most every gamer has. Unfortunately there are some major hurdles involved with owning such a thing. First, if you want one with a good game (or multiple good games) you’re going to have to shell out a few hundred bucks. Then there’s the issue of space, and weight. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to move one, but arcade machines are really heavy. Well, if you already own an iPad, you can turn it into a miniature arcade cabinet.

That’s right, you can finally head over to ThinkGeek and pre-order your very own iCade. The April Fool’s gadget from last year is going to be shipping on May 11th. The price hasn’t changed from the earlier $100, so no worries about having to pay more. What’s even better is that Atari has already released their collection of 100 classic games, so there will be no shortage of games to play when yours arrives.

[ ThinkGeek ]

Maglus Is A Magnetic Stylus For Your iPad 2

By Chris Scott Barr

I like using a stylus with my iPad sometimes, especially if I’m in the mood to doodle. The case I use doesn’t have a spot to hold the stylus, so I have to pocket it. Naturally, this means that I almost never use the darn thing outside of the house, as I rarely think to grab it. Well owners of the iPad 2 might have the option to purchase a stylus that will always have a spot on your device. How? Magnets.

Thanks to the magnets built into Apple’s latest creation, this new Magnetic Stylus has a place to sit when not in use. Unfortunately this is only a concept for the moment, but the designers are currently trying to get funding on Fundit. They’ve already got a nice start, but still need more cash to get the project started. It’s looking like the stylus will fetch a price of around $50 when it does go live, however, by pledging money now, you can get one for a bit less.

[ Fundit ] VIA [ Wired ]

World’s Smallest Crossbow Can Do Some Serious Damage

By Chris Scott Barr

People have some interesting hobbies. Some like to build model trains, others play sports, and some people build miniature weapons that could kill a man. Well, I’m not entirely sure that this mini crossbow could kill someone, but with the right aim, it just might.

Built from sterling silver, 22k gold and steel, this tiny crossbow packs one heck of a punch for its size. With a steady hand, it’s even really accurate. The designer even went so far as to design three different types of arrows (basic, ramming and flare) to use with it. I can’t think of any situations where this would be terribly useful, but that doesn’t make me want one any less.

[ YouTube ] VIA [ MAKE ]

Wacom Set To Release iPad Stylus

By Chris Scott Barr

Since the iPhone was released, there have been a number of styli released. Some good, others not so great. This whole time, I’ve wondered why Wacom hasn’t gotten into the game. I mean, when you’re easily the leading authority on drawing tablets, why not design a stylus for a touchscreen device like the iPhone, or these days, the iPad?

Well is would seem that the company has finally decided to do that very thing. Beginning in May, Wacom will be selling the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for around $30. They claim that one of the biggest selling points is that it is roughly 25% narrower than most other capacitive styli on the market. I suppose we will simply have to wait and see how it performs.

[ Wacom ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Light Up Your Party With A LED Sound Sensitive Ice Bucket

By Chris Scott Barr

If you’re the type of person that enjoys throwing a party here and there, you can appreciate the need to keep your guests entertained. Such things as good food and music are always essential, but sometimes it’s the little things that add up and help make things a little more interesting. Take this LED Sound Sensitive Ice Bucket for example.

No, having one of these won’t instantly make your party a hit. However, seeing the 12 blue LEDs pulse to the beat of the music will only add to the entertainment value. The bucket is powered by either 4 AA batteries, or can be plugged into an outlet. For around $35 you’ll not only get a cool lighting piece, but it will chill your drinks as well.

[ DrinkStuff ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

SupaBoy Gives Handheld Power To Classics

This post is syndicated with permission from

Ever wanted to play your classic SNES games while on the go? Now you can. How so, you make ask? Simple! Hyperkin has come out with a new hand held device they like to call, “SupaBoy”. The most interesting part of this little hand held game-boy wanna-be is the fact that it keeps to legal terms. Rather than using downloads or emulators, the player gets to put the actual old SNES cartridge in the top of the hand-held gaming system. To add in a little more retro goodness, take note also of the two old controller plug ins right beneath the built in buttons.

For a simple 79.99$, it sounds pretty worth it to me. I’d love to re-live the good days of old school Zelda and Mario while waiting for the bus to pick me up. Want to order one for yourself? Check it out here.

[ Hyperkin ] VIA [ GamerFront ]

Review – Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard

This post is syndicated with permission from

Razer is well-known in the world of PC gaming, mostly for their keyboard and mouse offerings. You can’t hardly have a conversation about such peripherals without the company’s name being brought up. Well today we’re going to take a look at their latest keyboard offering, the Anansi. This particular keyboard is aimed specifically at the MMO player.


At first glance, you’re going to see two of the features that set the Anansi apart from most other keyboards. These would be the five function keys on the left-hand side of the keyboard, and seven more just below the spacebar. You’ll also see the backlit keys, which by default, cycle through the color spectrum. What really makes this device stand out is that you’re not limited to customizing the 12 extra function keys. Rather, every single key is mappable. Also, it has a “gaming mode” which disables the Windows key. A handy feature for anyone that’s had the misfortune of hitting that button by accident during a raid.
Strangely enough, there were no audio jacks or USB ports on this keyboard. I don’t often use them myself, but if you have a short headset, it’s much easier to just jack into the keyboard instead of finding an extension cable.

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