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PuPuRu Phone Rental

By Jennifer H.

This article is for all the American readers. We tend to live in a bubble when it comes to almost everything outside of the United States. We tend to think about either purchasing cell phones and contracts for service, or prepaid phones and simply buying more minutes. Well, what about renting?

I found a company in Japan that allows you to rent a cell with a pre-registered number and a certain amount of minutes (which is based on how many days you rent the phone): PuPuRu. What is nice is that if you happen to run out of minutes, incoming calls are still received. When the rental period is up, simply mail the phone back in a prepaid envelope.

To rent a mobile all one needs is some identification (a passport) and a credit card. More information can be found on their website: locations, types of phones, application, and terms and conditions.

To the OhGizmo international readers, are there any other countries that rent cell phones?

Anyway, for a ridiculously complicated price breakdown, go inside.

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Biodegradable Mobile Phones

By Jennifer H.

There are days I want to throw my cell phone out the window in hopes it would just disappear, and surely many others can empathize with my feelings. Thanks to PVAXX Research and Development Ltd. and researchers at University of Warwick’s Warwick Manufacturing Group in Coventry, this dream is one step closer towards reality.

A year ago researchers announced they found a way to produce cell phone cases that can break down (only under certain conditions) and produce a flower. The driving force of this prototype is the fact that manufactures can conserve time and money when collecting, separating, and disposing of the plastics that make up a cell phone if the phone is disassembled by the user. Placing a seed (dwarf sunflower seed) in the phone encourages consumers to take apart their phone and lay it to rest.

I will admit though, my reasons for wanting a biodegradable phone stems from frustration, but does this mean I can gently pat a mound of soil over my phone when I do not wish to answer it any longer?

Price: Not yet out on the market, but considering the date on the article… possibly soon?

The Warmkeyboard

By Jennifer H.

One of the many things I hate is cold hands. Thanks to all the typing and writing I do my fingers do not like to move once they get cold. Now, how can I live a life in front of a computer monitor with cold, immobile hands? Then another question comes to mind: what about people who have arthritis and Carpal Tunnel? Cold office environments can’t be good for them. Anyway, this all leads me to think about how much I would love to have a heated keyboard… and finally I found one.

The Warm Keyboard is heated by a safe low voltage system (V20 1.8 amp transformer) to a cozy and controllable 85 degrees or 100 degrees depending on your preference. To accommodate higher operating temperature upgraded components were used for a high quality keyboard.

How will it affect my utilities bill, you may be wondering? Well, when the keyboard is set to its warmer temperature it uses less energy than a 20 watt light bulb in a 60degree (F) room.

Simply plug it into your PC using a USB port and an electrical outlet and you are ready to go. If you happen to be using Windows 98 or earlier the drivers are available through Microsoft.

Oh, there is also a heated mouse in the works. Currently there is a prototype yet there is more work to be done. Mmm, toasty fingers, finally my dream has come true.

Price: $49.80

Order it directly:
Chang Enterprises, Inc.
1564 Rollins Road
Burlingame, Ca 94010

Or purchase it from or